Akaza is one of the major antagonists of the uprising anime Demon Slayer. He is the fourth strongest demon in the series and holds Upper-Rank Three among the Twelve Kizuki.

Akaza’s Abilities

As the third-highest member of the Twelve Kizuki, Akaza is a very powerful demon. In the past, he has been able to beat Kyojuro Rengoku, many Hashira, and many Demon Slayers.

Akaza has a lot of great skills and abilities, but the ones that stand out the most are his martial arts skills, which are better than those of even the best Demon Slayers, and his ability to sense Fighting Spirit, which lets him predict his opponent’s attacks and figure out their weaknesses, making him almost impossible to beat if they can’t find a way to stop him.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, he was able to fight Tanjiro and Giyu and beat them both, even though they were both Hashira-level swordsmen using their Demon Slayer Marks, and Tanjiro had access to the Transparent World.

Akaza could only be defeated when Tanjiro woke up the Selfless State, which was a direct counter to Akaza’s ability to see things that other people couldn’t. Even after his head was cut off, Akaza was able to regrow it through sheer willpower and his amazing ability to heal. Akaza possessed incredible regeneration powers.

He then kept attacking Tanjiro and Giyu. If Akaza hadn’t lost the will to fight, he would have killed both Demon Slayers because he had already worn them out so much. As more proof of how strong he was, he got the title “Upper-Rank Three” and became the fourth strongest demon in the world without killing or eating any women, which Doma said would have stopped his growth as a demon by a lot.

Akaza’s Fighting Style

Akaza is a pro martial artist and can do wonders with his bare hands. As a human and as a demon, Akaza’s most impressive trait is his skill in unarmed combat and bare-fist martial arts. Even before he turned into a demon, Akaza had amazing skills in hand-to-hand combat.

  • At the age of 11, when he had never studied martial arts, he was able to completely destroy several grown men.
  • When Akaza was 18, he killed 67 adult kendo masters all by himself. He did this by beating their bodies with his bare fists until they were twisted piles of flesh.
  • After he became a demon, his hand-to-hand fighting skills got even better, to the point where he could fight effectively at speeds faster than the eye could see, using his bare-fisted martial arts skills for both offense and defense against the most powerful Demon Slayers.

Also, when his Blood Demon Art and superhuman body are put together, all of his punches and kicks become very dangerous. Each blow can break the ground or ribs, making him a very dangerous opponent. Because of this and the fact that he has been practicing martial arts for over a thousand years, Akaza is almost unbeatable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Soryu Style

Keizo, an expert in martial arts, taught him this style when he lived with him and helped take care of Koyuki. The Soryu Style uses both the arms and legs to deliver quick, powerful blows to the neck and weapon of an opponent.

The Bell Splitter

It is a technique that Akaza probably got from the Soryu Style. He hits a sword as it falls from the side, breaking it with little effort.

Akaza’s Blood Demon Art: Destructive Death

The core of Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is martial arts.

He uses destructive shockwaves and the Soryu Style martial arts he learned when he was a human. Akaza can control blue shockwaves that can look like almost invisible air pressure, circular energy-like shockwaves, or spikes that look like cannons.

He can make them whenever he wants, from any distance, and it looks like from any part of his body. Akaza adds shockwaves to his punches and kicks in battle to make them more damaging. A faint blue light surrounds each of his strikes.

Akaza can attack his enemies with both deadly long-ranged barrages and precision short-ranged blows using the shockwaves of his Blood Demon Art and the Soryu Style.

During his combat with Kyojuro Rengoku, he used shockwaves to hold the Flame Hashira at bay, forcing him to close the distance and put him in range of his bare-handed fighting technique, which favored the Upper Rank.

Compass needle

Compass Needle | by Gurses Rejeb

Akaza creates underneath him a light blue snowflake-shaped compass with numbers ranging from 1 to 12. This method enables Akaza to detect a person’s “Fighting Spirit,” or will to fight, which he employs to produce a variety of effects in combat. The fact that Akaza can dodge attacks by sensing battle spirit is amazing.

Second, Akaza can detect the existence of his opponents in his immediate surroundings (even in his blind areas) and forecast where and how they will attack him.

Air Type Punches

Akaza strikes the empty air in front of him, causing a shockwave that travels towards his victim and smashes them from a distance. These airborne shockwaves can be produced in rapid succession and released in the sky or on the ground.


By punching the target quickly, Akaza unleashes a torrent of huge shockwaves, demolishing everything in his path. This strike was powerful enough to overcome Kyojuro’s Flame Tiger technique.


