Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, written and drawn by Koyoharu Gotōge, is gaining popularity day by day. It ran from February 15, 2016, to May 18, 2020, in the Manga series. It had 205 chapters, which were collected into 23 books. Today we will see all the demon slayer arcs in the manga and anime.

The manga was a huge hit all over the world, and the anime, which is still going on, has quickly become one of the most popular of its kind.

With the manga being over, we can go over all Demon Slayer arcs that are present in and get an overview of what to expect. Along with that, the Manga Chapters and Anime Episodes range in which you can find them.

You can go through these to get a summary to remind yourself of the story before picking up the anime again when it releases.

How many Demon Slayer arcs are there?

Demon Slayer had a total of 201 chapters, which were put together into 23 books. Now, how many story arcs are there in 201 chapters? Most of the time, the Demon Slayer manga is divided into 11 major arcs, and each of those has several smaller arcs inside it.

Most likely, the story arcs in the anime will be different and divided by the seasons.

In the three seasons (including the one movie) of the Demon Slayer Anime, 8 out of all demon slayer arcs are already covered.

All Demon Slayer Arcs in Manga & Anime

#ArcManga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
1Final Selection Arc1-991-55
2Kidnapper’s Bog Arc10-1346-72
3Asakusa Arc14-1968-103
4Tsuzumi Mansion Arc20-27811-144
5Natagumo Mountain Arc28-441715-217
6Rehabilitation Training Arc45-52822-265
7Mugen Train Arc53-691727-337
8Entertainment District Arc70-993034-4411
9Swordsmith Village Arc100-12728TBATBA
10Hashira Training Arc128-1369TBATBA
11Final Battle: Infinite Castle Arc137-18347TBATBA
12Final Battle: Sunrise Countdown Arc184-20522TBATBA
All Demon Slayer Arcs Manga Chapter List & Anime Episodes List

1. Final Selection Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Final Selection Arc Chapter and Episodes List

The Final Selection Arc is where the whole story of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba starts. It is the first arc out of all demon slayer arcs and lays out the foundation for our protagonists, Tanjiro and Nezuko.

Tanjiro Kamado: Demon Slayer | by Ulysse Brugerolles
Tanjiro Kamado: Demon Slayer | by Ulysse Brugerolles

# Spoilers From Out Here #

In Japan, during the Taisho period, Tanjiro Kamado sells charcoal to make a living. But his peaceful life ends when a demon kills everyone in his family. Nezuko, his little sister, is the only one who made it out alive, but she has become a demon herself.

Due to this series of events, Tanjiro goes on a dangerous journey to find a way to make his sister normal again and kill the demon that made his life miserable.

Giyu Tomioka, one of the best Demon Slayers and Water Hashira, told the Kamado brothers to stay with Sakonji Urokodaki, who was his teacher.

Sakonji brought them with him, and he taught Tanjiro how to use a sword. Nezuko fell into a deep sleep during the two years it took Tanjiro to master the Water Breathing Style. During his training, he met the spirits of two people who had been Sakonji’s students in the past. They taught Tanjiro and made him as strong as all of Sakonji’s old students.

Final Selection

Final Selection Arc: Demon Slayer
Final Selection Arc: Demon Slayer

Because of this, Tanjiro was able to go to the Demon Slayer Corps’ Final Selection. Thirteen of Sakonji’s disciples were killed by a demon who lived on Mount Fujikasane, where the Final Selection took place.

Makomo and Sabito thought that Tanjiro could get revenge for Sakonji’s students. Tanjiro met the demon and tried hard to beat the power of the demon.

But Tanjiro beat the beast with the help of spirits that were close to his heart. For seven days, Tanjiro and four other students were the only ones left in the Final Selection. They got the lowest rank of “Demon Slayer”, and each took a Nichirin Sword ore with them. With Sakonji returning home, Tanjiro found Nezuko awake.

Nezuko gave him a hug, and three years later, he and Sakonji, who was happy that one of his students had lived, met again.

A sword smith gave Tanjiro’s sword back to him after a few days, and when he held it, it turned black. Not long after that, he got his first assignment.

