We will discuss about Obanai’s backstory from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in this blog post. Obanai is the current Snake Hashira belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps in Demon Slayer.

He is a very harsh and strict person who doesn’t care about people who don’t follow the rules of Demon Slayers. His expectations for his fellow Demon Slayers are almost too high.

Obanai even scolded Tengen Uzui after the “weakest” Upper Rank hurt Tengen. He then tells him to “fight to the death”.

Here, we will see Obanai’s backstory in Demon Slayer.

Obanai Backstory as a Child

Obanai came from a long line of robbers in his family. They could live well due to the large sums of money they took. This money came from the people whom the Serpent Demon killed. They worshiped the Serpent Demon as she made the family rich and even spared their life.

Birth of a Boy Child

The appearance of this demon was that of a lady with the lower body and face of a snake. Because of her fondness for infants, the family decided to part up some of their fortunes in exchange for the gift of a child.

It had been 370 years since his family had seen the birth of a male child before Obanai.

Obanai as a kid
Obanai Backstory | as a kid

Obanai was confined to a wooden cage his entire life. But his family always pampered him. They gave him so many plates of rich food that he became sick of it. The food smelled horrible, and his room didn’t have adequate airflow.

The Favored Child By Serpent Demon

He spent his entire life in this condition. The fact that Obanai was a male infant born with heterochromia was one of the reasons the Serpent Demon favoured him.

It would crawl around his cage in the darkness at night and look at him, which frightened him to the point that he was unable to sleep because of it.

When Obanai reached twelve, he was allowed to escape his cell for the very first time in his life. After being led into what appeared to be a very expensive shrine, he finally had his first encounter with the Serpent Demon in that room.

Meeting the Serpent Demon

The apparition of the demon and the knowledge that this was the same monster that had been slithering around his chamber and staring at him every night caused him to tremble with horror and terror. The demon remarked that Obanai was relatively young and pondered to herself whether or not she ought to put off devouring him until he reached a more mature size.

Obanai Backstory | Obanai meeting the Serpent Demon
Obanai Backstory | Obanai meeting the Serpent Demon

She made the decision that she would, and as a result, she had his mouth widened all the way up to his ears so that it would resemble hers.

This occurred due to the fact that she “liked” him.

The blood that he shed during this surgery was collected in a chalice, and she imbibed it as though it were a bottle of sake of the highest quality.

After returning to his cell, Obanai bandaged the wound he had sustained. As soon as he realized what was about to happen to him, the only thing that entered his mind was how to escape and how to keep himself alive.

Escaping the Hell Hole

Using a hairpin he had stolen from one of his cousins, he began to scrape at the lattice covering the top of his prison cell. He would carry out these actions during the night. He made sure that no one would witness him attempting to flee the premises.

Every day, he would go through the motions of worrying, being terrified, and trembling in horror since he had no idea what would happen if the Snake Demon or his family discovered his plot to escape.

Finding the Only Companion

Kaburamaru, a little snake who managed to find its way inside his cage and eventually became his only companion, was the only other being that he felt comfortable trusting.

Kaburamaru Demon Slayer
Obanai backstory | Kaburamaru Demon Slayer

After continuing to do this for some time, Obanai eventually extracted a piece of wood from his bars. Then he rushed out into the darkness as quickly as he could. The Serpent Demon began to pursue him as he fled away from it.

Flame Hashira to the Rescue

Obanai came to the grave danger of dying. The Serpent Demon was closing in on him. But, at that moment, the Flame Hashira came in. He rescued Obanai from the Serpent Demon.

Because Obanai escaped, the Serpent Demon took the lives of each and every one of his fifty relatives.

The only member of his family still alive was his older cousin.

Demon Slayer | Flame Hashira rescuing Obanai
Obanai Backstory | Flame Hashira rescuing Obanai from Wiki

When they were reunited, Obanai’s cousin rejected him and began to violently attack and claw at him because she blamed him for the deaths of their family at the hands of the Demon because they messed up and let him escape. She informed him that he ought to have just given in and let her devour him.

Obanai Backstory – Joining the Demon Slayer Corps

Obanai joined the Demon Slayer Corps and decided to take out his rage on any demons he could find. As a direct result of the harsh words spoken by his cousin as well as his own feelings of self-loathing and guilt for being born into such a family and allowing them to die so that he could live.

Obanai let his family die so that he could live. He believed that if he put himself in harm’s way for the benefit of others, it would make him feel like a better person. It would assist him in overcoming his feelings of guilt.

Due to this face, he was always reckless in killing demons. He would often jump headfirst into a fight and give his hundred per cent without thinking much.

Final Thoughts – Obanai Backstory

Obanai faced a hard childhood since he was born. He stayed in a locked room. Even though he had good food, he knew that it was all so that the Serpent demon would be happy when she ate him. Obanai had to endure the harsh words of his cousin. He even had to see his whole family die when he ran away, and the serpent demon killed everyone.

This event traumatized Obanai and shaped most of his personality.

Obanai and Mitsuri by kandasama
Obanai Backstory | Obanai and Mitsuri by kandasama

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