Mitsuri Kanroji is the current Love Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. She is one of the strongest demon slayers in the series, Kimetsu no Yaiba, and can easily take down several demons of lower rank.

She is the hottest female character in demon slayer and fits her name of Love Hashira. Even the name Mitsuri Kanroji is well thought out. The kanji in Mitsuri’s last name means “sweet, sugary,” “dew,” and “Buddhist temple.” Her name has the words “nectar” and “glassy” in it.

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She started working with Kyojuro Rengoku, and during a fight, she made her own breath, which she called Love Breathing Style.

Mitsuri’s Abilities and Skills

Mitsuri is a very strong and skilled fighter because she is a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. She is said to have finished the Final Selection after only six months of training, which Kyojuro Rengoku thinks is amazing.

Her skills were shown during the Swordsmith Village Arc, when she quickly defeated a group of demons created by Upper Rank Five, Gyokko. She also played a big role in the fight against Upper Rank Four, Hantengu, especially against his clone, “Zohakuten,” who has the combined strength of four Upper Rank demons.

Mitsuri was able to fight off the Upper Rank until sunrise with the help of her Demon Slayer Mark. During the Infinity Castle Arc, Mitsuri did well against Nakime, who had just been promoted to Upper Rank Four. After that, she used a surprise move on Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, and did her part in the fight to keep it going until sunrise.

Abnormal Muscular Constitution

Mitsuri’s muscles are eight times denser than those of a normal person because of the way they are made. Even though her limbs are thin, they are so strong and durable that they can keep her body’s shape even after a direct sound attack from Zohakuten.

Mitsuri eats as much as three sumo wrestlers to keep her body the way it is.

Demon Slayer Mark

While fighting Upper Rank Four, Hantengu’s clone Zohakuten, Mitsuri unknowingly woke up and got her Demon Slayer mark, which looks like two upside-down hearts facing each other with angel wings on both sides where the two heart tips meet. It’s near her neck, near her clavicle.

When this happened, Mitsuri’s physical strength, endurance, accuracy, and power increased so much that she was able to fight Zohakuten on an even playing field, even as he used his most powerful moves against her.

Immense Strength

Because of the way her muscles are built, she is stronger than most people and can even match Giyu, Kyojuro, and Sanemi in terms of physical strength.

love hashira
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Expert Swords-skill

Mitsuri is one of the most skilled swordswoman and strong demon slayer in the whole demon slayer corps.

Mitsuri has a special way of using her Nichirin Sword, which is thin and flexible like a whip sword. Upper Rank Five, Gyokko’s creatures were easy for her to control thanks to her skill with a sword. She could cut up the demons faster than they could react and with great accuracy.

During her fight with Zohakuten, Mitsuri best showed off her unique swordsmanship style and skill with a sword. Mitsuri could cut through lightning and sound waves made by the Upper Rank with her swordsmanship, and she was able to stop and destroy all of his moves.

Extreme Flexibility

Mitsuri Kanroji possesses an extremely thin and flexible body. It allows her to have a great range of motions and perform aerobatic attacks easily. She also integrated this flexibility into her breathing style to max out her skills.

Mitsuri’s Breathing Style

Love Breathing

Love Breathing is a breathing style that Mitsuri made up based on her experience using Flame Breathing as the successor of Kyojuro Rengoku.

Love Breathing uses parts of Mitsuri’s incredible flexibility and her unique Nichirin Sword, which looks like a whip. With this Breathing Style, she can attack from a wide range of angles and at long distances, which a normal katana would not be able to do.

Flame Breathing

Flame Breathing is a breathing style that Mitsuri learned from the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, when she trained with him.

But even though Mitsuri knows how to use it, she is not as good at it and can’t fight as well with it. So, she made Love Breathing, a style of breathing that fits her better and lets her strengths shine.

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Forms Used By Love Hashira: Mitsuri


Mitsuri dashes forward and swings her whip-like sword. The sword swings around and hits the target.


Love pangs are basically surrounding yourself with power whip slashes. The whips act as an offense as well as defense.


Mitsuri leaps and then quickly fires off a series of wavy ranged attacks. Only mitsuri can achieve such a skill with her flexible body and whip-like sword.


Mitsuri somersaults through the air, making a long string of attacks that look like a whip.


In a very short amount of time, Mitsuri twirls upside down and makes multiple slashing attacks that extend. Then, they pull it back and extend it again.

Mitsuri’s Appearance

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Mitsuri is a very cute and hot anime girl with a curvy body. She is a young woman who is about average height and build. Her skin is a little bit pale, and she has round, pale green eyes with long eyelashes and a small beauty mark under each of them.

She wears her long, light pink hair in three thick braids. In the middle, the pink fades into a lime green color. She has five shorter, choppy clumps of hair that hang over her face as thick bangs. The ends of these clumps are also lime green.

She tried to look more attractive when she was trying to get married by dying her hair black “normal.” Mitsuri’s Demon Slayer Mark looks like two hearts with wings underneath each one. It seems to be on the left side of her neck.

Mitsuri’s Personality

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Mitsuri is very emotional, passionate, and happy. She constantly gives compliments to people in her head, which is probably why she is called “the Hashira of Love.” Even though she is shy and easily flustered, Mitsuri is always kind to others, especially Obanai, with whom she seems to have a strong bond.

But even though Mitsuri seems kind and innocent, she will not show demons any mercy. Instead, she will say things like this in a harsh voice. She shows a lot of commitment to the cause of the Demon Slayers. Even though Muzan took her out of the fight early on, she was still determined enough to come back and fight.

Playful and Childish

Mitsuri can sometimes seem like a child, in addition to having a very emotional personality. When asked to explain how to get the Demon Slayer Mark, she uses noises and sounds to describe it.

She is a very loving person, just like her Hashira title says she should be. She can get very excited. After the fight with Gyokko and Hantengu, she grabbed her friends for a big group hug.

Mitsuri Kanroji and Obanai Iguro


Obanai has said in the manga that he is very in love with Mitsuri. He feels like he can’t tell her, but this is because of his “filthy blood,” which is a result of the bad things that happened to him in the past. He fell in love with her when he saw her for the first time standing under a sakura tree. He buys her gifts, like food or the green socks she wears with her standard uniform, to show how much he cares about her.

Even though she is Love Hashira, she doesn’t know that he is in love with her, so his love is unreturned. They also write letters to each other quite often.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, she and Obanai fought Upper Rank 4 Nakime. They worked well together, but they couldn’t beat her before Muzan Kibutsuji killed her himself.

After The Final Fight With Muzan

Obanai is seen holding her body after the fight with Muzan. Both of them knew they were going to die soon. They both talk about the first time they met at Ubayashiki’s mansion and how Mitsuri saved him by making him feel like a normal young man.

She worries that she was useless in the end, but he says he won’t let anyone say bad things about her. She tells him that she loves him and that the meals she had with him were the best.

Kanroji’s Equipment

Kanroji Mitsuri doesn’t use a normal katana as most Demon Slayers do.

Instead, Mitsuri wields a very thin, flexible, and long katana that looks like a whip. It was thought to have been made by Tecchin Tecchikawahara, possibly because of its strange shape, which would have required a lot of skill to make. Because of how her sword is made, only she can use it without cutting herself. This is because she is more flexible than most people.

She can do moves faster with this katana than with the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, which can keep up with Zohakuten’s attacks.

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