Who is a Hashira?

The Hashira is the highest possible ranking fighter in the demon slayer Corps. Thus, they are the corp’s most elite and also powerful warriors. They each serve a critical duty in their battle versus Muzan Kibutsuji and also the Twelve Kizuki.

The Hashira are total 9 most powerful participants and also fighters in the whole of the Demon Slayer Corps. They are typically regarded as one of the most experienced swordsmen amongst all Demon Slayers, protecting them from demons. They take more unsafe risks that can not be dealt with by any other Demon Slayer. As a result, their presence essentially sustains the whole corporation.

The Hashira, because of their wonderful power and skills, is the highest possible ranking participant in the Demon Slayer Corps. They are second only to the Corps leader, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and also, Kiriya Ubuyashiki.

The Hashira are all appointed to a certain region that they are called to patrol, normally to collect details about the demons occupying the said location as well as to enhance their swordsmanship. They are also deployed on pursuits just if parties of lower ranks are incapable of finishing them.

Each Hashira has a distinct Breathing Technique, several of which are produced independently. Swordsmen who can utilize Flame Breathing and Water Breathing have actually come to be Hashira in every period, without exceptions so far. They are considered one of the strongest demon slayers.

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How are Hashiras trained?

Hashira Training is a special training session conducted by the Hashira and carried out by countless lower-ranked demon slayers. The goal of Hashira Training is to improve all demon slayers’ physical capacities as well as general health. They offer the members of the Demon slayer Corps a better possibility of winning the war against demons.

Each of the Hashira supervises various parts of the training program. Determinated training consists of basic endurance training, versatility training, quick movement training, sword skill training, pounding training, as well as muscle support training.

Hashira Training is incredibly difficult; due to this, a majority of the Demon Slayers view the training session as an eternal journey in hell. Only a few significant exceptions see the session as a chance to improve themselves.

As a basic guideline, Hashira must participate in each other’s training sessions. It is considered a great deal for both the Hashira as well as the demon slayers.

This training approach has actually been verified to be really effective in the Infinity Castle Arc. The majority of demon slayers were able to properly kill Lower Rank-level demons regardless of their position.  

Interesting Facts about Hashira

  • Every one of the Hashira has Destroyer of Demons engraved on their tools.
  • As the Hashira is a different team of elite slayers, they have their very own icon on the back of their hand. These symbols correlate to what Breathing Style they are associated with.
  • Of the nine Hashira, just four use a standard Nichirin Katana. Those four are Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Muichiro Tokito.
  • Virtually every Hashira of the current generation has awakened their Demon Slayer Mark. The only ones that failed being; Kyojuro Rengoku, Tengen Uzui, and Shinobu Kocho.

What does Hashira in Demon Slayer mean?

Hashira in English is called Pillar. They are the front line and most skilled swordsmen in the demon slayer corps. 

All Nine Hashira And Their Powers

Now we will see all the nine hashira present in the anime and manga. After that we will talk about all the former hashiras that we won’t get to see but were a part of the story.

Love Hashira: Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the strongest hashira in the demon slayer corps. She is currently the Love Hashira and plays a major role in the story.

Love Hashira, Mitsuri is a curvy girl of average height and muscular develop. She has a slightly light complexion and round, light environment-friendly eyes with lengthy eyelashes, and a tiny beauty mark under each of them.

She is a really emotional, enthusiastic, as well as jolly individual who continuously praises individuals in her head, likely a contributing factor in the direction of her nickname as “the Hashira of Love.” 

Although she is reluctant and easily bewildered, Mitsuri is always kind to others, especially towards Obanai, with whom she appears to share a strong bond. Nonetheless, despite her gentle as well as relatively innocent behavior, Mitsuri will show no grace in the face of demons, rather sharing such sentiments with a strong tone.

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Mitsuri is a very powerful as well as a skilled fighter. She is said to have finished the Last Selection within six months of training, which Kyojuro Rengoku considers impressive.   

Her abilities were placed on display screen throughout the Swordsmith Town Arc where she promptly subdued and beat a team of demons developed by Upper Rank 5, Gyokko. She later played a big part in the battle versus Upper Ranking 4, Hantengu, specifically versus his duplicate, “Zohakuten”, which has the mixed stamina of four Upper Ranking demons. 