2. Kidnapper’s Bog Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Kidnapper’s Bog Arc Chapter and Episodes List

As Tanjiro starts to follow the route of the Demon Slayer, he looks for the demon that killed his family. This leads him to look into the kidnappings of young girls in a neighbouring town.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

Tanjiro finds a demon that can open portals to his own hidden swamp with the help of Kazumi, a villager who has lost a loved one.

Nezuko helps protect the people with a little bit of drugs from Sakonji. Tanjiro jumps into the swamp where the kidnappers are hiding and uses what he learned on Mount Sagiri to beat two of the three demons there.

Kidnapper's Bog  Arc: Demon Slayer
Kidnapper’s Bog Arc: Demon Slayer

He talks to the third and last Demon and finds out that Muzan Kibutsuji has something to do with all of this. Muzan killed the Kamado family and turned Tanjiro’s sister into a demon. Not long after that, Tanjiro gets his next job.

3. Asakusa Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Asakusa Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Asakusa Arc is the third story arc among all demon slayer arcs. Here, Tanjiro travels to Asakusa for his assignment to kill demons.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

Tanjiro is charged with researching a demon problem, but he smells a familiar scent right away at the start. In a panic, he finds Muzan Kibutsuji.

Muzan changes a human into a demon to escape. As Tanjiro cares for the new demon, Miss Tamayo and Yushiro attend. They fix the situation and take Tanjiro to Tamayo’s secret abode. Tamayo is a demon doctor who develops different drugs to cure demons and also to cure herself.

Muzan, on the other hand, is angry with Tanjiro because he looks like a Demon Slayer he knew in the past. He tells Susamaru and Yahaba, two people who help him, to bring Tanjiro’s head.

After that, Tanjiro and Nezuko meet two powerful demons who Muzan sent. Susamaru used Temari as a magic weapon, and Yahaba used arrows as a weapon. They claimed to be the Twelve Kizuki which intimated Tanjiro.

Fight Against Members of Twelve Kizuki

Asakusa  Arc: Demon Slayer
Asakusa Arc: Demon Slayer

By combining different kinds of Water breaths, Tanjiro is able to beat Yahaba, but the fight ends with a pestle.

Nezuko and Yushiro were able to stop Susamaru for a while, but in the end, they were not strong enough. Tamayo uses a spell that makes Muzan’s curse come true inside Susamaru to stop the problem from getting worse. This curse kills the Temari Demon and leaves a scar on Tanjiro’s head.

Everyone says goodbye after the fight, and Tanjiro leaves the city to go on his next mission in the south-southeast.

4. Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Tsuzumi Mansion Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Tsuzumi Mansion is the fourth arc of all demon slayer arcs.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

Tanjiro then climbs up a mountain and wanders around to complete his quest to kill Muzan. Just then, he meets a cowardly Demon Slayer Corp member, Zenitsu.

When Tanjiro and his new friend Zenitsu go up a mountain, they find a strange house. Two kids ask them to help find their brother, who was taken inside. When they go inside, the rooms start moving around, and the house becomes a maze. Each of them meets a demon, and Tanjiro runs into a strange young man with a boar mask.

Tsuzumi Mansion Arc: Demon Slayer
Tsuzumi Mansion Arc: Demon Slayer

Tanjiro meets a scary demon named Kyogai and an unknown demon killer named Inosuke. Demon Slayers move around the house, fighting demons as they go, while Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and the two kids keep looking for Kiyoshi’s brother, who has gone missing.

5. Mount Natagumo Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Mount Natagumo Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Mount Natagumo is the fifth arc of all demon slayer arcs.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

As Tanjiro keeps getting better from the injuries he got at the Drum House, he is told that he needs to get ready for his next job, which is to look into reports of demons at Mount Natagumo. Now that Inosuke, Hashibira, and Zenitsu Agatsuma know how to kill demons, they go with the three boys up the mountain, where they face scary situations and meet some strange spiders.

Mount Natagumo Arc: Demon Slayer
Mount Natagumo Arc: Demon Slayer

But they soon find out that family is the last thing on their minds. Instead, they may have to fight a member of the Twelve Demon Moons who is hiding on the mountain.

