We will discuss about Gyomei’s backstory in this blog post. Gyomei is the strongest hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. He is the current Stone Hashira and one of the calmest people.

Gyomei is the perfect example of the gentle giant archetype because, despite his intimidating looks, he is surprisingly soft-spoken and sensitive. He is also very religious, always having his prayer beads with him and praying in hard times.

Gyomei Backstory | by IntrovertedMochi
Gyomei Backstory | by IntrovertedMochi

Most of all, Gyomei easily cries over minor things, showing his soft-heartedness. This could be because of his religious upbringing, which taught him to care about all living things, and because he felt so bad about beating up a demon that he knew he would never forget that feeling for the rest of his life.

Here in this article, we will see Gyomei’s backstory. What he did before becoming a hashira, and how he joined the Demon Slayer Corps.

Gyomei Backstory Before He Became a Hashira

Before Gyomei became a Demon Slayer and Hashira, he took in and nurtured nine children who had lost their parents and lived with them in a temple.

Demons frequently assaulted the region, so Gyomei made it a habit to burn wisteria incense whenever he was in the house with the children to protect them from harm.

One of the nine children disobeyed the regulations of the temple. He left the compound while it was closed for the night to wander around. Almost immediately, a demon assaults him, and to protect his own life, he commands the demon to consume Gyomei and the other children along with him.

Gyomei Backstory by aflied
Gyomei Backstory by aflied

Later, we find that it was Kaigaku, one of the orphans who trained along with Zenitsu under Jigoro, the thunder hashira. Kaigaku also becomes the Upper-Rank Six later in the story.

Following the onset of nightfall, the youngster extinguished the Wisteria Incense and extended an invitation to the demon to enter the sanctuary.

Gyomei’s Helplessness

The remaining children disobeyed Gyomei’s orders and persisted in fleeing the temple, which resulted in the immediate death of four of the children at the hands of the demon. Because Gyomei was so young and blind, the children didn’t put their faith in him to look out for them.

This caused them to turn their backs on him, resulting in the demon taking their lives.

Sayo, the youngest child, was the only one who paid attention in the end and remained behind because she was terrified of the demon.

Gyomei ended the demon’s life by killing it with his bare hands.

The demon managed to slash Gyomei across the forehead. Still, as soon as he realised he had a “terrifying amount of power,” he rapidly turned the tables and began assaulting the demon with all of his strength.

Gyomei Backstory | Gyomei killing the demon from Wiki
Gyomei Backstory | Gyomei killing the demon from Wiki

He continued to strike the head of the demon till the sun rose in the sky.

People rushed to the collision scene to offer assistance, but Sayo’s statements contributed to the confusion that ensued when they arrived “That scoundrel is a bad apple! He killed everyone.” People in hamlet thought she was talking about Gyomei, not the demon, when she was actually talking about the demon.

Gyomei Backstory of Becoming a Hashira

Later on, he was arrested and charged with murdering the seven children. But Kagaya Ubuyashiki, also known as “Oyakata-sama,” intervened on his behalf and rescued him from jail just in time to save him from being executed for his fabricated crimes.

He asked Gyomei to train and join the Demon Slayer Corps.

In later years, Gyomei evolved into a Demon Slayer, and after just two short months, he became the Stone Hashira.

Gyomei says that the most important thing is the body’s core, which comprises the limbs. He also says that his training focused on making his limbs stronger.

Gyomei | by Nihalwakode
Gyomei Backstory | by Nihalwakode

He says that his training only involves three things: training under the waterfall, carrying three logs on his shoulders, and pushing a giant boulder through a nearby town.

Final Thoughts – Gyomei Backstory

Gyomei is the strongest hashira in Demon Slayer Corps and contributes hugely in the final battle against Kokushibo and Muzan. If not for Kagaya Ubuyashiki, he would never have joined the Demon Slayer Corps.

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