One of Akaza’s most powerful tactics is Annihilation. Akaza crouches, both arms poised at his sides, ready to attack. He then leaps with an explosive forward jump, generating two enormous circular shockwaves from his palms that he utilizes to strike his opponent with incredible force.

Crown Splitter

A backward, soaring axe kick creates a shockwave as it strikes the victim.

Eight-Layered Demon Core

Akaza punches rapidly eight times. Each punch is strong enough to take down even the especially strong demon slayers. He can create large and strong shockwaves using these punches.

Akaza’s Appearance

by rollingthunder24

If you look at Akaza, you’ll see a muscular person with fair skin. His skin is almost bright green with a tinge of white. Along with that, he has a pattern of blue lines all over his body which resembles the tattoos he had as a human.

He had bright pink, short hair that waved out from his head. Along with that, Akaza has one of the saddest and most evil eyes in demon slayer. His yellow eyes with pink eyelashes look nothing less than cracked glass. Looking closely into his irises, you’ll find “Upper moon” and “Three” engraved into them, which symbolize the rank he has among the twelve demon moons.

Akaza’s face is made up of much more than just dangerous-looking eyes. He also has three thick blue lines tattooed on both sides of his face and one thicker line running from his head to nose.

He used a bit, only showing off a brief, sleeveless dark purple-pink haori that was cut off at his waist, exposed to subject his breast, that was embellished by a square pattern on his back. Listed below this, he sported a pair of saggy white pants that he rolled to simply below the knee with a blue rope belt to secure them at his waistline. Akaza chooses to go barefoot yet uses a chain of large round pink pearls around each of his ankle joints.

Even when Akaza was a human in his past life as Hakuji, he had similar hair, only with a different color. He had black hair back then and pale blue eyes.

Akaza’s Personality

Akaza is a Social Darwinist who is strong, stubborn, and loves to fight, especially against strong Demon Slayers. He dragged out fights on purpose so he could enjoy every second of them. He also praised his opponents when they used strong moves or hit him, usually saying that their moves and swordsmanship were beautiful and interesting.

Akaza was so disgusted by people he thought were weak that just seeing them made his skin crawl. But he had a lot of respect for people he thought were strong. He demanded to know their names and wouldn’t stop until he did. He remembers all the names he learned as a tribute to their strength.

You misunderstand, Tanjiro. I only despise the weak. I only spit on weaklings. Yes. Weaklings make me sick. It is the law of nature that they are weeded out.

Akaza to Tanjiro

Akaza also gives people he knows are strong the chance to become demons. He does this because he thinks it’s right to keep their refined techniques and skills, and it hurts him to see people with extraordinary gifts lose their skills as they age. If they refuse his offer to become a demon, he’ll even kill them to keep their great skills alive.

Akaza also doesn’t look down on strong warriors who used to be weak. He showed this when he praised and complimented Tanjiro Kamado, even though he knew how weak he was when they first met. He even thanked Kyojuro for helping Tanjiro grow. Akaza is a strong supporter of Social Darwinism. He thinks that the law of nature says that all weak people should die out.

Among seeing others, Akaza had very strong opinions about himself. He had a deep-seated need to get stronger, and he didn’t get along with his fellow Upper Ranks because he saw them as his competitors. He is especially mean to Doma and Kokushibo, who are both in the Upper Ranks and above him. Once, He lashed out at Doma and promised to kill Kokushibo.

Rengoku vs Akaza – All You Need To Know

Akaza vs Rengoku | by Vinh Tran

The Showdown

Soon after Tanjiro, Kyojuro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Nezuko beat Enmu and save the passengers, Akaza shows up. When he sees that Tanjiro is on the ground, he rushes forward to kill him.

Kyojuro stops him and cuts his arm in half. Akaza quickly fixed the wound and praised his sword. When asked why he attacked someone who was already hurt, he said he just wanted to get rid of him quickly before talking to Kyojuro. He thinks that as a Hashira, he is at the top of his fighting spirit, so he tries to get him to become a demon.

He says that if he were a person, he would get old and die, but if he were a demon, he could keep getting stronger. When Kyojuro repeatedly turns down the offer and contradicts Akaza, he gets angry and says he will kill him instead. He then uses Destructive Death: Compass Needle.

Akaza and Kyojuro are fighting hard, and Tanjiro and Inosuke are watching from a distance. They both know that the two are very different in terms of strength.

Akaza is cut many times, but his wounds heal right away. He taunts Kyojuro by saying that none of the Hashiras he has killed have ever accepted his offer to change. The demon jumps into the air and hits Kyojuro with an Air Type attack, which knocks him back for a moment but is quickly stopped. The Flame Hashira rushes forward because he knows it will be hard to fight from a distance. He tries to attack up close, but all of his swings are blocked or dodged.