With the help of her Demon Slayer Mark, Love Hashira, Mitsuri could repel the incredibly powerful Upper Rank Demon till dawn. Throughout the Infinity Castle Arc, Mitsuri held her very own against the newly assigned Upper Rank Four, Nakime. After that, she managed to land a shock technique on the Demon King himself, Muzan Kibutsuji, as well as played her component in the battle to delay for sunrise.

Love Hashira, Mitsuri has a special muscular build, making her muscle mass eight times denser than that of a normal human. While her arm or legs are slim, they have astounding stamina and endurance efficient in keeping her body’s framework after a point-blank sound assault from Zohakuten. To maintain the structure of her body, Mitsuri consumes as high as three sumo wrestlers.

As the Love Hashira, Mitsuri is just one of the most powerful and competent swordswomen in the entire group. She makes use of a unique swordsmanship design based around her slim and adaptable Nichirin Sword, similar to a whip sword. 

Her swordsmanship skill enabled her to swiftly suppress the animals generated by Upper Rank 5, Gyokko, cutting the demons up at rates faster than they can react with excellent precision.  

What is the Breathing Style used by Love Hashira, Mitsuri?

Mitsuri Kanroji
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Mitsuri’s breathing technique is Love Breathing. A Breathing Design Mitsuri developed herself based on her experience making use of Fire Breathing, from being the Tsuguko of Kyojuro Rengoku. Due to this style she is called Love Hashira. 

Love Breathing incorporates elements of Mitsuri’s superhuman adaptability as well as her special whip-like Nichirin Sword. Utilizing this Breathing Design, she can unleash strikes that cover a variety of activities as well as lengthy varieties that a regular katana would not be able to achieve.

Along with Love Breathing, Love Hashira, Mitsuri can use Fire Breathing. A Breathing Design that Mitsuri discovered when training under the Fire Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku. However, although Mitsuri discovered it, she was not as proficient with it. She can not combat it to her maximum utilizing it. Therefore, she established Love Breathing, a Breathing Design much more suited to her, and can effectively take advantage of her strengths.  

Which equipment does Mitsuri use?

Whip Nichirin Katana 

Unlike many Demon Slayers that use standard katanas, Love Hashira, Mitsuri wields an extremely slim, adaptable, and long katana similar to a whip. As a result of her sword’s framework, Mitsuri can use it without harming herself in the process, which can be credited to her inhumane flexibility.

Insect Hashira: Shinobu Kocho

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Shinobu Kocho is the current Insect Hashira. She is also the younger sis of Kanae Kocho, along with her adoptive younger sibling Kanao Tsuyuri. After a demon eliminated her parents, Shinobu signed up with the Demon Slayer Corps and her sister to secure others from experiencing the exact same destiny as her.

Insect Hashira, Shinobu is a tiny young woman with a pale skin tone and also huge, compound-like eyes that lack pupils, only a haze of gradient purple, making her eyes appear comparable to those of bugs.

She presents a brilliant, friendly, and happy disposition, constantly having an easygoing smile on her face despite her current situation. Nevertheless, her outside actions are revealed extremely rapidly to be an appearance. This is shown in how she enjoys teasing others, to the point of being rather vicious regarding it, taking pleasure in most significantly teasing Giyu Tomioka.  

As the Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is a very powerful and also skilled prospect. Despite not having the physical strength to slay a demon’s head like a typical Demon slayer, Shinobu uses her creativity, resourcefulness, and other physical abilities. Rather than the traditional approach of beheading a demon with a Nichirin Sword to kill them, Shinobu chooses to utilize a customized variation of a katana that works as a stinger to infuse deadly Wisteria poisonous substance that is toxic to demons. 

Aside from her intellect, she is extremely fast and nimble, allowing her to promptly subdue demons. Her true stamina was disclosed throughout her battle with the 2nd most effective Upper-Rank Demon, Doma, where she had the ability to go toe-to-toe with the Demon, even taking care to overpower him somewhat, as well as receiving praise from Doma.

Her combating style is unbelievably unique but as effective as conventional swordsmanship styles. Insect Hashira, Shinobu’s swordplay focuses on sword thrusting and piercing techniques in order to infuse toxins into demons. Her sword thrusts are so rapid and effective that they can pierce rocks.