Rui, the Lower Moon Rank Five, ruled the mountain and made his own family out of his love and regret towards his parents. Despite being a weakling in human form and a demon for only 20 years, he was an exceptional demon. Even to the extent that he was one of the favourite servants of the Demon King, Muzan

Rui: Demon Slayer | by Kino
Rui: Demon Slayer | by Kino

But, in the end, while fighting with Rui, Tanjiro and Nezuko are entirely overwhelmed. Just then, the Water Hashira, Giyu, comes and kills off Rui. Rui, even though was very powerful, was no match for a Hashira.

6. Rehabilitation Training Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Rehabilitation Training Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Tanjiro is brought before the Hashira and placed on trial for traveling with his demon sister Nezuko.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

The Hashira don’t believe Tanjiro when he tries to explain his situation, except for Giyu, who also violated the rules by protecting Nezuko. Sanemi Shinazugawa, who is the Wind Pillar, most strongly disagrees with Tanjiro and even hurts Nezuko by stabbing her three times through her wooden box.

Rehabilitation Training Arc: Demon Slayer
Rehabilitation Training Arc: Demon Slayer

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the master of the mansion, comes and asks the Hashira to excuse them. Sakonji wrote a letter to the Demon Slayer Corps explaining what was going on and asking them not to hold it against him. He also said that he and Giyu would also commit seppuku if Nezuko hurt people. Sanemi wants to prove that Nezuko is an evil demon, so he lets her out of the box and then uses his own blood to lure her.

Nezuko Put on Trial

But Nezuko fights back, even though she is hurt, and shows that she won’t hurt humans. After the trial is over, Shinobu takes Tanjiro and Nezuko to the Butterfly Mansion, where Zenitsu and Inosuke heal their wounds. The Hashira meet with Master Kagaya to start their meeting while the other Demon Slayers get better.

After Tanjiro and the boys’ injuries have healed enough, Aoi Kanzaki, one of the mansion’s nurses and Shinobu Kanao Tsuyuri’s apprentice, teaches them how to get back on their feet. Tanjiro also finds out that Shinobu used to be friends with a demon that killed his sister. At first, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke have trouble training because they can’t beat Kanao in any way.

Eventually, the boys get their strength back and learn how to use the Breath technique all day and night by mastering the Breath of Total Concentration. When their training is done, Tanjiro’s group heads west to join the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, for the Infinity Train mission. While this is going on, Muzan breaks up the Lower Ranks and keeps working on his plans to destroy the Slayer Corps.

7. Mugen Train Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Mugen Train Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Mugen Train Arc is the seventh of all demon slayer arcs. It is also one of the most loved arcs with lots of action, thriller, and melancholy.

Mugen Train Arc first came as a movie in October 2020 and was later made into one of the seasons of the anime.

After Enmu is told to kill Tanjiro Kamado so he can become an Upper Moon and get more of Muzan’s blood, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke buy tickets for the Mugen Train to find Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. Tanjiro wants to know more about the Hinokami Kagura dance.

Mugen Train Arc: Demon Slayer
Mugen Train Arc: Demon Slayer

Kyojuro tells them that he was sent to kill a demon that people think is behind a lot of people going missing on the train.

The new information about the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku is the best thing about the Mugen Train Arc.

We find out why Rengoku is on the Mugen Train before Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke join him. After what happened in the Mugen Train movie, Rengoku was already a fan favorite, so the extra information we get about his character is very welcome. The story is made up just for the anime, but it shows how much Rengoku cares about protecting those around him, even if he doesn’t know them.

Rengoku: Demon Slayer by YOGI Ko
Rengoku: Demon Slayer by YOGI Ko

8. Entertainment District Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Entertainment District Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Entertainment District Arc is the eighth arc of all demon slayer arcs. It is now nearing towards the end of the story as our protagonists face more and more Upper Moon Rank Demons.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

The Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc was indeed a thrilling ride that presented us with memorable characters like Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, and the demon siblings Daki and Gyutaro.

The Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui takes Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke with them on their next mission, which is to infiltrate the famous Yoshiwara red-light district, where demons are said to live.

