We will discuss about Kanao Tsuyuri’s backstory from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in this blog post. She is one of the demon slayers belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps.

Before she met the Kocho sisters, Kanao had been abused, which made her not sure what to do and quiet. She stopped being able to make decisions on her own, so she hid her feelings as a way to protect herself. Kanae gave her a coin so she could flip it when she didn’t know what to do. This helped make things right.

Kanao did not show much emotion or desire for a long time. Even so, Kanao grew to hate Demons after seeing what they did to Aoi, Kiyo, and Shinobu’s loved ones. This hatred came from her own choice.

Kanao Tsuyuri Backstory – from Wiki

Here, we will see Kanao Tsuyuri’s backstory in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Kanao Tsuyuri – Backstory As a Child

Kanao was a kid living in the deepest of poverty. She often used to struggle to make ends meet and had to starve most nights.

Her parents treated her and her siblings with great cruelty throughout their lives.

They would either beat or drown them if they did something they didn’t approve of. They may even be in trouble for sobbing or making noises that suggest they are in pain.

Harsh Childhood

She said that on one particular morning, the bodies of three of her brothers “felt chilly.” This could indicate that they had passed away the previous evening as a result of being struck the night before.

Because of this, she suffered an emotional breakdown, and when she was reduced to nothing but an empty shell. After this incident, she was sold into slavery and left by her parents to rot away.

They couldn’t care less about their children.

Kocho Sisters Noticing Kanao

The Kocho sisters approached them just as she was being dragged away by her buyer, who was tying a rope around her waist. The buyer was holding the other end of the rope.

After the man informed Shinobu that she was a slave, she tried to distract him by tossing money into the air.

Kanao Tsuyuri Backstory - as a child
Kanao Tsuyuri Backstory – as a child from Wiki

After he inadvertently let go of the rope, she reached out and grabbed it, and then she, the other sister, and Kanao rushed away to the Butterfly Mansion.

Realizing Kanao’s Situation

Soon after this, her sisters learned of the severity of her ordeal, which led Shinobu to believe that she was either completely pointless or potentially harmful.

Kanao didn’t respond to anything. She didn’t know how make decisions on her own.

Since Kanae does not feel threatened, she hands Kanao a coin and instructs her to toss it whenever she finds herself in a situation in which she is unsure of what to do. Kanae instructs her to follow the coin’s decision, which will take her towards her fate.

Kanao Tsuyuri Backstory – Joining the Demon Slayer Corps

She shared her home at the Butterfly Mansion with her biological sisters as well as Aoi Kanzaki, Sumi Nakahara, Kiyo Terauchi, and Naho Takada, all of whom had been abandoned by their biological parents by demons.

Because she was unable to care for people or help with chores at the Butterfly Mansion like Aoi and the others were able to, she decided to join the Demons Slayers Corps.

Kanae and Shinobu were not like the idea. Still, Kanao was able to pick up Flower Breathing simply by watching them, and she participated in the selection process despite their disapproval.

Following the conflict in which Kanae was killed by Upper Two, Kanao and the other members of her adoptive family attended her funeral. No one ever looked down on her because of the fact that she was unable to mourn the loss of her cherished sister, despite the fact that this was something that bothered her.

Kanao Tsuyuri Backstory – from Wiki

Final Thoughts – Kanao Tsuyuri Backstory

Kanao Tsuyuri’s childhood was one of the saddest stories in the series Demon Slayer. She had to face abuse from her parents. She had to beg for food and even starve on most of the days.

On top of it, she had to see her siblings die. If this wasn’t enough, her parents sold for her to become a slave to some stranger.

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