What is the Breathing Style used by Shinobu?

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Insect Hashira, Shinobu uses Insect Breathing. A Breathing Style created by herself. She developed it to compensate for her lack of physical stamina to quickly drag any demon’s head. 

She has actually ended up being extremely competent in this swordsmanship style, allowing her to defeat numerous demons as well as even go toe-to-toe with the second greatest Upper Ranking demon, Doma.

Which equipment does Insect Hashira, Shinobu use?

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Stinger Nichirin Katana 

Insect Hashira, Shinobu brings a heavily customized Nichirin Katana as her key weapon. It is the same as any ordinary katana. But slightly above the handle, the weapon loses its blade and is changed by a rod. It finishes in a needle-like glimmer, appearing like a bug’s stinger in appearance and also feature.

Mist Hashira: Muichiro Tokito

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Muichiro Tokito is the current Mist Hashira. Also, Muichiro is one of the descendants of upper rank one, Kokushibo. He is a short, muscle boy of light skin with long, straight hair of a black shade that discolors to mint eco-friendly as it approaches his waistline.

Mist Hashira, Muichiro is an air-headed individual who seems to frequently wander off in thought and is incapable of concentrating on anything. Impassive and sometimes obtuse, he tends to think just for himself and operates on reasoning alone, never allowing feeling to overview him, making him seem entirely passive and detached. 

However, Tanjiro picked up that Muichiro had not been being so passive intentionally as he really did not originate any displeasure.

As the Mist Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps as well as a wonder child, Muichiro is a really effective and knowledgeable combatant. He is noted to be unbelievably gifted regardless of his young age, accomplishing his Hashira status after a mere two months of training. This feat was something only achieved by Gyomei Himejima, the strongest current-generation Hashira. 

Mist Hashira, Muichiro could easily subdue Demon Slayers older than him, like Tanjiro Kamado, as well as Genya Shinazugawa. After awakening his Demon Slayer Mark, Muichiro had the ability to solitarily defeat Gyokko, Upper Rank 5.

His strategies were likewise praised by Kokushibo, Upper Ranking One, for being well created for one so young. Nonetheless, later on in the battle, his assistance proved to be vital in Upper Ranking One’s defeat: After opening the Transparent World as well as the capability to color his Nichirin Sword a bright red shade in addition to the determination to sacrifice his very own life, Muichiro is able to land a vital impact on Upper-Rank One, which played an essential function in his loss.

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Muichiro is just one of the most powerful and proficient swordsmen in the entire group.   

Despite being so young, Mist Hashira, Muichiro’s swordsmanship impressed even the Upper Ranking One, Kokushibo, the toughest swordsman of the current era that has lived almost 30 times longer than he has.  

What is the Breathing Style used by Mist Hashira, Muichiro?

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Mist Hashira, Muichiro uses Mist Breathing. A Breathing Style Muichiro picked up from a cultivator. As the Mist Hashira, Muichiro is his generation’s most experienced Mist Breathing individual. He has actually become so efficient with Mist Breathing that he produced an entire other strategy, which played a crucial function in beating Upper-Rank Five, Gyokko. 

His ability with this Breathing Style satisfied Kokushibo, who suggested that his proficiency in this swordsmanship style was beyond his assumptions. In addition, Muichiro wears droopy clothing that hides his arms from the line of view from his opponent to additional rare his movements when using Mist Breathing, additional enhancing the effectiveness of this Breathing Style.

Which equipment does Mist Hashira, Muichiro use?

Standard Nichirin Katana

As a Demon Slayer, Muichiro carries around a basic sized and shaped Nichirin katana that is white in the shade yet is able to be colored bright red with the help of his Demon Slayer Mark.

Serpent Hashira: Obanai Iguro

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Obanai Iguro is the current Serpent Hashira and one of the most powerful hashira and demon slayers. He is a fairly muscular man of short stature and light skin. He has straight-edged black hair of varying lengths, the longest getting down to his shoulders and the quickest quitting at his cheekbones.

Serpent Hashira, Obanai is an extremely rigorous individual who shows no worry for those that do not comply with the Demon Slayer guidelines. His assumptions for his fellow Demon Slayers are nigh-unrealistic. He once scolded Tengen Uzui for experiencing hefty wounds versus the “weakest” Upper Ranking and informing him to “fight to the death” when Tengen demands retiring.

