Sanemi Shinazugawa is the current Wind Hashira and a ferocious demon slayer belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps. He is rude, quick-tempered, rash, and stubborn. Also, he often acts on impulse and is quick to get angry. He doesn’t care much about other people and can get very angry very quickly. It is also said that Sanemi is the most feared Hashira among everyone.

Sanemi has also shown that he wants to fight. He has said that he wants to fight Upper Rank demons and that he is excited to fight Upper Rank One, Kokushibo.

Sanemi Demon Slayer by Okamin
Sanemi by Okamin

Genya Shinazugawa, a Demon Slayer who fought with Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado, is Sanemi’s older brother. Even though he was mean to his brother Genya, Sanemi did love and care about Genya. He even says he wishes Genya would get married and start a family. After the fight with Upper Rank One, Sanemi shows not only a lot of anger and emptiness toward Muzan, but also more cooperation with people he didn’t get along with, like Giyu.

Before Sanemi became a Hashira, he and his partner, Masachika Kumeno, beat Ubume, a former Lower Rank One, which caused Masachika to die.

Sanemi Abilities


Sanemi is a skilled and powerful fighter. He has shown many times how good he is at fighting and how amazing his skills are. When sparring with Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira was able to fight on the same level as Sanemi. In the Infinity Castle Arc, Sanemi was shown to be strong enough to kill dozens of demons with the same level of power as Lower Rank demons.

Later, he was able to hold his own against Kokushibo, an Upper Rank One demon. Kokushibo says that Sanemi’s skills and abilities have reached their highest point. Kokushibo also said that even among the Hashira, Sanemi and Gyomei were very skilled. After Kokushibo was defeated, Sanemi quickly got over the death of his brother and helped the Demon Slayers fight Muzan Kibutsuji, who was the Demon King.


Sanemi’s blood was found to be one of the rarest types, which made it very tempting to demons and made their mouths water. It is also unique because it is so strong that even a small amount of his blood makes demons salivate and lose focus. Even Kokushibo, who is the strongest of the Upper Ranks, was affected by his blood. But after a while, it lost its power, and Muzan was able to defeat it entirely. Even though his blood is powerful, Nezuko was shown to be able to resist it because she had a strong belief and desire not to eat humans. This is made even stronger by the hypnosis Sakonji Urokodaki put in her brain.

Muscle Control

Sanemi has some control over his own muscles, which he uses to close up and stop fatal wounds from opening up in the middle of a fight. When Kokushibo cut him across the abdomen, Sanemi was still able to fight after he used his muscles to close up the wounds. This ability surprised Kokushibo, and it gave Sanemi more time to fight.

Using multiple weapons
Using multiple weapons

Weapon Versatility

In a fast-paced battle against Kokushibo, Sanemi was able to use Genya’s sword and shotgun as well as his own Nichirin Sword. This shows that he is pretty flexible when it comes to using weapons. He also used fire to fight Muzan by pouring oil on the demon and setting it on fire with a match.

Demon Slayer Mark

Wind Demon Slayer Mark
Demon Slayer Mark

Later, during the fight with Kokushibo, Sanemi woke up his own Demon Slayer Mark on his right cheek. It looked like a single green origami windmill with two dots on each side. The mark makes him much stronger. This was clear when Sanemi was still able to fight Kokushibo even though he was badly hurt and had a cut across his abdomen.

Bright Red Nichirin Sword

During the fight with Kokushibo, Sanemi hits Gyomei’s spiked flail with his sword. Both of them turn red for a short time, which gave them the chance to cut off the head of the Upper Rank.

Later in the fight against Muzan, Sanemi uses what he learned from the first time he met Giyu to smash his sword hard into Giyu’s. This makes both swords temporarily red. By making his blade red, he was able to stop Muzan’s ability to heal himself instantly, which helped him win the battle.

Extreme Speed

Sanemi killing demons in an instant
Sanemi kills demons in an instant.

Sanemi is very fast and has excellent reflexes. He is the second fastest Hashira runner. During the Hashira Training Arc, when Sanemi was arguing with Tanjiro about Genya, he moved with such speed that some people thought he had teleported. Later, Sanemi showed that he was as fast as, if not faster than, Giyu. He was able to easily cut demons of the same rank as Lower Rank demons into pieces while still sitting down.

In the fight with Kokushibo, it was clear that Sanemi was much faster than Muichiro because he was able to keep up with the demon’s moves while Muichiro, who had been marked, was easily beaten. When Sanemi woke up his Demon Slayer Mark, he was able to fight Kokushibo and briefly beat him. He was also able to keep up with Muzan for a good amount of time.

Super Stamina

Despite having dozens of scars and cuts all over his body, Sanemi never showed any sign of pain or agony. He was even willing to cut himself with his katana to test Nezuko Kamado and didn’t even flinch. During the Sunrise Countdown Arc, he could fight Muzan for about 30 minutes straight without stopping, pushing his body and mind to their limits without getting tired. He had enough energy to use two more Wind Breathing moves.

Incredibly Strong

Sanemi has been training hard for years, so he is very strong. He could easily lift Nezuko Kamado out of her box with one hand, fend off Zenitsu Agatsuma with a casual blow, break a wooden sword by swinging it too hard, and cut off Tanjiro Kamado’s ear with a single kick. He was also able to fight Kokushibo, one of the strongest demons physically, for a short time with a sword.

