We will discuss about Muichiro’s backstory in this blog post. Muichiro is the Mist Hashira and one of the descendants of the Upper Rank One, Kokushibo. He is highly skilled in swordsmanship and displays excellent abilities in the series.

Muichiro is a person with a cloudy head who always seems to be thinking about something else and can’t seem to focus on anything. He tends to only think for himself and act logically, never letting his feelings guide him. This makes him seem completely apathetic and indifferent.

Muichiro Backstory Demon Slayer by shisoan
Muichiro Backstory Demon Slayer by shisoan

Muichiro Backstory as a Child

Muichiro and his brother Yuichiro were born to a woodcutter and his wife. Just like Kokushibo and Yoriichi, they were also twins.

Losing Both Their Parents

After some time, they lost their mother to bronchitis when they were 10 years old. She had a cold that developed into bronchitis.

Their father ventured out in the midst of the storm in order to procure some medicine for their mother. As he was making his way back, he was killed when he plunged off a cliff.

Muichiro Backstory as a Kid
Muichiro Backstory as a Kid

Muichiro, the older of the two children who had to live together following the death of their parents, took after their father in being an emotional and loving person. On the other hand, Yuichiro was unfeeling and unconcerned about life in general.

Convincing to join the Demon Slayer Corps

The following year, in the spring, Kagaya’s wife, Amane Ubuyashiki, came to get the twins so that they might join the Demon Slayer Corps.

The unfriendly and icy greeting that Yuichiro extended was the exact opposite of how Muichiro felt.

Yuichiro blurted out in the midst of his rage that he believed their parents had died due to their hard work and lack of regard for their health and well-being. Because of this, he adopted his icy demeanour in the vain hope that it would save both his life and his brother’s life.

Muichiro Fan Art by Kai
Muichiro Backstory Fan Art by Kai

Demon Assault

Amane persevered in her attempts to visit the twins, despite Yuichiro’s best efforts to prevent it. The following year, during the following summer, when the twins were eleven years old, a Demon assaulted them in the middle of the night at their cabin.

Yuichiro sacrificed his left arm in an attempt to safeguard Muichiro. Muichiro went insane and used everything they had, including the tools and the logs, to kill the Demon, as it kept telling them they were worthless.

The Demon had been reduced to ash by the time the sun began to rise, and Muichiro had to drag himself all the way back to the house.

Muichiro and his twin brother, Yuichiro
Muichiro Backstory | Muichiro and his twin brother, Yuichiro

Losing His Last of Family

There, he discovered Yuichiro to be terribly sick and begged the gods for his brother to pull through the ordeal alive. He held his brother’s hand as he passed away while lying next to him in his final moments.

After some time had passed, Amane and her daughters arrived to lend assistance to Muichiro, who had sustained severe injuries.

Muichiro Backstory – Joining the Demon Slayer Corps

After that, Muichiro would start working for the Demon Slayer Corps and would eventually stop remembering his previous existence.

Because of his incredible strength and the extensive time he had spent training, he rose through the ranks of the Hashira quite rapidly.

It took him barely two months to accomplish.

Muichiro Demon Slayer by by enmanuel05c
Muichiro | Mist Hashira by enmanuel05c

Muichiro began to behave in a manner similar to that of his older brother after he lost his memory. He became icy and indifferent. On the other hand, he was perpetually consumed by a dreadful rage that compelled him to pursue demons.

While he was serving in the Demon Slayer Corps, he also came into contact with Kyojuro Rengoku, who encouraged him and the other Hashira to perform to the best of their abilities. In addition, Muichiro became acquainted with Tetsuido, the swordsmith who had predeceased him. Tetsuido appeared to understand the youngster and care about him and the difficult life he led.

Later, he learned Mist Breathing and became the most skilled Mist Breathing user in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Final Thoughts – Muichiro Backstory

Muichiro’s backstory was unfortunate. He lost both of his parents early on in his life. Even after losing so much, a demon attacked him in his house, taking away the only family, his brother, from him.

Later, Muichiro grows cold because of all his hardships and trains extensively to mitigate his pain away.

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