As the Serpent Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Serpent Hashira, Obanai is a really powerful and competent combatant. It was exposed that he was blind in one eye, implying he rose to the highest possible rank in the Demon Slayer Corps with one working eye. This combined with his little physique and poor physical stamina holding him back (more than likely due to his severe training) makes it specifically outstanding that Obanai took care to attain Hashira condition.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, Serpent Hashira, Obanai could swiftly behead various demons on the same level with Lower Ranks. He was also able to keep up with Upper Ranking Four, Nakime. 

When taking part in the fight with the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, Obanai was able to land a good deal of appeal to him, cutting off limbs as well as nearly beheading him throughout the fight. After everyone was heavily injured by Muzan’s strike, Obanai was the first to regain consciousness and help Tanjiro despite having his eyes clawed out throughout the attack.

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai was among the most effective and also skilled swordsmen in the whole organization. This was revealed throughout the Hashira Training Arc, where he was left to instruct all the various other Demon Slayers regarding sword-wielding strategies. 

Serpent Hashira, Obanai takes advantage of a unique swordsmanship style that makes use of slinking movements to flex his sword and also assaults in impossible means, allowing him to weave with slim openings effortlessly despite wielding a common wooden sword. His swordsmanship prowess permitted him to keep up with the Demon King himself, Muzan Kibutsuji.

By activating his demon slayer mark, Obanai was able to gain immense strength and demon-slaying capabilities. It was as if he could take any formidable opponent easily.

What is the Breathing Style used by Serpent Hashira, Obanai?

Serpent Hashira, Obanai uses Serpent Breathing. A Breathing Style he developed himself and understood. This swordsmanship style uses twists and turns comparable to how a serpent slithers to strike in strange ways. 

Serpent Hashira, Obanai includes his pet dog serpent, Kaburamaru, right into this Breathing Style, making it very efficient in the fight, as seen in the final battle where he could keep up with a damaged Muzan.

Which equipment does Serpent Hashira, Obanai use?

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Twisted Nichirin Katana

Serpent Hashira, Obanai brings around a greatly modified Nichirin katana comparable in look to an Indonesian Kris Sword, with the sword’s shape modeled into waves looking like a twisting snake. The Katana is lavender in color. His katana’s hilt has a gold circular shape engraved with 2 snakes linked by several plant-like patterns.

Sound Hashira: Tengen Uzui

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Tengen Uzui is the former sound hashira and a member of Demon Slayer Corps. Tengen is a really high, broad-shouldered, and muscular guy with lightly-tanned skin and white hair. His hair is of an uneven length, the longest hairs reaching his shoulders, and is styled with 3 more noteworthies, shorter clumps arching as much as fall as bangs in between his eyes and on either side of his face.

Sound Hashira, Tengen is a fancy and eccentric individual, constantly wishing to be “flamboyant,” possessing a requirement for whatever to be flashy and outstanding. He even proclaimed that he is the god of flashiness and festivals. 

This is revealed when he tingles imagining how “flamboyant” it would be if Tanjiro Kamado’s capillary blew up. He attempts to forcefully haul Aoi Kanzaki off to the Entertainment District with him so she can reluctantly help him with a dangerous mission, even spanking her.  

As the former Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tengen is a proficient and very effective contender. He has shown unbelievable physical feats of strength and speed, being the 2nd physically strongest Hashira in the current generation in addition to being the fastest runner out of all the Hashira.  He showed that the is the fastest hashira in a contest.

Regarding skill, he could match the battle efficiency of both Daki and Gyutaro, Upper-Rank demons that have previously combated and eliminated many Hashira. 

Sound Hashira, Tengen was also able to effortlessly kill off Daki without her even realizing. Also, he didn’t even consider her as an Upper-Rank demon at all.  

Unlike many Demon Slayers, Tengen selects to make use of a dual-wielding swordsmanship design with his Nichirin Cleavers, utilizing a nunchucks-esque sword-wielding design. 

Tengen displays his distinct and extraordinary swordsmanship abilities throughout his battle versus Gyutaro. He adapted to the Upper Rank’s “mantis-like” combating style and going toe-to-toe with him for a prolonged time despite the Upper Rank having over a century of combat experience. 

