We will discuss about Mitsuri’s backstory in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in this blog post. Mitsuri is the Love Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. She is one of the most exceptional Demon Slayers in the series.

Mitsuri is a very sentimental, passionate, and joyful person who continually complements people in her brain. It is likely one of the contributing factors that led to her moniker of “the Hashira of Love,” which describes her as “the Hashira of Love.”

Mitsuri is usually friendly to others, despite the fact that she has a timid personality and is often startled. Particularly in regard to Obanai, with whom she seems to have a great bond.

Mitsuri Backstory – Mitsuri

Here we will see how Mitsuri was before she came into the story of Demon Slayer. This article discusses her childhood, how she became a hashira and her purpose.

Mitsuri Backstory as a Child

During the Meiji era, Mitsuri was brought into the world. She was one of five children in her family. Even her mother, who was known for being strong, was taken aback by her odd muscular structure, which gave her abnormal strength at a very young age.

The Strong Child

Her strength even startled her mother.

When she was younger, she consumed more food than usual, and the excessive consumption of sakura mochi resulted in her hair taking on a colour that was not its natural shade.

This made her appear to be a freak, and as a result, she could not proceed with a marriage planned for her when she was only seventeen years old.

Rejection Due to Her Strength

After being rejected, she changed the colour of her hair to black, claimed to be feeble, and increased the amount of food she consumed, despite the fact that this was harmful to her health.

She did this so that she would be more like the other girls. Not long after she made these alterations to how she looked, Mitsuri was approached by a potential partner who was interested in dating her.

Mitsuri Backstory by Panik124
Mitsuri Backstory by Panik124

However, she began to question whether or not pretending to be someone else would actually end up being beneficial to her in the long run.

Mitsuri Backstory – Mitsuri Joining Demon Slayer Corps

After that, Mitsuri met Kagaya Ubuyashiki, who encouraged her to shun normalcy and be true to who she was, stating that her power was a gift to others.

As a result of this confrontation, she became a member of the Demon Slayers and put her ridiculously high level of talent and strength to work to become Hashira.

Becoming the Love Hashira and Finding a Suitable Mate

She also sought to locate a man stronger than her to marry while she was in the Corps. She thought that in the Demon Slayer Corps, she would find someone who would not get intimidated by her strength. But this did not work out for her because, with the exception of her fellow Hashira, she was significantly stronger and more intelligent than the rest of her fellow members in the Corps.

Mitsuri Backstory | by phamoz
Mitsuri Backstory | by phamoz

Other than the other Hashira, it was almost no one who could compare Mitsuri in terms of strength.

She began her employment with Kyojuro Rengoku, and while they were engaged in combat, she created her own breath, which she referred to as the Love Breathing Style. Love Breathing uses parts of Mitsuri’s incredible flexibility and her unique Nichirin Sword, which looks like a whip.

She develops this breathing style on top of the Flame Breathing Style that she picked from the Flame Hashira, Rengoku.

Final Thoughts – Mitsuri Backstory

Mitsuri, even though she always wanted a simple life, didn’t get one. She wanted to find a person who would love her and accept her for who she was.

In the end, she joined Demon Slayer Corps to find someone who would be stronger than her so that she wouldn’t hurt the ego of her husband. But, even in the association, she was one of the strongest fighters.

Mitsuri Backstory | Mitsuri by Enmanuelart20
Mitsuri Backstory | Mitsuri by Enmanuelart20

She is the hottest female character in demon slayer and fits her name of Love Hashira. Even the name Mitsuri Kanroji is well thought out. The kanji in Mitsuri’s last name means “sweet, sugary,” “dew,” and “Buddhist temple.” Her name has the words “nectar” and “glassy” in it.

At last, we see that Mitsuri and Obanai share a deep bond.

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