In this blog post, we will focus on who killed Kokushibo in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will also see how Kokushibo dies and answer other related questions.

Kokushibo is the Upper Moon Rank One belonging to the Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer. He is the second strongest demon in the Demon Slayer Universe. He can even possibly go head-on with Muzan. Without any doubt, Kokushibo is stronger than any other Hashira alone.

In his final battle, four of the strongest demon slayers had to combine their strengths only to catch up with Kokushibo.

Who Killed Kokushibo
Kokushibo | via Sennpaiarts

First of all, if we are answering the question of who kills Kokushibo, then we have somewhat already answered this question –

Does Kokushibo die in Demon Slayer?

Yes, Kokushibo dies in the series Demon Slayer. He dies in the Final Battle Arc of the Demon Slayer Series. He dies remembering his brother, Yoriichi and questions his existence. He is even seen with the flute he had given to his little brother when they were young.

Who Killed Kokushibo/How Did Kokushibo Die?

Gyomei deals the final blow to Kokushibo in the Final Battle Arc. But, Kokushibo’s death can be attributed to Gyomei, the Stone Hashira; Sanemi, the Wind Hashira; Muichiro, the Mist Hashira and Genya. They all combined their strength to kill Kokushibo and win the battle.


The Fight Leading To Kokushibo’s Death

Now we will see the fight leading to Kokushibo’s death.

Kokushibo Meeting Muichiro

The figure looks at Muichiro and realises that he knows the Hashira. Muichiro sees the kanji for “Upper Rank” and “One” and realises that he is actually looking at the infamous “Upper Rank One,” Kokushibo.

Kokushibo sees that Muichiro has the same muscles, ribs, and blood flow that Tanjiro saw in Akaza and Giyu. He decides that Muichiro is of the same blood as he is.

Muichiro, on the other hand, thinks that Upper Rank 1 is more terrifying, dignified, and majestic than any of the other Twelve Kizuki members. He also thinks that Upper Rank 1 was once a Demon Slayer because he has a sword that looks like the Nichirin Swords.

Muichiro Fighting Kokushibo

Muichiro uses his Mist Breathing, Second Form: Eight-Layered Mist, to try to cut off Kokushibo’s head. The Upper Rank, on the other hand, gracefully avoids it and admires Muichiro’s sword skills. He also knows that his descendant uses Mist Breathing.

Muichiro doesn’t want to talk to his so-called “ancestor” again, so he uses his Mist Breathing, Fifth Form: Sea of Clouds and Haze attack on the Upper Rank, who easily dodges the attack again. Muichiro’s name is called by Kokushibo, and even though he is only 14, his sword skills are so refined and beautiful.

Muichiro says that even though he is his descendant, there is no longer a single drop of blood between them because so much time has passed. As he tells Kokushibo what he wants to say, his Demon Slayer Mark shows up again, which surprises the Upper Rank.

Sanemi Joins In

Kokushibo moves away and sees that the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, has arrived. Sanemi agrees with the Upper Rank that he is the Wind Hashira and that he will be the wind that rips off Hashira’s head.

Muichiro finally gets himself free from where Kokushibo stabbed him and pulls his Nichirin Sword from his shoulder.

Kokushibo vs Sanemi
Kokushibo vs Sanemi | by LautroxxArchae2000

Knowing this, he decides that if he dies, he will give it his all and make it easier for the other Hashira who are fighting the Upper Rank. He takes the bandages that Kokushibo put on his body when he asked him to turn into a demon and puts them on his missing hand. When Gyomei used Stone Breathing: Second Form, he picked up his Nichirin Sword and was about to fight with Gyomei when Genya called his name and asked him to get the strand of hair from Kokushibo.

Demon Slayers Awakening Their Demon Slayer Marks

On the other hand, Kokushibo sees that Gyomei woke up his Demon Slayer Mark and feels sorry for him, which confuses the Stone Hashira. From the way he looks at Gyomei, especially in the “Transparent World,” he thinks Gyomei is around 27 years old, which still confuses him.

Gyomei finally tells Kokushibo to stop spreading his stupid ideas to other people. He also reminds Kokushibo that someone had a Demon Slayer Mark and lived past the age of 25.

Sanemi, meanwhile, was able to fix the wounds in his torso, wake up his Demon Slayer Mark, and fight Gyomei.

Sanemi with his Demon Slayer Mark

Kokushibo cuts off Muichiro’s remaining hand, which is the last of his limbs, so he can stop getting hit. Muichiro’s dead body falls to the ground, and the Upper Rank pulls his Nichirin Sword out of his body. He knows that Muichiro can still heal himself quickly enough that he won’t turn to ash.

Gyomei and Sanemi keep attacking Kokushibo, but the Upper Rank moves quickly to avoid them. As Kokushibo dodges the Hashiras’ attacks, it becomes clear that he has changed a lot.

He now has two horns sticking out of his head, with the right one being much longer than the left. The roots from Genya’s Blood Demon Art have turned into pinkish-red tendrils that Kokushibo can control, and the blades that used to be on his body have turned into multiple hooks.

When Sanemi sees that the Upper Rank’s head has fully grown back, he panics because all of their efforts to kill him have been for nothing. Gyomei tells Sanemi to keep pushing because the Upper Rank’s body must be weaker now that his head has grown back.

“Why on earth did I come into the world? Tell me… Yoriichi.”

As the two Hashiras keep going, the Upper Rank is proud of himself for being able to defeat death by being cut in half by a Nichirin Sword, just like Akaza. Now that he knows that he can only be defeated by the light of the sun, he is ready to face the Hashira again. Before they can go on, though, the Upper Rank sees himself in Sanemi’s Nichirin Sword.

When Kokushibo looks at himself in the mirror, he has vague memories of Yoriichi when he was a child and wants to be the strongest samurai. As Kokushibo starts to wonder if this is really what he wants to be, the place where Muichiro’s Bright Red blade pierces him starts to burn to ash because his regeneration is getting weaker.

Gyomei can cut off his head again, while Sanemi keeps hurting him and speeds up the process of his body breaking down. Kokushibo tries to use a Blood Demon Art, but he can’t because Genya has one of her own.

Kokushibo Dies

As he is dying, he thinks back on his whole life. From the first time, he heard about Yoriichi’s strength to when he became a samurai, joined the Demon Slayer Corps, and turned into a demon, all the way to his last moments with his brother.

Kokushibo with his brother from Wiki
Kokushibo with his brother from Wiki

In his last moments, Upper Rank One blames himself for being alive and asks his younger brother why he was even born. His clothes and the flute he gave to his younger brother long ago are still there.

Conclusion – Who Killed Kokushibo?

Finally, to answer the question – Who killed Kokushibo? It was Gyomei, the Stone Hashira; Sanemi, the Wind Hashira; Muichiro, the Mist Hashira and Genya. They all combined their strength to kill Kokushibo and win the battle.

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