Tengen can also use his sword-wielding knowledge in conjunction with his anti-demon bombs with fantastic synergy, making him all the more hazardous.

What is the Breathing Style used by Sound Hashira, Tengen?

Sound Hashira, Tengen uses Sound Breathing. A Breathing Style that Tengen produced himself. Sound Breathing integrates Tengen’s increased sense of hearing, his Musical arrangement strategy, his shinobi expertise, his dual Nichirin cleavers, and his anti-demon bombs.

Which equipment does Sound Hashira, Tengen use?

Uzui Tengen
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Double Nichirin Cleavers

Befitting Tengen’s flamboyant individuality, he carries a similarly flamboyant collection of weapons. He uses two big Nichirin cleavers that are amber in color as his main weapon. Each has a notch in the sharp ends of their blades and is held together at the hilt by a metal chain, making them extremely reminiscent of nunchucks. 

His swords are claimed to have big amounts of eruptive power, and also it is mentioned that, up until Tengen’s fight with Upper Ranking 6, no one had ever before endured an impact from them.

Wind Hashira: Sanemi Shinazugawa

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Sanemi is the current Wind Hashira. He is a muscular and a tall guy with spiky long white hair as well as large light purple eyes. His face and body are covered with scars accrued over his years of fighting demons. He reduces his hair short someplace between the Recovery Training Arc and the Mugen Train Arc. He is typically seen using a rabid expression on his face.

Wind Hashira, Sanemi is unpleasant, fiery, rash, stubborn, impulsive and quick to snap. He is frequently detached from the direction of others and can enrage extremely easily. The only individual Sanemi showed respect in the direction of was Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Just after understanding the man was much more than his exterior look recommended.

As the Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Sanemi is a very powerful and also a brilliant contender. He has presented his amazing capabilities and efficiency in battle on numerous events. When sparring with Giyu Tomioka, Sanemi was able to combat on equivalent grounds with the Water Hashira. 

In the Infinity Castle Arc, Sanemi was shown to be capable of obliterating loads of demons comparable to Lower Rank demons in strength as well as, later on, could hold his own against Upper Ranking One, Kokushibo. According to Kokushibo, Sanemi’s physical abilities and techniques have actually reached their peak.

Sanemi is among one of the most skilled as well as an effective swordsmen in the whole group. His swordsmanship proficiency matched that of Giyu Tomioka’s, an extremely knowledgeable swordsman on his own. Sanemi’s abilities with the sword permitted him to stay on par with and also thrill Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo, a demon with centuries of swordsmanship ability under his belt. Sanemi might likewise adjust and also work with Gyomei’s Stone Breathing methods to push back Kokushibo.

What is the Breathing Style used by Wind Hashira, Sanemi?

Wind Hashira, Sanemi uses Wind Breathing. A Breathing Style that Sanemi grasped and also found out with Masachika Kumeno after tutorship from an unidentified person. As the Wind Hashira, Sanemi is considered one of his generation’s most experienced Wind Breathing user of his generation. His level of skill with Wind Breathing advised Kokushibo of the very first Wind Hashira throughout the Sengoku Age, the Golden Age of Demon Slayers.

Which equipment does Sanemi use?

Standard Nichirin Sword

As a Demon Slayer, Sanemi brings around a designed and also standard-sized Nichirin katana with a jagged pattern looking like the jaw of a beast in a color of green. His handle is in an abstract form with 8 factors with an overlapping pattern; each plate has a forest environment-friendly core with a silver boundary.

Flame Hashira: Kyojuro Rengoku

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Kyojuro Rengoku was the former flame hashira and probably the strongest demon slayer in the demon slayer corps. He was a young adult of high stature and muscular-athletic develop. He is recognized to be charismatic and also has an air of wonderful optimism, having an enthusiastic smile plastered on his face nearly all the moment. He had long intense yellow hair with red touches similar to flames. In addition he had two shoulder-length bangs and 2 chin-length bangs on the side of his head, black forked eyebrows, and gold eyes that discolored to red with white pupils.

Flame Hashira, Kyojuro was significantly enthusiastic in regard to his duties as a Hashira, and typically discovered as cheerfully eccentric. He was pleasant, pure of heart, and flaunted phenomenal method and swordsmanship stemming from stringent method and technique. 

