In this blog post, we will talk discuss Doma’s backstory in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Doma is the Upper Moon Rank Two among the Twelve Kizukis. He displays immense skills and super demon art abilities in the manga and anime series.

Doma uses cryogenic blood demon art and can manipulate ice in battle.

He has an incredible backstory as a human, and even after, he becomes a demon.

Backstory of Doma – Doma from Wiki

Doma Backstory as a Human

Doma was born as a child with very unusual features more than a hundred years ago. People thought he was special because he had rainbow-coloured eyes and white hair.

They thought he could talk to the gods. Even though he thought his parents were very stupid, they put him in charge of a cult they started, which became known as the Paradise Faith.

Even though he thought his parents were stupid, he went along with the plan and played his part, but he never heard the gods’ voices.

Doma’s Cult

As the leader of the cult, Doma sat in a room with a lot of decorations.

Many people came up to him and asked for advice and help with their problems. He thought these stories were boring and didn’t understand why they were asking a child for help. People asked him to take them to paradise, which made Doma cry because he didn’t believe in paradise, gods, or Buddha.

Doma backstory – Doma as a child

He thought they were just made-up stories by people, and he thought it was sad that people believed in something so made up.

Doma’s Struggle with Emotions and Killing His Parents

Doma was also completely unable to understand or feel other people’s emotions.

When he was still a child, his mother went crazy and killed his father with a knife because he had many affairs with other female cult members. She killed herself right after that by giving herself poison.

Doma Backstory – by xMangetsu

But even though all of these scary things were happening right in front of him, Doma could only be annoyed by the bloody mess and disgusted by the strong smell of blood.

He just wanted to let some fresh air into the room before the smell got stuck to the furniture for good.

Doma Backstory – Becoming a Demon

He met Muzan Kibutsuji when he was 20 years old, and Muzan turned him into a Demon.

Doma would still be in charge of the cult, but they would have a new goal. He came to believe that it was really his job to help people get to paradise, so he ate his followers. He thought that if he ate them, paradise and the end of pain would be found and that they would no longer be in pain if he killed them.

Doma spent most of his life working toward this strange goal.

Doma Becoming the Upper Moon Rank Six

He became Upper Moon Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki after some time.

During that time, he wandered around the Entertainment District and ate the flesh of geishas and other young women. He gained a lot of strength and became stronger and stronger by eating all those people in his cult and geishas.

Doma Backstory – as the Upper Moon Rank Six

He came across Gyutaro and his younger sister Ume, who were both dying: Gyutaro had been stabbed in the back and was slowly bleeding to death, and Ume had been burned so severely that she was unrecognisable.

Doma Turning Ume Into Daki

Being “kind-hearted,” Doma offered to save the two by turning them into demons.

He then gave them his blood to start the process. He tells them to get strong enough to be known by “That Man” and join the Twelve Kizuki as an Upper Rank. After some time, Doma became Upper Rank 2, which put him above Akaza, who was Upper Rank 3, even though Akaza had become a demon after Doma.

Doma Backstory – finding Ume and Gyutaro

This shows how exceptionally skilled Doma was.

Doma X Inosuke

Inosuke Hashibira and Doma knew each other for a short time, 15 years before the present.

His mother, Kotoha Hashibira, and his father ran away from their abusive home and went to the Paradise Faith cult. Kotoha’s husband and mother-in-law also joined the cult. Doma thought they were too loud, so he killed them and left their bodies in the mountains.

Even though Doma thought Kotoha was stupid, her beauty and ability to sing made him decide not to eat her and just let her live her life. But she found out that he had eaten other followers, so she ran out of the temple with Inosuke in her arms.

Doma Backstory – Doma

Before she could be killed, she threw Inosuke off a cliff into a river, hoping he would survive. Doma soon caught up with them and killed her quickly.

He then made fun of Inosuke for his fate and ate Kotoha until she was nothing but bones.

Doma X Kanae

A few years before the present, he met Kanae Kocho, the Flower Hashira, and they fought. He killed her by hurting her badly, but the rising sun made him run away before he could eat her. Kanae was found by her sister before she died from her wounds. She told her sister about Doma and to help her.

Doma Backstory – Doma not feeling any emotions

Final Thoughts – Doma Backstory

Doma didn’t feel anything all his life, even though he wanted to. He always wondered about the things people did and the reason behind them.

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