We will discuss nakime’s backstory in this blog post. Nakime was the Upper Moon Rank Four Demon among the Twelve Kizukis. She had a unique blood demon art to create an infinite castle.

Going by personality, Nakime was a cold and mysterious biwa player who didn’t show much emotion. She didn’t talk unless she had to, and when she did, she was always honest and direct, keeping her answers as short as possible.

Unlike other demons, she really loves Muzan and does what he tells her to do without hesitation or question.

Nakime & Kimetsu no Yaiba (c) Kiyoharu Gotouge
Nakime & Kimetsu no Yaiba (c) Kiyoharu Gotouge

Nakime Backstory as a Human

In the past, Nakime was a little-known amateur biwa player who was having trouble making ends meet. But the man she married was hopelessly addicted to gambling. He spent all her money and savings on gambling and did nothing to improve their lives.

She was supposed to play her biwa at a particular stage one night, but when she got there, she found that her husband had taken her dress and gambled it away.

Enraged, Nakime murdered her husband using a hammer.

Star Performer

Soon after she killed her husband, Nakime realised that it was almost time for her to play, so she had to hurry to her stage wearing a worn-out, ragged dress.

But the crowd didn’t like how she looked, and since she had just killed someone for the first time, she was still traumatised by the experience. Her hands shook with nervousness as she played her biwa.

But, to everyone’s surprise, when Nakime played the biwa with the most tension, the sound it made was so beautiful that the audience loved it and yelled for more. The unexpected result made her customers and the owner of the stage happy, and Nakime was paid a lot of money.

Becoming a Demon

Since then, Nakime has made it a disturbing habit to kill people before going on stage in front of a big crowd. Strangely, every time she played her biwa after killing someone, customers and stage managers gave her very good reviews.

by DinocoZero

On that fateful day, she was scheduled to perform on another stage, so she picked someone to kill on her way there. However, the person she chose to kill was none other than Muzan Kibutsuji. Muzan liked how well Nakime searched, so he spared her life and offered to turn her into a demon. Nakime took him up on his offer, turned into a demon, and worked her way up the ranks until she was one of Muzan’s best servants.

Nakime Backstory as a Demon

Unfortunately, there is nothing more shown for Nakime’s backstory as a demon. She always stayed in her Infinity Castle, created by her blood demon art. Muzan gave her the responsibility of summoning the Upper-Rank Demons at his disposal.

Nakime was also the Upper Moon Rank Four after the death of Hantengu.

Nakime Backstory – Blood Demon Art: Infinity Castle

Final Thoughts – Nakime Backstory

Like every demon, Nakime also became a demon under stressful circumstances and had a tragic backstory. She faced economic difficulties due to her husband.

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