He was a respectable warrior who complied with his code of precepts and principles instilled right into him by his mother at a young age. One of his most considerable ideas was that those born strong have a task to safeguard the weak.

As the former Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro was an experienced and extremely effective combatant. Prior to he took his papa’s area, Kyojuro was already revealed to be a fantastic boxer. He successfully avenged the death of the 9 Demon Slayers that died to the Flute Demon by himself as well as later on took care of to singlehandedly defeat Lower Ranking Two, Hairo, who also evaluated his swordsmanship before he passed away. 

Furthermore, his father, Shinjuro Rengoku, mentioned that, after he stopped instructing his son, Kyojuro educated himself to come to be a Hashira by picking up from the overview book of the Flame Breathing style, a book which just had three volumes.

As another testimony to his strength, also demons as strong as Upper Rank Three, Akaza who is also the fourth-strongest of the known demons, praised as well as recognized Kyojuro’s strength. 

He also went as far as to provide to transform him into a demon so he could surpass his human limitations and end up being more powerful, something he just provided to swordsmen whose abilities he believed were fine-tuned to their utmost.  

As he was a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro was one of one of the most experienced and also powerful swordsmen in the whole organization. Additionally, Kyojuro belongs to the Rengoku household, which has an excellent family tree of effective swordsmen and Flame Hashira, offering Kyojuro an edge in developing and polishing his swordsmanship. His extraordinary swordsmanship ability has been shown in several celebrations across the collection.

In his fight against the previous Lower Rank 2, Hairo, Kyojuro had the ability to out-wield the Demon’s bushido sword style, which Hairo appraised as he was decapitated. Kyojuro’s accurate blade work could also destroy Enmu in his fused form, allowing him to discuss his strategy with Tanjiro and Inosuke.

What is the Breathing Style used by Flame Hashira, Kyojuro?

Flame Hashira, Kyojuro uses Flame Breathing. A Breathing Style instructed to Kyojuro by the previous Flame Hashira, Shinjuro Rengoku, and later on mastered by reading the guidebook left by previous Flame Hashira in the Rengoku Household. 

As the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro is his generation’s most experienced Flame Breathing user. He became evidently skillful in battling with this Breathing Style, having the ability to singlehandedly defeat former Lower Ranking Two, Hairo as well as later on hold his very own against Upper Rank Three, Akaza.  

His dad, Shinjuro Rengoku, mentioned that, after he quit instructing his child, Kyojuro educated himself to come to be a Hashira by finding out from the overview book of the Flame Breathing style.

Which equipment does Flame Hashira, Kyojuro use?

Standard Nichirin Katana 

Demon Slayer Fanart
by YOGI Ko

Kyojuro lugged a designed and standard-sized katana made from scarlet ore that is a deep color of reddish-orange in shade with words Destroyer of demons inscribed on the side. There is also a noticeable flame pattern on each side of his katana with a white handle. 

Kyojuro’s sword tsuba is shaped like a flame with a red core and orange border. He additionally brought a typical sword sheath that was white as well as grey in color.

Water Hashira: Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka is the current water hashira. He is a tall boy of a muscular stature and pale skin tone, usually seen wearing an indifferent and serious expression. He has unruly black hair of unequal sizes that sticks up in tufts around his head, which he wears tied back in a reduced unpleasant braid at the base of his neck.

Water Hashira, Giyu constantly puts on a calm and also unbothered expression on his face. Nevertheless, he has a organized character and extremely strong feeling of justice. He is intolerant towards those who don’t know their own constraints and get rid of their lives. 

Regardless of allowing Nezuko Kamado to live because of Tanjiro Kamado’s perseverance, he reveals zero hesitation when eliminating other demons and also has no respect or mercy towards them like most Demon Slayers..

As the Water Hashira, Giyu is a very powerful and competent competitor.   

From the beginning, Giyu showed how much he outclassed Tanjiro and his good friends. He could easily catch Nezuko from him and later knocked him subconscious in a solitary impact. 

Later on, he had the ability to quickly defeat the Father Spider Demon in his transformed state as well as Rui, Lower Ranking Five, something Tanjiro and Inosuke respectively stopped working to complete. 

