In this post, we will go over the battle in Infinity Castle and talk about who killed Nakime and why? Nakime was the Upper Moon Rank Four among the Twelve Kizuki. She got this position after the Hantengu’s death, who was the former Upper Moon Rank Four.

Nakime was a cold and mysterious biwa player who didn’t show much emotion. She didn’t talk unless she had to, and when she did, she was always honest and direct, keeping her answers as short as possible.

Who Killed Nakime and Why?

Muzan, the Demon King, was the one who killed Nakime in Infinity Castle Arc. Nakime was the one controlling Infinity Castle, but Yushiro covered her eyes and started controlling her, which created difficulty for Muzan. So, Muzan killed Nakime in an instant to get rid of the obstacle.

Nakime by saltyboi-kygan
Nakime by saltyboi-kygan

When the Demon Slayer Corps shows up at the Ubuyashiki mansion to stop Muzan, Nakime takes them all to Infinity Castle and splits them up. She is the only Upper Moon Rank Demon left in the story.

Obanai Iguro and Mitsuri Kanroji are the first ones to meet her. Since she controls the environment and the whole castle, it is tough for them to lay a hit on her.

Later, when Tanjiro and Giyu are fighting Muzan, Muzan tells Tanjiro and Giyu that Nakime “won” by killing Obanai and Mitsuri by crushing them to death with the rooms of her castle. But he is shocked when the two people he thought were dead attack him while they are still very much alive. He gets angry and asks Nakime what she is doing.

Why did Muzan Kill Nakime – Yushiro Takes Control of Her

Yushiro shadows Nakime’s eyes and tries to control her.

Muzan is shocked to find out that Yushiro has complete control over Nakime’s vision and the Infinity Castle, which he starts to use against the Demon King as revenge for killing Tamayo.

Muzan starts fighting back against Yushiro right away by using his own mental powers to free up Nakime from Yushiro’s control. This starts a fierce battle of wills between the two demons. As both Muzan and Obanai fight for control of their minds, the castle goes entirely out of control.

Yushiro Controlling Nakime
Yushiro Controlling Nakime

Muzan’s Struggle

Just as Muzan seems to have the upper hand, Obanai and Giyu attack the Demon King. He has no choice but to fight back, which makes him lose his grip on Nakime as he tries to defend himself and keep the Hashiras away.


Muzan Kills Nakime

Soon, Muzan realises that he can’t get Nakime back and fight the Demon Slayers at the same time. He uses his powers to kill Nakime by crushing her head.

This stops Yushiro from using the castle against him and lets him entirely focus on killing the last two Hashiras and Tanjiro. Since Nakime doesn’t break apart right away, Yushiro is able to use her body to lift the castle off the ground and protect the Demon Slayers.

Final Thoughts – Who Killed Nakime, the Upper Moon Rank Nakime?

Nakime had a pretty rough backstory and didn’t deserve to become a demon. In the end, we see that Muzan didn’t hesitate to kill her for his own gain. He was ruthless and killed Nakime in an instant.

In the end, to answer the question, who killed Nakime, the Upper Moon Rank Four? It was the Demon King itself, Muzan.

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