Entertainment District Arc: Demon Slayer
Entertainment District Arc: Demon Slayer

Uzui has three wives, and he sent all of them ahead to check out the area. He hasn’t heard back from them yet, so he dresses up our three young “heroes” as young girls and sends them to three major houses in the area to look for them. When Zenitsu runs into a young demon named Daki, they get into a short fight before Zenitsu accidentally finds the demon they’re looking for.

When Tanjiro and Inosuke arrive to talk, they find out that Zenitsu is missing. Before they know it, Tanjiro is fighting the demon while Inosuke finds where she’s holding some of Tengen’s wives hostage. This is because the demon has a weird magic obi that she can use to attack and absorb people into.

Fight with Daki

Tanjiro fights Daki, the upper-six ranked demon and uses some new tricks to almost win. Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tengen free the hostages in the meanwhile. Tanjiro looks like he’s done for until Nezuko comes out of her box and shows excellent power. She nearly beats Daki until her bloodlust takes over, and Tanjiro has to calm her down.

Tengen arrives and cleaves Daki’s head off, revealing that Tengen and Tanjiro try to fight Gyutaro while Zenitsu and Inosuke fight Daki. Zenitsu is asleep at this point, so he is a super-fast badass and not a coward. This leads to both demons being beheaded at the same time and a victory for our heroes, who survive near-fatal wounds and demon poison thanks to Nezuko’s new abilities.

9. Swordsmith Village Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Swordsmith Village Arc Chapter and Episodes List

This is the ninth of all the demon slayer arcs and set it a village of swordsmiths.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

Tanjiro goes to a village of swordsmiths and has to explain to Hotaru Haganezuka, who made his sword, how it got so badly broken. While Tanjiro is waiting for his sword to be fixed, his enemies are getting closer… Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, fights the demons. Still, he needs help from Tanjiro and Genya, who is also a Demon Slayer.

Swordsmith Village Arc: Demon Slayer
Swordsmith Village Arc: Demon Slayer

Muichiro breaks one of the doll’s six arms while training with her. Kotetsu runs away when he realizes he won’t be able to fix the doll and follow in his father’s footsteps as a craftsman. He is found by Tanjiro, who helps him. When Kotetsu comes back to the broken doll later, he tells Tanjiro to get stronger than “that damn apathetic scumbag.”

The training with the fighting doll starts, which is painful and hard. After 7 days, Tanjiro is still able to hit the doll, and he learns to smell the enemy’s movements. The next day, he cuts Yoriichi Zeroshiki’s head off. The heroes find an old nichirin blade inside the doll, which Hotaru Haganezuka takes to fix and polish.

The appearance of Hantengu and Gyokko

Hantengu: Demon Slayer

The fifth and fourth upper moons came to attack the village. At the same time that Muichiro Tokito and Tanjiro Kamado were having a conversation that would later have an effect on him, Hantengu came and started a fight with them. Genya Shinazugawa and Nezuko Kamado are connected by this battle. Muichiro is thrown off the battlefield and runs into Gyokko, who is about to kill Haganezuku. He stops Gyokko from killing Haganezuku by stopping him from polishing his sword.

After that, he regains his position, wakes up a mark that looks like mist (demon slayer mark), and beats Gyokko. Mitsuri Kanroji also joins the fight against Hantengu and gets a heart-shaped mark on his arm. Tanjiro uses his new blade that hasn’t been polished yet to go after the real body of the fourth moon. The fourth and fifth moons are defeated, and Nezuko Kamado gets rid of her demon powers so that the sun’s rays no longer hurt her.

10. Hashira Training Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Hashira Training Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Now that everything is nearing to the end, our heroes need a boost in their strength and overall capabilities. This happens in the tenth arc and the second last arc of all demon slayer arcs, the Hashira Training Arc. One of the most intense training grounds in demon slayer.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

Tanjiro goes to see Gyomie Himejima, the Stone Hashira so that he can get ready for the battles that are coming. To become a Hashira, a high-ranking member of the Demon Slayer Corps, you have to go through a lot of strenuous training.

Hashira Training Arc: Demon Slayer
Hashira Training Arc: Demon Slayer

The Hashira take turns with the training. First, Tengen Uzui performs basic endurance training with the Sound Hashira. Then, Kanroji Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, has to do the flexibility training, and Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, does all the quick movement training.