He additionally battled similarly against fellow Hashira Sanemi in a sparring match. Giyu was also shown easily defeat loads of demons equal to that of the Lower Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki. Water Hashira, Giyu is likewise an extraordinary teammate able to understand their intents as well as work in duo with it.

Being a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu is one of the most powerful and skilled swordsmen in the entire organization. Upper Rank 3, Akaza, that has actually combated many swordsmen in the past, was impressed with Giyu’s skill, mentioning that he has carefully created swordsmanship.  

What is the Breathing Style used by Water Hashira, Giyu?

Water Hashira, Giyu uses Water Breathing. A Breathing Style instructed to him by the Water Hashira prior to him, Sakonji Urokodaki. As the Water Hashira, Giyu is his generation’s most experienced Water Breathing individual. 

Giyu totally understood this swordsmanship style, to the point that he developed an entirely brand-new technique within the Breathing Style as well as amazed Akaza who had actually combated Water Hashira in the past.

Which equipment does Water Hashira, Giyu use?

Standard Nichirin Katana. 

As a Demon Slayer, Giyu brings around a common-sized and shaped Nichirin katana that is deep blue in color. His sword’s tsuba is hexagonal formed with a bronze core and also with an overlapping fuschia boundary.

Stone Hashira: Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Stone Hashira. Gyomei also offers as the advisor of Genya Shinazugawa. He is a hulking number amongst the Demon Slayers.

Stone Hashira, Gyomei symbolizes the gentle huge archetype, being sensitive and surprisingly soft-spoken despite his challenging appearance. He is additionally revealed to be quite pious, lugging his prayer grains at all times and using petitions in emotional situations. Most notably, Gyomei easily cries over the most trivial things, highlighting his instead soft nature.

As the Stone Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei is a really effective and competent combatant. As specified by Tengen Uzui, Gyomei obtained the ranking of a Hashira in a plain 2 months. Kokushibo also mentioned that Gyomei, as well as Sanemi, were 2 of the much more extremely knowledgeable fighters, even amongst the rankings of the Hashira.

Kusarigamajutsu: Unlike regular Demon Slayers that use swords in battle, Gyomei makes use of a spiked flail as well as axe reminiscent of a Kusarigama, a tool containing a scythe and heavy iron weight gotten in touch with a steel chain, as well as therefore would certainly utilize a comparable battling style called Kusarigamajutsu. 

As a Hashira, Gyomei is exceptionally skillful in combat as well as among the most competent combatants in the entire Demon Slayer Corps, especially in this combating style. He which can briefly match the similarity of Upper Ranking One, Kokushibo, a demon swordsman with more than 4 centuries of swordsmanship experience.

What is the Breathing Style used by Stone Hashira, Gyomei?

Stone Hashira, Gyomei uses Stone Breathing. A Breathing Style either grasped himself or gained from a cultivator. In his very own variation of this Breathing Style, Gyomei includes his superhuman feeling of hearing and physical stamina to utilize a spiked flail as well as an axe to utilize its techniques. 

As the Stone Hashira, Gyomei is his generation’s most knowledgeable Stone Breathing individual. He presented mastery of Stone Breathing in his fight versus Kokushibo, where he was able to release attacks that had the ability to match the Demon’s Moon Breathing.

Which equipment does Stone Hashira, Gyomei use?

Nichirin Chained Spiked Flail and Axe 

Gyomei wields a swinging/whipping tool comparable to a Kusarigama, being composed of an Ono (axe) affixed to a Chigiriki (flail) using a lengthy chain. Still, the weapon was built from the same products used in the production of Nichirin Swords. Even Upper Ranking One, Kokushibo, might not cut via the chain and was required to resort to long-range combat.

Former Hashira And Their Powers

Let’s see all the hashira who were mentioned in the flashbacks, but weren’t shown in the current era.

Flower Hashira: Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho was the former flower hashira and was killed several years before the story was set in demon slayer. She is also the older sister of Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho.

Flower Hashira is shown to be a pretty girl with a very open and cheered personality. She is always seen with a kind smile. Her kindness knew no bounds and she dreamed of a place where humans and demons would live alongside despite all the history regarding them.

Kanae shows that she was very much capable of slaying demons despite her kind nature. She had incredible speed and natural-born talents which put her into the position of hashira.

