We will discuss about Genya’s backstory in this blog post. Genya was the younger brother of Wind Hashira, Sanemi. He was one of the significant characters in Demon Slayer Corps and contributes a lot in the final fight against Kokushibo.

Genya was a foul-mouthed and ill-tempered individual at the beginning of the story. He is a “lone wolf” who refused any help from others and showed no interest in being courteous or having any manners.

During the fight against an Upper-Rank Demon named Hantengu, in which he assisted Tanjiro Kamado, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Nezuko Kamado, he developed a more open attitude toward working together with others.

Genya Backstory | Genya with his shotgun
Genya Backstory | Genya with his shotgun

After some time, he gained the ability to become more friendly and less rude toward other people, particularly Tanjiro and his friends. He obtained this trait over the course of time.

Now we will see Genya’s backstory in Demon Slayer.

Genya Backstory as a Human

Genya was one of seven children. He lived in a household with a workaholic mother who never slept and an abusive father who beat Genya and his other children.

Abusive Father and Loving Mother

Genya’s mother worked tirelessly and never slept. Genya’s father beat all of his children. Despite the fact that Genya’s father frequently beat his mother and his brothers, Genya’s mother constantly defended them, something that Genya loved and referred to as “wonderful.”

The residents of the village had an unfavourable opinion of his father, and as a result, he was eventually stabbed to death.

by Kooristle
Genya Backstory | Genya by Kooristle

After that, Sanemi and Genya committed to looking out for one another and their mother by making a pact with one another.

When their mother didn’t return home after work one day, their eldest child, Sanemi, went looking for her in the neighbourhood.

Losing His Whole Family

Because their mother “had never been this late before,” the children started acting suspiciously and worrying about her whereabouts. Genya tried his best to make them feel better by telling his siblings that they were “tired” and encouraging them to go to sleep.

He did this in the hopes that they would feel better. They were exposed and alone when someone gave the door a resounding rap on the frame.

Four of Genya’s siblings rushed to the front door, despite the fact that he protested and warned them that it might not even be their mother. They were executed on the spot as soon as the door was forced open, preventing him from taking any action.

At that very time, Genya’s cheek was slashed, resulting in a scar that extended from one side of his face to the other.

In the confusion that ensued, Genya was helpless to stop the black figure, which he mistook for a wolf and believed was attacking them. However, Sanemi was able to shove it out of the window and onto the street before it could do any harm to Genya. He then instructed Genya to flee the area.

The Helpless Situation

Genya took one glimpse at his bloody siblings and was aware that they had already passed away, but he was unable to fully digest this information.

He applied pressure to their wounds to temporarily staunch the bleeding, and then he searched for a medical professional to treat them.

Sanemi Killing Their Mother (who became a demon)

But not long after that, he discovered Sanemi with a knife and their mother dead at his feet. Sanemi had murdered their mother. In his confusion and horror, Genya accused Sanemi of being a murderer, and he cradled their mother’s body in his arms as she slowly passed away in the dawning sun. Sanemi was terrified.

Genya Backstory | Genya

Later on, Genya came to the realisation that he had been wrong, and in an effort to make up with his brother, he joined the Demon Slayers.

Genya Backstory as a Demon Slayer – Genya’s Unique Ability

He discovered that he was not skilled in Breathing Styles, but he did discover that he could consume demons and get their abilities through this practice.

Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira, was the one who came upon him and brought him to safety. Gyomei chose to train Genya despite the fact that he could not make him his Tsuguko because he was unable to employ Breaths.

Genya and his shotgun by Blackdevil4399
Genya Backstory | Genya and his shotgun by Blackdevil4399

After some time passed, he bumped into Sanemi again and sought to apologise, but Sanemi informed him that he did not have a brother. Following the events that transpired, Genya made the decision to enlist in the Demon Slayer Corps so that he may reconnect with his sibling.

Final Thoughts – Genya Backstory

Genya and his family have faced their father’s rage since their birth. They mostly faced hardship because of their father.

Later, their mother was converted into a demon, and she killed most of his siblings, which was a traumatic experience for him and Sanemi.

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