Then, the Serpent Hashira, Obanai Iguro, works on sword skills again. The Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, trains strikes, and the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima, work on strengthening muscles. Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Hashira, doesn’t take part in the training.

Most demon slayers see training as a never-ending trip to hell. Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira, on the other hand, see training as a chance to get better.

The Hashira should help each other train as a general rule. This is good for both the Hashira and the Demon Slayers since even the Hashiras are getting better by being attacked by wave after wave of juniors ranked below them.

11. Final Battle Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Final Battle Arc Chapter and Episodes List

The final Battle arc is the last arc of all demon slayer arcs. It is packed with lots of action, battles, and turn of events. It is a treat for all the fans as all the powerful demons present from ancient ages come to fight here, including Kokushibo and Muzan.

The final arc is divided into two main sub-arcs.

# Spoilers From Out Here #

Ubuyashiki’s Explosion

The Hashira run to Ubuyashiki’s estate, and Sanemi is the first to see the mansion. He feels relieved because he thinks he will get there just in time. But all of a sudden, the mansion blows up in a huge explosion that leaves Demon Slayers in the area shocked. Even Muzan, who was burned and had his left eyeball completely exposed, is surprised by this because Kagaya looked calm and happy as he and his family blew up.

So that Muzan’s healing would take longer, he added spike traps to the explosion to make it more dangerous. While Muzan was trying to heal himself, he was attacked again by a Blood Power that brought spikes to the area. Muzan tried to soak up the spikes so she could get away, but Tamayo came out of nowhere and stabbed Muzan with a special medicine she had made.

Final Battle Arc: Demon Slayer
Final Battle Arc: Demon Slayer

But while he does this, Muzan absorbs his whole arm. Gyomei Himejima suddenly shows up and cuts off Muzan’s head, but the demon can grow it back. Soon, the other Pillars show up, and Gyomei tells them that the person he is fighting is Muzan, and even if his head is cut off, he won’t die. Since it was the first time they had seen him, the Hashira was shocked at first, but then they attacked him with their own Blast styles. Tanjiro Kamado, who was with Giyu Tomioka when the explosion happened, was one of them.

Teleporting to Infinite Castle

Nakime: Demon Slayer

They attack Muzan from every direction, but before they can do any damage, they are taken to the Infinite Castle and split up. As Muzan is falling, he laughs at the Demon Slayers and says that he will kill them all night long. Tanjiro says it’s not true that Muzan would beat him in hell that night. Muzan tells Tanjiro to come to get him if he can, just as the Demon Slayers and Muzan’s forces are about to fight in the final battle.

11.1. Infinity Castle Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Infinity Castle Arc Chapter and Episodes List

The scene starts with the Hashiras being in the Infinity Castle created by Nakime, the Upper Moon Rank Four Demon. She has complete control over all the rooms and environments there.

She then deploys all the other Upper Moon Rank Demons into different rooms to fight with different Hashiras. Thus, reducing their overall power by splitting them up.

We are not going to give a summary of every single fight in here and let you read the chapters because they are so worth it. But, we can still give a sneak peek at what to expect.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, Shinobu fought Doma, Tanjiro and Giyu fought Akaza, and Obanai and Mitsuri fought Nakime. All of these were great fights. During this arc, many fan-favourite characters were killed off, and some of the most tragic histories of Demons are shown. You will feel despair for both our hashiras and the demons after this arc.

11.2. Sunrise Countdown Arc

Manga ChaptersManga Chapters CountAnime EpisodesAnime Episodes Count
Sunrise Countdown Arc Chapter and Episodes List

Several Demon Slayers have already died in this desperate battle. Tanjiro has taken on Muzan himself, and even though he fights hard, he is taken out of the fight. He is badly hurt and close to dying, and that is when he sees a vision of one of his ancestors.

The arc, as the name suggests, is the attempt of Tanjiro to engage Muzan till sunrise and disintegrate him using sunlight.

This arc of demon slayer will fill you with anticipation and thrill and will surely make you a fan of Demon Slayer.

Final Thoughts

With that, we came to the end of the series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The Manga and Anime series indeed brought out the best of storyline and animation and raised the bar for all other animes.

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