We will discuss about Zenitsu’s backstory from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in this blog post. He is one of the demon slayers belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps. Zenitsu is often seen wandering around with our main protagonist, Tanjiro.

He is a close friend of Tanjiro and even likes Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko.

Because he frequently asserts that he won’t live for very long due to the perilous nature of his job as a Demon Slayer, Zenitsu gives the impression of being a coward.

Despite the fact that he is powerful, he has a poor impression of his own abilities.

When he couldn’t believe he had slain a demon, he made himself believe it was Shoichi, even though Shoichi was a little child who didn’t have any unique powers that could kill demons. This caused him to believe that he was completely worthless.

Zenitsu Backstory - from Wiki
Zenitsu Backstory – from Wiki

When he perceives any kind of threat, Zenitsu immediately begins sobbing and making frantic attempts to flee the area. He claims that he has no interest in becoming a Demon Slayer and that all he wants is to lead a straightforward and ordinary life.

Here, we will see Zenitsu’s backstory in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Zenitsu is one of the main characters in Demon Slayer, and it would be interesting to read his backstory in the story.

Zenitsu – Backstory As a Child

Zenitsu’s parents didn’t raise him. They were busy with their own affairs and didn’t pay any attention to Zenitsu. He was often alone while growing up. This resulted in him seeking affection from others.

He didn’t get a healthy way of life that other children his age should have.

When Zenitsu was a young man, he had feelings for a young woman and attempted to win her heart by showering her with financial gifts. Unfortunately, the girl went off with another guy, and Zenitsu was left with a significant amount of debt as a result.

Thunder Hashira Noticing Zenitsu

When Jigoro Kuwajima noticed that Zenitsu was having problems with debt collectors, he decided to settle his own debt and help Zenitsu out.

After that, he made the decision to instruct Zenitsu in the art of swordplay. Jigoro, the former Thunder Hashira, saw something in Zenitsu that even he couldn’t see inside of himself. He knew that if taught well, Zenitsu could grow up to become an exceptionally skilled Demon Slayer.

Zenitsu Backstory - Jigoro
Zenitsu Backstory – Jigoro

Practising Under Jigoro

Zenitsu began to refer to Jigoro as “Gramps,” and he began practising alongside Kaigaku, who was also one of Gramps’ students.

During the time when Zenitsu was in training, he hid in a tree because he was afraid that he would be killed by his instructors. A lightning bolt struck him just as he began to freak out, turning the man’s black hair white.

Zenitsu Backstory – Bitterness with Kaigaku

Zenitsu and Kaigaku were bitter enemies.

However, Zenitsu continued to admire him despite being far older than him and because he was a very driven individual.

Learning Thunder Breathing Style

Zenitsu struggled with mastering the further forms of the thunder breathing style. He learned thunder breathing style but could only perform one out of all the forms.

He could only use the first form, called Thunderclap and Flash, out of the six.

Zenitsu Backstory by torakun14
Zenitsu Backstory by torakun14

But Zenitsu has become very good at fighting and winning with just the first form. He has made several changes to it and can do it even when unconscious. Later, Zenitsu even made a whole new form of Thunder Breathing, which only Giyu and Muichiro, both Hashira, had ever done before.

Because Zenitsu envisioned a future in which he and Kaigaku would engage in combat on equal footing, so he developed his seventh form, Honoikazuchi no Kami.

Zenitsu’s real strength comes out when he’s sleeping because that’s when the nerves that usually stop him from using his real strength give out. This makes him more wise, more calm, and more accurate in battle.

Zenitsu using skills while sleeping from Wiki
Zenitsu Backstory – Zenitsu using skills while sleeping from Wiki

Zenitsu’s Underlying Personality

Zenitsu also seems to want to date a lot of women. This is because he doesn’t want to be alone if he dies.

He usually goes after cute girls and asks them to marry him, which makes them mad.

This tendency to be interested in women is shown to overpower his calm personality. For example, when he thinks his friends are “flirting” with cute girls, he quickly snaps and starts ranting and complaining in a crazy way.

Final Thoughts – Zenitsu Backstory

Zenitsu’s childhood was not as difficult as compared to our other heroes and demons in the series.

Parents abandoning their children is not something anyone wishes for, but it’s still good that your parents trying to kill or abuse you.

Zenitsu was a hyper-sensitive being and put too much effort into love. He craved affection from others and wanted to have a partner.

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