Demon Slayer, with its fantastic storyline and captivating animations, is one of the most popular anime series right now. In this post, we will talk about the Upper Moon Rank Four, Hantengu, and its clones.

Hantengu Form: Zohakuten
Hantengu Form: Zohakuten | from Twitter

Who is Hantengu in Demon Slayer?

Hantengu is one of the demons in the popular series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the Upper Moon Rank Four among the Twelve Kizuki and one of the significant villains in the Swordsmith Village Arc.

Hantengu is over 200 years old and the fifth strongest demon in Demon Slayer.

Hantengu’s blood demon art is a very special one. He can make four clones of himself, and each one has the same level of power as an Upper-Rank demon.

Hantengu Clones

Hantengu Clones
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Hantengu clones were able to keep up with and beat Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya, who were all experienced and well-trained fighters. Genya said that Hantengu was especially hard to beat because every Demon Slayer had to look for the main body while being chased by four Upper Rank-level demons.

When the four clones joined to make Zohakuten, he was once again strong enough to fight off all three Demon Slayers and the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, one of the strongest Demon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps, all by himself.

Hantengu’s Clones –

  1. Hantengu (Himself)
  2. Sekido
  3. Karaku
  4. Aizetsu
  5. Urogi

Hantengu’s Other Forms

  1. Zohakuten
  2. Urami

Hantengu – Abilities, Blood Demon Art, Appearance

Hantengu is the main body of Upper Moon Rank, Four. He is one of the most formidable enemies in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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Hantengu Abilities

Super Stealthy – Hantengu is very good at being sneaky. As shown by the fact that he was able to sneak into the swordsmith village, one of the Demon Slayers’ most essential and well-defended bases. He wasn’t suspected or noticed by any of the Demon Slayers present there. Because of how well he can hide, they didn’t know Hatengu was a demon until they saw it.

He can even change his size at will, like when he shrunk down to hide from the Demon Slayers.

Incredible Durability – Hantengu’s body is so strong that Genya’s bullets, which tore off the necks of his clones, couldn’t even make a dent in it.

Genya’s Nichrin Sword, which is one of the sharpest swords in the Demon Slayer world, broke off after clashing with Hantengu’s neck. Tanjiro’s Bright Red Sword also had no impact and couldn’t do any damage to his neck.

Lightning Speed – He could easily avoid Muichiro’s Mist Breathing technique and Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura technique without putting in much effort.

Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art: Emotional Manifestation

Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art lets him turn his feelings into powerful clones of himself that look, act, and have skills that are all their own. These clones represent an emotion Hantengu has felt in the past, and they mostly show that emotion.

Hantengu has complete control over these clones, but he usually lets them do what they want.

When Hantengu’s head is cut off, this ability is triggered. His head and body turn into two separate clones, and those clones split into two when their heads are cut off. But when there are only four of them, they are at their strongest. When the clones’ tongues are hurt, their regeneration speed slows down for a short time.

Also, as long as his main body is still alive, his clones will never die. This makes it almost impossible for one person to fight and beat Hantengu alone.

Hantengu Appearance

Hantengu looks like a short, thin man with a skeleton-like body that is covered in veins and wrinkles. He is often seen crouching. His two curved horns and a big bump on top of his head are the things that stand out the most.

Hantengu Clone: Sekido – Abilities, Blood Demon Art, Appearance

Sekido is one of the Hantengu’s Clones and is the personification of his anger. He is always in rage toward others, including his clones.

Sekido Abilities

Biological Absorption – Sekido was able to pull in Karaku, Urogi, and Aizetsu’s bodies and take them in, fusing them together to make Zohakuten.

Body Manipulation – Sekido has some control over and the ability to change his own flesh. Sekido shapes his body into a Khakkhara, which he uses to channel his Blood Demon Art. He has shown that he can make more than one at the same time.

Extreme Speed and Reflexes – Since Sekido is an Upper-Rank demon, he has superhuman speed and reflexes that are similar to those of the Hashira. This was shown when he was quick enough to stop Genya’s shotgun bullets from hitting him.

