Kanae Kocho is the former Flower Hashira in the series: Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba. Doma, the Upper Moon Rank Two, killed her several years prior to the current timeline.

She is the elder sister of Shinobu Kocho and Kanae Tsuyuri.

Kanae – Abilities

Kanae was a Demon Slayer who used Flower Breathing. She was skilled enough to hold the position of the Flower Hashira, which is only given to Demon Slayers who have killed one of the Twelve Kizuki or have fought and killed at least 50 demons. This shows that she has a lot of natural talent and skill.

In the show, it’s clear that Kanae was strong enough. She was able to fight Upper-Rank Two Doma until sunrise. Even though she couldn’t beat him and be killed in the end, she was at least able to fight him until they both stopped moving.

Kanae Breathing Style: Flower Breathing

Kanae mastered flower breathing style to a very good extent and was powerful enough to go head on head with the Upper Moon Rank Two, Doma.

Flower breathing style is all about swift and fast.

Kanae Demon Slayer
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Flower Breathing Styles

Second Form: Honorable Shadow Plum

Kanae sends out a series of spinning sword slashes that block physical attacks. She can use this to her offense as well as defense.

Fourth Form: Crimson Hanagoromo

Kanae lets out a single, graceful sword slash that curves and twists. It can prove to be a critical hit depending on the initial position of the hit.

Fifth Form: Peonies of Futility

Kanae throws out a barrage of nine attacks that flow into each other and build on each other.

Sixth Form: Whirling Peach

As an attack, Kanae spins around and moves with their body weight. This can be done after avoiding an attack or while avoiding an attack.

Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye

A way to focus that makes Kanae’s kinetic vision as good as it can be. When using this technique, Kanae sees the world as if it were moving slowly. The technique is very dangerous, though, because it puts a lot of strain on the eyes, which could cause blood vessels to burst and cause partial or complete blindness. But considering the damages, it provides an immense advantage to Kanae.

Kanae Kimetsu no yaiba
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Kanae: Sword

Kanae Kocho carries a standard Nichrin Sword. Kanae’s younger sister used a specially made Nichirin Sword that was specially made to mix poisons and a sword style that focused on stabbing and making multiple wounds in her enemies to poison them to death. But, Kanae was powerful enough to slay a demon’s head without any difficulty.

Kanae History

Becoming a Demon Slayer

Kanae and sisters Demon Slayer
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One day, a demon attacks Kanae’s home. Their parents tried to protect them, but they were killed right in front of their eyes. They would have been the next ones to die, but Gyomei Himejima came just in time and killed the demon before it could kill either of them.

After these terrible things happened, the two sisters promised that they would both join the Demon Slayer Corps to stop demons from making other people go through the same horror and pain they did. After finishing their training and coming up with their own Breathing Styles, they both became successful Demon Slayers quickly.

Kanae Death

Kanae Kimetsu no yaiba
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After a few years, Kanae met Doma, who was in the Upper Rank 2 of the Twelve Kizuki. During the fight, she was fatally hurt, but he had to run away from the rising sun before he could eat her.

As she lay dying in Shinobu’s arms, she tried to convince her sister to leave the Demon Slayer Corps and live everyday life, but her sister was set on getting revenge. Kanae told Shinobu about Doma with the last of her strength before she died from her wounds.

Kanae Appearance

She was a skinny girl, like her younger sister, who was tall for her age and had bright red lips that stood out against her pale skin.

She had long, straight, black hair that reached just below her waist and was worn down in two shorter clumps over her shoulders.

Demon Slayer
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On either side of her face, she had curved bangs that reached her ears. Her eyes were a pale violet color and angled toward the sides of her face. They were bright and bug-like, and light reflected off of many white sparkles in them.

Shinobu Kocho now wears the same white haori with a butterfly pattern that Kanae also used to wear.

Kanae vs. Doma

There is nothing much told about Kanae’s fight with Doma. All that we know is that Doma killed her and wanted to absorb her. But he couldn’t do so because of the sun coming up.

We know that Kanae was strong enough and had enough skills to go head to head with the Upper-Rank Moon Two, Doma, till sunrise.

Even while dying, Kanae being in her sister’s arms, asked her not to be a Demon Slayer and leave Demon Slayer Corps and lead an everyday life. But in the end, she describes Doma to her sister so that she can take revenge.


Kanae Kimetsu no yaiba
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Kanae, even after being dead for so long, lived in her sister Shinobu’s heart for so long. It is shown clearly in the Demon Slayer Manga.

When Shinobu is fighting Doma, Kanae’s spirit tells her to keep fighting even when she is about to lose.

Shinobu and Kanae are seen in kimonos running toward their parents after Doma dies as they all go to heaven.


Kanae is shown to be a nice, easygoing girl; in Shinobu and Kanao’s flashbacks, she is almost always smiling. When Sanemi Shinazugawa attacked their leader, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, she was worried about Kagaya. She told Sanemi in a gentle way how much Kagaya cares about the Demon Slayers he is in charge of.

Kanae Kimetsu no yaiba

Kanae also wanted to be able to live peacefully with demons, even though they have caused so much pain and death to humans. This dream later inspired Shinobu to do the same.

Final Thoughts

The Flower Hashira, Kanae, was indeed powerful and had a lot of skills. We can only wish we would see more of her in Demon Slayer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kanae die/Who kills Kanae?

Kanae dies at the hand of the Upper Moon Rank Two, Doma. She fights Doma till the sunrise but in the end, meets an unfortunate outcome.

What was Kanae’s dream?

Kanae wanted to be able to live peacefully with demons, even though they had caused so much pain and death to humans.

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