In this blog post, we will focus on who killed Obanai Iguro in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will also see how Obanai dies and answer other related questions.

Obanai was one of the Hashira belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps. He was the Serpent Hashira. Obanai had a difficult childhood which shaped him as a harsh person. He rarely showed his feelings, but he deeply cared about two people in the Demon Slayer Corps – Mitsuri Kanroji and Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

He even had a crush on Mitsuri Kanroji.

First of all, if we are answering the question of who kills Obanai Iguro, then we have somewhat already answered this question –

Does Obanai Iguro die in Demon Slayer?

Yes, Obanai Iguro dies in the series Demon Slayer. He dies in the Final Battle Arc of the series, and it is one of the saddest deaths of all time. Obanai is a very harsh and strict person who doesn’t care about people who don’t follow the rules of Demon Slayers.

His expectations for his fellow Demon Slayers are almost too high. When Tengen Uzui refuses to retire, he scolds him for getting hurt against the “weakest” Upper Rank and tells him to “fight to the death.”

Who Killed Obanai/How Did Obanai Die?

Muzan Kibutsuji. Obanai Iguro dies in the final battle against Muzan. While fighting Muzan, the Demon King, he is severely exhausted and injured. Obanai gives his best in the final battle and assists everyone in the fight. But the aftermath of the battle was the Obanai died along with a few other Demon Slayers.

The Fight Leading To Obanai’s Death

Now we will see the fight leading to Obanai’s death.

Obanai Comes Into the Final Battle

The scene starts with Yushiro taking control of Nakime. This makes the whole Infinity Castle go wild. Giyu uses this chance to try to hurt Muzan Kibutsuji with Water Breathing, Fourth Form: Striking Tide, while Obanai uses Serpent Breathing, First Form: Winding Serpent Slash.

Obanai comes into battle from Wiki
Obanai comes into battle from Wiki

The main fight between Muzan and the Hashira happens on a floor that suddenly opens and lets everyone fall.

The Battle Between the Hashira and Demon King

Muzan raises his right arm and closes his right fist, crushing Nakime’s face and most of her skull with his right hand. All of Infinity Castle is falling apart because of this, but Yushiro knows he can still get everyone outside because not all of Nakime’s cells have broken down yet.

MItsuri attacking Muzan

Because of this, no one can stand on solid ground, while Mitsuri tries to use another Love Breathing technique on Muzan, but Muzan avoids it. Muzan swings his whips all over the place and cuts Tanjiro in the middle of his body.

He almost kills Mitsuri by stabbing her in the face, but Obanai moves her out of the way and only cuts a small piece of her haori.

The Hashira avoid Muzan’s attacks and fight back against the Demon King with Obanai’s Serpent Breathing, Third Form: Coil Choke, Mitsuri’s Love Breathing, Second Form: Love Pangs, and Giyu’s Water Breathing. Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin.

Invincible Muzan

Obanai was able to cut past Muzan’s neck with his Nichirin Sword, but it didn’t help because as soon as his blade cut Muzan’s neck, it grew back.

Mitsuri is so confused by this that she starts to doubt that Muzan is not being cut down. Giyu, on the other hand, knows that Muzan is being cut, but his wounds heal right away.

Muzan attacking Hashira

Mitsuri x Obanai

Mitsuri, on the other hand, is getting the worst of it from the Hashira. She can only avoid them by instinct and luck. This makes her want to help her friend Hashira beat Muzan even less.

She quickly decides to try to get behind Muzan and twist his arms behind his back to slow him down and give the others time to hit the Demon Lord, even if it means giving up her life.

As she thinks about her plan, she quickly realises that she is being pulled by one of Muzan’s attacks that looks like a cyclone, but it is too late for her to do anything about it. The attacks tore a lot of flesh and skin off her left side, including parts of her arm, stomach, and cheek or cheekbone.

Obanai comes to help right away, which takes him away from the fight with Gyomei. He wonders what kind of attack that was since he thinks Mitsuri should have been able to avoid it. Muzan Kibutsuji is being pressured by the other Hashira, so Obanai takes Mitsuri to a fellow Demon Slayer and tells them to find a “slant-eyed member” who carries strange papers with writing on them.

Obanai x Mitsuri by Disaster-Lady
Obanai x Mitsuri by Disaster-Lady

Obanai’s Full Face is Revealed

Mitsuri, on the other hand, keeps trying to get up and convince Obanai to let her keep fighting by saying that she won’t hold back this time and won’t be a burden to anyone.

Obanai quickly says no and tells her that she has helped the Demon Slayer Corps fight the Demon race enough. Obanai quickly runs back to the battlefield, but Mitsuri starts crying and begs Obanai and everyone else not to die.

As Mitsuri cries, Obanai tells himself that he “must die” by beating Muzan so that his blood can be cleansed and he can come back as an innocent being with Mitsuri’s reincarnation by his side. When the bandages fall off, slits that look like snakes run across his whole face.

Who Killed Obanai: Obanai full face
Obanai full face

Obanai wants Mitsuri to know that he comes from a bad family whose members have killed people and used others for their own gain.

Final Result

The battle continues for a whole while.

Finally, when the sunrise was about to happen, all the Hashira put in their final attacks to hold Muzan to defeat him in the sunlight. They use all their left might in this attack.

Giyu uses Water Breathing, tenth Form: Constant Flux. Sanemi uses Wind Breathing, Fifth Form: Cold Mountain Wind. Obanai uses Serpent Breathing, Fourth Form: Twin-Headed Serpent.

Despite all this, Muzan was able to dig deep into the ground. Obanai finally holds him by using his chains. As Obanai’s chain begins to break, Tanjiro holds Muzan by using his bright read Nichirin Sword up until sunlight.

The sunlight then kills Muzan.

Obanai Finally Dies

After the battle ends, Obanai is dead on the ground. He died of exhaustion and all his previous injuries fighting the Demon King. He overexerted himself during the fight and had to pay the price with his life.

Conclusion – Who Killed Obanai?

To conclude, Obanai dies because of his severe injuries taken by Muzan, the Demon King. He helped immensely in the final battle against the demons and the demon king, Muzan.

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