Genius Swordsman

Sanemi is one of the most influential and skilled swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps because he is a Hashira. During pillar training, when he sparred with Giyu Tomioka, a very skilled swordsman in his own right, his swordsmanship was just as good as Giyu’s. Upper Rank One Kokushibo is a demon who has been good with a sword for hundreds of years. Sanemi was able to keep up with and impress him with his sword skills. Kokushibo was also pushed back by Sanemi changing and using Gyomei’s Stone Breathing techniques.

Sanemi fighting Upper Moon Rank One, Kokushibo
Sanemi fighting Upper Moon Rank One, Kokushibo

Sanemi Breathing Style: Wind Breathing

He is thought to be the best Wind Breathing user of his time. He was so good at Wind Breathing that Kokushibo thought of the first Wind Hashira from the Sengoku Era, which was known as the Golden Age of Demon Slayers.

First Form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter

Sanemi dashes forward at blinding speeds and keeps slashing in a cyclone-like pattern.

Second Form: Claws, Purifying Wind

Sanemi lifts the sword up and to the right, above his head, and then swings it down at the enemy with four vertical slashes at once, making it look like claws.

Third Form: Clean Storm Wind Tree

He sends out a whirlwind of slashes that can protect him from attacks and cut up the area around them. It is an excellent attack for both offence and defence.

Fourth Form: Rising Dust Storm

He sends out a number of slashes above their target from below them.

Fifth Form: Cold Mountain Wind

He makes a series of circular, arched slashes that get bigger as they move toward their target from above.

Sixth Form: Black Wind Mountain Mist

Sanemi spins his body in an uppercut motion to make a tornado of cuts.

Seventh Form: Gale, Sudden Gusts

He jumps into the air and swings their sword, making gale-force winds that tear apart their opponent.

Eighth Form: Primary Gale Slash

Sanemi jumps into the air and swings their blade, making circular torrents of wind that cut through the opponent instantly.

Ninth Form: Idaten Typhoon

He does a backflip into the air and, while upside down, lets out a powerful gust of wind in a circle that cuts through anything below.

Sanemi vs Kokushibo by xBlakeKing
Sanemi vs Kokushibo by xBlakeKing

Sanemi Sword

He carries a Nichirin katana that is a standard size and shape and has a green jagged pattern that looks like the jaw of a beast. His sword’s handle is an abstract shape with eight points and a pattern that overlaps. Each plate has a forest green centre and a silver edge.

As a Hashira, “Destroy Demons” is written on the side of Sanemi’s blade. He has a standard sword sheath for his katana. It is a dark grey colour with silver marks that look like scars.

Sanemi Bright Red Nichirin Sword

During the fight against Kokushibo, Sanemi hits Gyomei’s spiked flail with his sword. This briefly turns both of them red and lets them cut off the head of the Upper Rank. Later in the fight against Muzan, Sanemi uses what he learned from the first time he met Giyu to smash his sword hard into Giyu’s. This makes both swords temporarily red. By making his blade red, he was able to stop Muzan’s ability to heal himself instantly. This eventually helped them a lot with Muzan.

Sanemi Brother: Genya

Genya is Sanemi’s only sibling who is still alive. He is his younger brother. After their family was attacked by a demon, only Sanemi and Genya made it out alive. But after Genya called him a “murderer,” things between them got worse and worse until they broke up and went their separate ways.

During the fight with Kokushibo, it becomes clear that despite everything, he still cared a lot about his younger brother. He wanted him to live an everyday life without demons. Genya was moved to tears and said sorry when he heard Sanemi’s explanation for being rude. After the fight with Kokushibou, Genya again apologised for putting the blame on him and thanked his brother for protecting him. He then died from his wounds and turned into dust, leaving Sanemi in a state of grief.

Sanemi and Giyu

Sanemi and Giyu don’t seem to get along very well because they are very different people. Giyu is generally calm and quiet, while he talks in his usual loud and rude way. Only when Kagaya is in the room, do they show respect to each other.

Sanemi and Giyu | by yaKetchup
Sanemi and Giyu | by yaKetchup

When Tanjiro suggests that they eat ohagi together, it shows that Giyu is trying to be nice to Sanemi. After the Demon Slayer Corps is broken up, the two Hashira smile at each other. At one point, they even eat together, which helps them get along better.

Final Thoughts

Sanemi is incredibly skilled and a super user of Wind Breathing Style. Being the Wind Hashira, he always lived up to his name and played a crucial role in the Infinity Castle Arc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Sanemi in Demon Slayer?

Sanemi is only 21 years old in Demon Slayer. He is the current wind hashira and started fighting demons from a very young age.

Does Sanemi Die in Demon Slayer?

No, during the final battle and Infinity Castle Arc, Sanemi doesn’t die.

Why does Sanemi have scars?

After becoming a demon, Sanemi’s mother killed most of his brothers. While trying to save his only surviving brother, Genya, their mother gave Sanemi two prominent scars on his face. Later, Sanemi fought her with all his might and was able to kill her.

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