Akaza makes fun of him again because his human strength is getting weaker compared to his demonic strength. He also tries again to get Kyojuro to change, but Kyojuro keeps saying he won’t become like him. Again, they attack each other, and Inosuke says that if he tried to help Kyojuro, he would be too slow and die right away. Akaza starts to hit the Hashira with his attacks, hurting it very badly.

All of Kyojuro’s sword blows are useless because the demon can heal quickly, and he’s getting more and more desperate as he keeps using Flame Breathing. Akaza suddenly moves away, giving Kyojuro a chance to catch his breath.

However, Tanjiro and Inosuke see that Kyojuro is bleeding heavily, while Akaza is fine and well.

Kyojuro Rengoku, The Flame Hashira Goes All In

by EC03091992

Akaza makes fun of Kyojuro again for his many wounds, even though he had already healed because he was a demon and because he was fighting a losing battle as a human. Kyojuro’s body suddenly fills with fire. He says that he will do his job as a Hashira, which confuses and amazes the demon.

Kyojuro decided he would try to hurt him as much as possible, even if it meant he would die, and moved quickly with Flame Breathing: Esoteric Art. Akaza is impressed by his opponent’s willingness to fight, so he tells him to turn into a demon so they can fight forever. He says he is the Flame Hashira, then uses Flame Breathing, Ninth Form: Rengoku, and rushes forward.

Akaza screams, “Destructive Death: Annihilation Type” in response. Kyojuro cut Akaza’s arm, torso, and almost all through his neck. Akaza, on the other hand, drove his arm through Rengoku’s solar plexus. Akaza begs him desperately to turn into a demon. He knows the wound he gave him is fatal, and he is amazed by his opponent’s willingness to fight.

He tells him that he is one of the few chosen strong ones. Kyojuro refuses again because his mother told him to protect the weak. He drives his sword deeper into Akaza’s neck and even catches Akaza’s fist when he tries to punch him with his free hand, which shocks the demon.

Rengoku’s Demise (Tanjiro vs Akaza)

As the sun rises, Akaza tries to run away, but Kyojuro stops him because he won’t give up. Tanjiro and Inosuke try to help the Hashira. Inosuke fights the demon with Fang One: Pierce. Akaza suddenly rips his own arms off Kyojuro’s body and stomps on the ground, causing a shockwave that knocks Inosuke away and gives him the chance to run away. Tanjiro runs after the Upper Moon quickly and throws his Nichirin Blade at him, which pierces his chest. Akaza hears Tanjiro’s cries and calls him a coward for running away.

This angers Tanjiro, who says to himself that he is running away from the sun and not from him. Akaza leaves Inosuke and Tanjiro with a dying Kyojuro because he thinks the battle is over and Kyojuro will soon die.

Akaza’s Death

The following part contains spoilers for Anime.

In the eleventh arc of the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga, Akaza dies. Tanjiro Kamado is mostly to blame for his death but in the end Akaza takes his own life.

How does Akaza Die / Who killed Akaza?

In the Infinity Castle Arc, Akaza ends up killing himself. But Tanjiro Kamado and Giyuu Tomioka, the Water Hashira, hurt him enough that the Upper Rank 3 lost the will to keep fighting.

When Tanjiro met Upper 3, his words shook the demon as it remembered what it was like to be human. This made Upper 3 angry, so he chose to attack Tanjiro with his Blood Demon Art: Destructive Death.

Giyuu Tomioka was badly hurt, which helped Tanjiro improve his style of Demon Slayer. Even though none of the demon hunters’ new attacks worked, Giyuu’s actions to protect Tanjiro made Upper 3 think of a very important person: his fiancee Koyuki.

During the fierce battle, Akaza’s real name is Hakuji, and Koyuki shows up as a voice of reason to try to stop him. She pulls on his arm and begs him to stop fighting while crying.

Koyuki keeps trying to stop him, even though he doesn’t know who she is. This makes him question why he wants to kill the two swordsmen. Because of this, Upper 3 remembers her from when she was a human.

After he learns to care again, Akaza tries to kill himself so he can be with his family again. Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, tries to take control of his mind to stop him from regenerating.

When Upper 3 starts to give in to Muzan’s control again, Koyuki’s spirit gently grabs her lover’s face and tells him to stop. Koyuki hugs him tight, sobs as he cries, and says he’s sorry for not being there to protect her.

Akaza’s Fan Arts

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