Who is Nakime?

Nakime is one of the top demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is particularly close to Muzan, the Demon King. Muzan used Nakime to call other demons into the Infinity Castle (created by Nakime herself).

After the death of the Upper Moon Rank Four, Hantengu, Nakime was appointed to his position. Formerly, she didn’t hold any position in the Upper Moon Ranks.

Nakime & Kimetsu no Yaiba (c) Kiyoharu Gotouge
Nakime & Kimetsu no Yaiba (c) Kiyoharu Gotouge

Nakime Abilities

She had a unique ability and a super Blood Demon Art. It wasn’t so helpful in fighting as much as it was in spying and confusing enemies. She was able to stop Obanai and Mitsuri from killing her and keep the two Hashira from killing her for the majority of the Infinity Castle Arc by using her unusual Blood Demon Art. Neither of the two skilled fighters could even scratch her.

Eye Detachment: After she got to Upper-Rank Four and, most likely, got more blood from Muzan, she was able to make and remove several eyeballs from her body.

This let her watch people from a long way away. With this unique ability, she was able to find and locate almost all of the Demon Slayer Corps members, as well as Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s hidden mansion, which he had gone to great lengths to hide from even the highest-ranking Demon Slayer Corps members.

Nakime using her eye detachment
Nakime Eye Detachment | by saltyboi-kygan

Extreme Speed: Obanai and Mitsuri’s attacks were both stopped by Nakime’s quick reactions. This showed that Nakime was as fast as the Hashira.

Talented Biwa Player: When she was still human, Nakime was very good at playing the biwa, which made people pay attention to her.

Nakime Blood Demon Art: Infinity Castle

Nakime’s Blood Demon Art looks like a space outside of time and space that holds a huge castle. Nakime owns the space, so she has complete control over it and can change it whenever she wants by just strumming her biwa. There are a lot of different kinds of rooms in her fortress.

For example, the fight against Kokushibo took place in an open room with giant pillars, the fight against Doma took place in a small garden, and the fight against Akaza took place in a hallway that led to several other rooms. Nakime is sitting in the middle of the Infinity Castle. The space around her is warped.

She has also shown that she can use her unusual Blood Demon Art in an offensive way. She does this by turning rooms into massive pillars that she then uses to smash her enemies. By tying and attaching her hair to a nearby wall inside the castle, she could move rooms and walls around as if they were her own limbs.

Portal Creation

Nakime can also create portals anywhere, which look like sliding tatami doors and can take people outside her fortress or to any place inside it. She showed she was capable of using her portals for both offense and defense when she made a portal to stop Mitsuri Kanroji’s attack. One of her main jobs was to take the other Upper Ranks on missions, and she probably also helped Muzan move around the country without being seen.

Nakime’s Equipment: Biwa

Nakime always has a wooden biwa with four strings on her lap. A biwa is a short-necked lute that Nakime used to play in performances when she was human. She was also very good at it. Her Blood Demon Art uses her biwa as a tool. To use it, she has to strum the instrument with a single large Bachi pick.

Nakime Appearance

by DinocoZero

Nakime is a woman with a greyish skin tone. Her nails were sharp and blue-stained, and her lips were bright red, which stood out against her skin tone. She had shiny, dark brown hair that reached her waist and fell down her back in small waves that ended in sharp points. She left two strands that reached her chin to frame her face, and she swept her long bangs to the sides of her nose to hide her big eye.

Nakime wore a plain black kimono with a white lining. She tied it on with a striped pale brown obi, white socks, and no shoes. She was always seen with a large bachi pick and a four-stringed wooden biwa.

Final Battle: Infinity Castle Arc

When the Demon Slayer Corps shows up at the Ubuyashiki mansion to stop Muzan, Nakime takes them all to Infinity Castle and splits them up. She uses her Blood Demon Art to accomplish this task quickly and efficiently.

She then meets with Obanai Iguro and Mitsuri Kanroji. Using her Blood Demon Art and her super abilities, she is able to fend off both the Hashiras easily. They were not even able to lay a scratch on her. Nakime, while in the battle, controlled the environment and made it very hard for them to hit her.

Later, when Tanjiro and Giyu are fighting Muzan, Muzan tells Tanjiro and Giyu that Nakime “won” by killing Obanai and Mitsuri by crushing them to death with the rooms of her castle. But he is shocked when the two people he thought were dead attack him while they are still very much alive.

Nakime Under Yushiro’s Control

Yushiro controlling Nakime
Yushiro controlling Nakime | by Wiki

He gets angry and asks Nakime what she is doing. Muzan is shocked to find out that Yushiro has complete control over Nakime’s vision and the Infinity Castle, which he starts to use against the Demon King as revenge for killing Tamayo.

Muzan starts fighting back against Yushiro right away by using his own mental powers to take back his last Upper-Rank Demon. This starts a fierce battle of wills between the two demons. As both Muzan and Obanai fight for control of their minds, the castle goes completely out of control. Just as Muzan seems to have the upper hand, Obanai and Giyu attack the Demon King. He has no choice but to fight back, which makes him lose his grip on Nakime as he tries to defend himself and keep the Hashiras away.

Nakime’s Death

Soon, Muzan realizes that he can’t get Nakime back and fight the Demon Slayers at the same time. He uses his powers to kill her by crushing her head. This stops Yushiro from using the castle against him and lets him entirely focus on killing the last two Hashiras and Tanjiro. Since Nakime doesn’t break apart right away, Yushiro is able to use her body to lift the castle off the ground and defend the Demon Slayers.

Final Thoughts

Even though Nakime didn’t show expert offensive skills, she was an incredible Demon with unique Blood Demon Art. Muzan’s work was reduced by half by using her Infinity Castle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Nakime?

Nakime is more than 110 years old. She stayed and helped Muzan for a long time.

Is Nakime an Upper Moon?

Yes. After the death of Upper Moon Rank Four, Hantengu, Nakime is appointed as the Upper Moon Rank Four.

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