We will discuss about Shinobu’s backstory in this blog post. Shinobu was the Insect Hashira belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps.

She had a bright, friendly, and happy personality, and she always had a smile on her face, no matter what she was doing.

But it doesn’t take long to see that what she says and does is just a show.

Demon Slayer | Shinobu besides Tanjiro
Shinobu Backstory | Shinobu, besides Tanjiro from Wiki

This is shown by the way she likes to tease other people, even to the point of being cruel about it. She especially likes to pick on Giyu Tomioka.

Even though she seems calm and says she wants to get along with demons at first, she can be very cruel to them, as seen when she kills the Spider Demon (Daughter) after giving her false hope that she could help him. She even tries to kill Nezuko Kamado without hesitation.

Now we will see Shinobu’s backstory in Demon Slayer. How her childhood was, and what led her to become a demon slayer.

Shinobu Backstory as a Human

Shinobu Kocho was the youngest of the Kocho family’s daughters when she was born. She grew up in the same house as her parents and older sister, Kanae Kocho.

She was raised in a warm and supportive household up until the point when demons took her parents’ lives in front of her and her sister. After that, she and her sister, Kanae, joined the Demon Slayer Corps to kill demons and save anyone from their experience of the same faith.

Shinobu Backstory as a Child
Shinobu’s Backstory as a Child

The Tragedy Falling on the Family

Shinobu lived happily with her family. There was almost no tragedy in her life. She had a beautiful elder sister who supported her. Her mother and father supported her and gave her all the warmth one could expect.

But one day, a demon came and killed the whole of the Shinobu family. The demon had yet to kill her and her sister. When she and her sister were ready to be killed by the Demon, the Stone Hashira Gyomei arrived and put an end to the Demon to save them.

Becoming a Demon Slayer

After that demon destroyed their perfectly happy family, Shinobu and Kanae made a pact to become Demon Slayers in order to shield one another from harm and spare other people the anguish and anguish they had to endure. Shinobu reveals afterwards that slaying a demon would result in the saving of tens of lives. She stated that eliminating an Upper Rank would result in the saving of a significant number of lives.

Shinobu Kimetsu No Yaiba
Shinobu Backstory by chibi-oneechan

They ultimately succeeded in convincing Himejima to let them talk to a farmer after they moved a boulder that was in their way.

Shinobu Backstory as a Demon Slayer

Taking up an Adopted Sister

Later in life, she embarked on an adventure alongside her sister Kanae. They used to go around everywhere and slay demons who created havoc in the area. Both Shinobu and Kanae made a great team.

Once, when they were crossing a bridge when they spotted a young girl being kidnapped and sold into slavery on the other side.

Shinobu forbade Kanae from bringing the girl back to the Butterfly Estate, but Kanae was intrigued by her and chose to do it anyway because of their mutual attraction.

They finally purchased the girl, Kanao Tsuyuri, from her master and began to teach her at the Butterfly Estate so that she could succeed Tsuguko as the next Tsuguko.

Shinobu’s Sister, Kanae, Passing Away

Later during their life as a Demon Slayer, Kanae was murdered when she was 17 years old. Shinobu took over as master of the Butterfly Estate when she was only 14 years old.

Shinobu's Backstory as a 14 year old
Shinobu’s Backstory as a 14-year-old

Shinobu acted toward the girls who lived at the Butterfly Estate in the same manner that one would regard one’s own younger sisters. She was always kind to them and taught them everything she knew.

Creating Her Own Breathing Style

Shinobu lacked physical strength. She wasn’t strong enough to cut off a strong demon’s head and struggled with killing them. As a result, she had to think of something else.

She knew Flower Breathing from her sister and could use those skills to her advantage.

Shinobu Backstory Demon Slayer by jiuge
Shinobu Backstory by jiuge

She created her own Breathing Style to make up for the fact that she didn’t have enough physical strength to cut off a demon’s head. By using her Insect breathing style, she could inject deadly poison inside demons that could kill them without even slaying their head off.

Final Thoughts – Shinobu Backstory

Shinobu and her sister lived a happy and peaceful life until a demon took everything away.

They joined the demon slayer corps to be able to kill demons so that she could save other people from experiencing the same faith. They both were mainly determined to do good in this world.

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