In this blog post, we will focus on who killed Gyomei Himejima in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will also see how Gyomei dies and answer other related questions.

Gyomei was one of the Hashira belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps. He was the Stone Hashira. According to everyone else, he was the strongest hashira in the current era. Gyomei was blind, but it never stopped him from performing his best and killing demons without any difficulty.

First of all, if we are answering the question of who kills Gyomei Himejima, then we have somewhat already answered this question –


Does Gyomei Himejima die in Demon Slayer?

Yes, Gyomei Himejima dies in the series Demon Slayer. He dies in the Final Battle Arc of the series, and it is one of the saddest deaths of all time. Gyomei was a soft person who always took care of all the other Demon Slayers in the organization.

Who Killed Gyomei/How Did Gyomei Die?

Muzan Kibutsuji. Gyomei Himejima dies in the final battle against Muzan. While fighting Muzan, the Demon King, he is severely exhausted and injured. Gyomei gives his best in the final battle and assists everyone in the fight. He saves the other demon slayers countless times during the battle.

The Fight Leading To Gyomei’s Death

Now we will see the fight leading to Gyomei’s death.

Who Killed Gyomei? - Gyomei appears in the battle
Gyomei appears in the battle

Gyomei Shows Up for the Final Battle

Back on the battlefield, where Tanjiro is getting closer to dying, Muzan’s attacks cut and slash the Hashira. Mitsuri took the most damage from Muzan’s attack, and just as one of Muzan’s arm tentacles was about to stab her, a sudden impact broke it, saving Mitsuri. It soon turns out to be Gyomei Himejima, which surprises everyone, but the Demon King the most.

Muzan is thinking to himself that this person is one of the Demon Slayers who beat Kokushibo, Muzan’s right-hand man when Sanemi comes out from behind the Demon Lord and cuts him in half vertically. As Muzan heals, Hashira throws several glasses of oil at the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord breaks the glasses into small pieces, causing the oil to spill all over him.

Struggle in the Battle

Muzan’s attacks are getting stronger, which puts more stress on the Hashira. Gyomei even says that because he can’t get to the “Transparent World,” it’s almost a gamble that he can avoid getting hurt by the Demon King’s attacks.

Muzan attacking all the hashira
Muzan attacking all the hashira

Reinforcements coming in

Gyomei is glad that Obanai’s blade is still red and that Kanao, Zenitsu, and Inosuke have joined the fight, strengthening the Demon Slayer Corps.

This gives him time to smash his axe and spiked flail together, turning them both bright red. He then uses his flail to smash a part of Muzan’s body. Giyu is quickly warned by Sanemi, who strikes his Nichirin Sword with his own, turning both of them bright red.

Gyomei Using Transparent World

Sanemi yells at Inosuke that he isn’t strong enough and then uses Wind Breathing, Seventh Form: Gale, and Sudden Gusts on Muzan.

by dflp3
by dflp3

Gyomei tries to get back into the Transparent World by listening for echoes from the Demon Lord’s body, just like he did when he was fighting Upper Rank One Kokushibo. He is able to see several hearts and brains all over the Demon Lord’s body.

Even though organs and their functions are very complicated, the Demon Lord was still able to make multiple hearts and brains. This is why he was able to survive being cut in half so easily.

Muzan Overwhelming the Battle

Then, all of a sudden, Muzan Kibutsuji flails his tendrils and arm tentacles even crazier than before. This makes a colossal noise and shakes the battlefield so much that Goto can feel it from far away.

He looks over and sees that neither the Hashira nor any other Demon Slayers are fighting Muzan. He is confused about what happened.

As he looks over, even more, he sees that Gyomei has crashed into the building he was hiding behind, breaking his left knee. Sanemi was thrown onto almost the top of a nearby building, Giyu crashed into the bottom of another building and lost his right arm, Obanai and Zenitsu were thrown to another building, and Inosuke fell to the ground with one of his Nichirin Swords broken.

Final Result

Finally, when the sunrise was about to happen, all the Hashira put in their final attacks to hold Muzan to defeat him in the sunlight. They use all their left might in this attack.

Giyu uses Water Breathing, tenth Form: Constant Flux. Sanemi uses Wind Breathing, Fifth Form: Cold Mountain Wind. Obanai uses Serpent Breathing, Fourth Form: Twin-Headed Serpent.

Every Hashira Contributing in the Final Battle from Wiki
Every Hashira Contributing in the Final Battle from Wiki

Despite all this, Muzan was able to dig deep into the ground. Gyomei finally holds him by using his chains. As Gyomei’s chain begins to break, Tanjiro holds Muzan by using his bright read Nichirin Sword.

Gyomei Finally Dies

After the battle ends, Gyomei is seen lying on the ground, dead. He died of exhaustion and all his previous injuries fighting the Demon King and Upper Moon Rank One, Kokushibo.

Conclusion – Who Killed Gyomei?

To conclude, Gyomei dies because of his severe injuries taken by Muzan, the Demon King. He helped immensely in the final battle against the demons and the demon king, Muzan.

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