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Sekido Blood Demon Art: Lightning Generation

Sekido’s Blood Demon Art lets him use his Khakkhara to make lightning. The lightning he makes has a wide range and can make people lose consciousness or become paralyzed in an instant. This lets him take down more than one target at once.

Sekido Appearance

Sekido has the appearance of a pretty tall young adult male with a muscular build that is above average. He has long, wavy hair and narrow eyes that have the kanji characters for “Upper Rank” and “Four” carved into them. He has two curved horns that stand out on his forehead, and he has cracks under his eyes.

As a demon, Sekido has sharp nails on each finger and ears that stick out. Most of the time, he has an angry or annoyed look on his face.

Hantengu Clone: Karaku – Abilities, Blood Demon Art, Appearance

Karaku is one of the Hantengu’s Clones and is the personification of his relaxed feelings. He is the most relaxed clone among all of them.

During his battles, he didn’t take them seriously and would always see them as a game.

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Karaku Abilities

Body Manipulation – Karaku has some control over and can change his flesh. Karaku can use this power to change his body into an Uchiwa in the shape of a maple leaf. Like Sekido, Karaku can make more than one Uchiwa at the same time. He can even make a bigger version of it to make it affect a larger area.

Incredible Strength – Karaku’s strength was beyond that of humans when he broke through Nezuko’s tough skin with a single kick and ripped her arms off with his bare hands.

Infinite Endurance and Stamina – Like all demons, Karaku has an unlimited amount of stamina and endurance. Karaku didn’t show any signs of pain when Genya shot off his head with his shotgun, leaving his head hanging on a piece of flesh and his neck bones exposed. Instead, he was excited that he’d never felt an attack like that before and said it was fun.

Karaku Blood Demon Art: Aerokinesis

Karaku’s Blood Demon Art lets him use his flesh-shaped Uchiwa, which looks like a maple leaf, to make and control the wind. Karaku can make a powerful gust of wind by just swinging his Uchiwa down. This wind is strong enough to blow Muichiro into a forest instantly, create huge craters, level an entire building, and crush Demon Slayers and demons alike, even knocking them out.

Karaku can use his Blood Demon Art in a strategic way to turn the whole battlefield into strong gusts of wind that make it challenging for his enemies to move.

But anyone who has Karaku’s Uchiwa can use this power against him, as Nezuko did as she used Karaku’s own fan to blast him away.

Karaku Appearance

Karaku looks like a young man between the ages of 18 and 25 with long, wavy hair and narrow eyes. He is about average height.

He has two curved horns that stand out on his forehead, and he has cracks under his eyes. Karaku’s tongue also has the kanji for “relaxed” written on it. Karaku is a demon, so his ears are pointy, and his nails are sharp. Most of the time, he has a happy smile on his face.

Hantengu Clone: Aizetsu – Abilities, Blood Demon Art, Appearance

Aizetsu is one of the Hantengu’s Clones and is the personification of his sorrow. He comes across as completely sad, sour, and negative because he always talks about how sad things are.

Aizetsu Abilities

Body Manipulation – Aizetsu has some control over and can change his flesh. Aizetsu can use this power to turn his body into a Jmonji Yari.

Infinite Endurance and Stamina – Aizetsu has an unlimited amount of stamina and endurance. This was shown by the fact that he could fight Genya for a long time without displaying any signs of getting tired at all. Aizetsu didn’t even care when Genya’s shotgun bullets broke his neck, and he even attacked while his head was still attached.

Aizetsu Blood Demon Art: Spear Projection

Aizetsu’s Blood Demon Art lets him send his Yari’s thrusting attack over long distances, so he can attack his targets from a long way away.

Aizetsu Appearance

Aizetsu has two curved horns that stand out on his forehead. He also has cracks under his eyes. The kanji for “sorrow” is also written on Aizetsu’s tongue. As a demon, Aizetsu has sharp nails on each finger and ears that stick out. People usually see him with a sad look on his face.

Hantengu Clone: Urogi – Abilities, Blood Demon Art, Appearance

Hantengu’s clone Urogi is the happiest and most excited of all of them. Like Karaku, he seemed to think that the whole battle against the Demon Slayers was just a game or something fun to do.

This was clear when he praised Tanjiro for being brilliant for figuring out that none of the four clones were the “real” body and when he kept saying that the whole fight against Tanjiro was fun.