What is the Breathing Style used by Flower Hashira, Kanae?

Kanae used the Flower Breathing Style. She used flower breathing to a great level of expertise and could fight head-to-head with Upper-Rank Two, Doma.

Which equipment does Flower Hashira, Kanae use?

Kane wielded ordinary-looking blades, but she was proficient in them and was able to kill off several demons using them.

Thunder Hashira: Jigoro Kuwajima

Jigoro was the former thunder hashira. He was one of the oldest hashira that we see. He was a short, old man with lots of eyebrows, and large mustaches.

He was like a typical elder person who is strict in training and devoted towards their work. Despite all this, he had great hopes and some soft spot for the next generation of hashira. He could believe that the next generation would do great about fending off demons.

Thunder Hashira is known to be a strong and skilled swordsman. He only left his position as a hashira when his leg was cut off during a battle with a demon.

What is the Breathing Style used by Thunder Hashira, Jigoro?

Thunder Hashira, Jigoro used the Thunder Breathing technique that he seemed to have learned on his own. He can use various skills like Thunderclap, Thunder Swarm, and Distant Thunder using his Thunder Breathing.

Former Water Hashira: Sakonji Urokodaki

Sakonji is the former water hashira and the main user of the water breathing technique.

His face was never revealed and he is always seen tweaking a mask. He is a very mysterious person and not many details are revealed about him in Anime or Manga.

Despite not having many details, we can say that the former water hashira wasn’t kidding around. He was a very powerful and competent sword wielder who could take down tons of demons at once.

Only the previous age would know his real power in his prime. But, even in old age, he was able to easily fend off Tanjiro’s attack.

What is the Breathing Style used by the former Water Hashira, Sakonji?

Sakonji used the Water Breathing technique and has taught most of his skills to the current water hashira, Giyu and Tanjiro. Using water breathing, one can increase their strength and agility to match a demon’s capabilities.

Former Flame Hashira: Shinjuro Rengoku

Shinjuro is the former Flame Hashira and the father of Kyojuro and Senjuro. His sons resemble Shinjuro so much with their bright yellow and red hair like it’s a flame.

Shinjuro is a short-tempered man and gets angry when he see Tanjiro’s earrings. He believes that sun breathing is the original breathing technique and that all other breathing styles originate from it.

What is the Breathing Style used by the former Flame Hashira, Shinjuro?

Shinjuro uses Flame Breathing. This is one of the core breathing styles of Rengoku family. He further passes this breathing style to his son. Since the invention of breathing styles, it seems that Rengoku family bears the flame.

Hashira Ranked By Height

  1. Stone Hashira – 7′ 2” (2.2 m)
  2. Sound Hashira – 6’6” (1.98 m)
  3. Wind Hashira – 5’10” (1.79 m)
  4. Flame Hashira – 5’9” (1.77 m)
  5. Water Hashira – 5’9” (1.76 m)
  6. Love Hashira – 5’6” (1.67 m)
  7. Snake Hashira – 5’4” (1.62 m)
  8. Mist Hashira – 5’3” (1.60 m)
  9. Insect Hashira – 4’11” (1.5 m)

Hashira Ranked By Speed (in the contest)

  1. Sound
  2. Wind
  3. Stone
  4. Insect
  5. Flame
  6. Water
  7. Snake
  8. Mist
  9. Love


Hashira is some of the strongest demon slayers and can take up a number of unique fighting styles to fend off demons. Each hashira carries their own demon slayer marks, and techniques.

It will be a sight to watch all the cool scenes in manga turn into anime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the top 1 Hashira/strongest Hashira?

Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira is the number one hashira in demon slayer. He is amazingly strong and can fight head-to-head with several upper moon demons. Along with immense strength, he is dead calm and focuses on his objective.

Is Hashira a demon?

No. If you are just starting out watching or reading Demon Slayer, you may not know what a hashira is. Hashira are the top tier demon slayers who fight when other demon slayers are not able to. They are responsible for defeating the strongest of demons.

How did Muichiro Tokito die?

Muichiro Tokito died after battling Kokushibo, Genya Shinazugawa was hit multiple times by Kakushibo but later succumbed, and the skull was smashed by Muzz.

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