Urogi Abilities

Avian Physiology – Urogi can copy the features and abilities of birds, such as their huge feathered wings and sharp claws. He can fly at very high speeds because of his enormous wings, and his talons are strong enough to cut through diamonds.

Urogi Hantengu's Clone | by bellewelle
Urogi Hantengu’s Clone | by bellewelle

Urogi Blood Demon Art: Sonic Scream

With his Blood Demon Art, Urogi can make powerful sound waves come out of his mouth. Urogi’s scream has enough power to cause Tanjiro to bleed from his nose and ear.

Urogi Appearance

He has two curved horns that stand out on his forehead, and he has cracks under his eyes. Urogi’s tongue also has the kanji for “joy” written on it. As a demon, Urogi has sharp nails on each finger and ears that stick out. He usually has a look on his face like Karaku’s, which is one of extreme happiness.

Urogi looks like a bird because he has two enormous wings on his rear and sharp claws for his hands and feet. Urogi only wears a pair of zri and hakama pants held together with a chain of substantial round pearls.

Hentengu’s Other Forms

Apart from his four clones, Hentengu can take on other forms. He combines his clone to form a vicious creature, Zohakuten.

Zohakuten Abilities, Blood Demon Art, Appearance

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Zohakuten, who was the personification of Hantengu’s hatred, was a lot like Sekido in that he was easy to anger and very spiteful and hateful towards his enemies, who he thought were “evil” for picking on his “weak and innocent” self.

He also seemed to be very loyal to Muzan, as he told Mitsuri that he only listens to and does what one man tells him in the whole world.

Zohakuten Abilities

Menacing Aura – Zohakuten has a presence that is very scary and overwhelming. Zohakuten’s look made Tanjiro gasp for air and caused him a lot of pain in his heart. Genya could barely stand because of how strong his aura was, and he started sweating a lot.

Zohakuten Blood Demon Art: Wood Manipulation

Wood Manipulation is Zohakuten’s main Blood Demon Art. By tapping one of the many drums on his back, he can control and change wood from the plants around him. This Blood Demon Art can be used close up or from a long way away. He primarily uses this power to turn wood into 5 giant dragon heads that can be up to 20 meters long. He uses the dragon’s heads to bite or swallow his enemies and crush them in their mouths.

Since Zohakuten is made up of all four of the Hantengu’s clones, Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi, he can use improved versions of their Blood Demon Arts as part of his own Blood Demon Art.

Zohakuten’s wooden dragon heads can do things like Sekido’s lightning strikes, Karaku’s powerful gusts of wind that leave huge maple leaf-shaped craters, Urogi’s powerful sound waves, and Aizetsu’s spear attacks that appear out of thin air. Zohakuten can also use these powers from his own body, as we saw when he made sound waves for Urogi without the help of his wooden dragons.

Zohakuten Appearance

Zohakuten’s clothes look like a mix of those worn by Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi. He wears black hakama pants that are covered with a piece of fabric that looks a lot like Sekido’s kimono and tied together with a long piece of white fabric.

Zohakuten has a series of drums that are all connected and floating behind his back. Each drum has the kanji for “hatred” written on it. He also has something that looks like a bone in each hand.

Urami Abilities

Taking the form of Urami was the last futile attempt of Hantengu to run away from Demon Slayers and save himself. He realized that with his power, he couldn’t win the battle against all those Hashira and Demon Slayers, so he had to find a way to survive.

Urami has the ability of size manipulation. He can alter his size as much as he wants. Finally, Urami becomes a colossal demon and hides Hantengu inside his heart to save him.

Final Thoughts

Hantengu is one of the most formidable demons in Demon Slayer. He could create a lot of chaos with his clones and could even take on Love Hashira head-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who kills Hantengu?

Tanjiro, the protagonist of Demon Slayer, slays Hantengu.

Tanjiro | by Kristina1224

How did Hantengu die?

Hantengu, after fighting with all his might with the Love Gashira, Genya and Tanjiro, finally loses the battle. At last, he tries to escape by creating a colossal clone and hiding it in its heart. But, Tanjiro finds him and slays his head.

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