In this post, we will see who killed Hantengu and how in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will go over the whole battle that happened in the Swordsmith Village Arc.

Hantengu is the Upper Moon Rank Four Demon among the Twelve Kizuki. He can make clones out of the emotion he had felt in the past. After his death, the position was given to Nakime.

Note: Spoilers Ahead.

Who Killed Hantengu and How?

Tanjiro killed Hantengu during the Swordsmith’s Village Arc. He kills Hantengu by slashing his Torso in half after finding the real Hantengu inside a clone body. He kills Hantengu with the help of Nezuko and Genya.

Sekido, after absorbing the other three clones | by saltyboi-kygan

Battle – Hantengu vs Tanjiro, Muichiro, Genya and Nezuko

Hantengu climbed up on the roof of a building in the swordsmiths’ village. They were eager to finish their mission and stay out of Muzan’s way. Soon after, he ran into Tanjiro and Muichiro Tokito. Hantengu quickly dodged an attack from Muichiro. He avoided Tanjiro’s next attack, but then Nezuko kicked him.

Turning Into Multiple Clones

His head was then cut off by another attack from Muichiro, and he turned into two different Demons: Sekido and Karaku. Muichiro and Tanjiro tried to attack these new demons, but Karaku blew Muichiro away with one wave of his uchiwa fan.

Hantengu becoming Sekido and Karaku
Hantengu becoming Sekido and Karaku

Sekido attacked Tanjiro with a burst of electricity from his khakkhara staff. The two didn’t notice that Genya was coming up behind them with a gun. Genya’s shot hit Sekido right in the head, but it didn’t hit Karaku all the way, which made Karaku laugh.

With his sword, the young Demon Slayer finished the job, but then the two turned into four. One of the new Demons, which looked like a tengu, grabbed Tanjiro by the leg and flew away with him, while the other used a Jmonji yari to stab Genya.

The first one praised Tanjiro for figuring out their plan, and the second one said something about Genya’s weakness. Tanjiro told Nezuko to help Genya, which made his kidnapper scold him. Then, he used a powerful sound blast to hit the Demon Slayer. Hantengu’s tengu-like form was surprised to see that his opponent had cut off the leg that was holding him. A head grew from the severed limb and fired the sound blast at Tanjiro, who was shocked.

More Clones Coming Up

Tanjiro quickly cut the disembodied head of the Hantengu, which looked like a tengu, in half. The two pieces quickly turned into two mouths that fired their sound blasts at him again. But because there were so many of them, their attack power was less, so Tanjiro cut them again.

The tengu-main Hantengu’s body appeared behind the young Demon Slayer and fired another sound blast. The young Demon Slayer dodged it, but then the tengu-Hantengu hit Tanjiro in the chest with its claws. The tengu-Hantengu bragged about how sharp his claws were and said he would cut up the young Demon Slayer, but when he got closer, he saw that the young man had already cut his face in half.

Hantengu becoming even more clones
Hantengu becoming even more clones.

As Tanjiro got ready for his next attack, tengu-Hantengu tried to fire the sound blast again, but Tanjiro cut off his jaw, which was the last blow. Karaku held Nezuko back after she changed, making fun of her, while Sekido told him to kill her. Aizetsu, a Hantengu with a yari, offered to kill her, but he couldn’t get his weapon out of Genya’s hands. Genya then shot Aizetsu’s head off.

Sekido told Aizetsu off for this, and the Hantengu with the yari then pulled out his weapon and cut Genya across the chest. Aizetsu scolded his opponent for not dying right away after he got his head back. He then saw that Genya had started to pray.

Working In Teams

Sekido told Aizetsu to crush the head of the scarred Demon Slayer. This made Aizetsu swing the yari at Genya’s head. The weapon didn’t hit anything but the floor. Behind him, Aizetsu’s opponent from the Upper Rank came out of nowhere and swung his sword at his head. This ambush was stopped by a burst of electricity from Sekido, who was shot at by their very tough opponent, which made him very angry. Then, Aizetsu swung his yari and hit Genya into a wall with it. Karaku said that his allies were having fun, and then he told Nezuko that he was done with her by putting his foot through her chest.

Nezuko Overpowering Karaku

Karaku then told Sekido to stab and shock her until she stopped moving. After his speech, he tore off one of Nezuko’s hands. She quickly attacked back, almost cutting Karaku’s head off, and splashed him with her blood. Using her Demon powers, she set it on fire and then tore off the hand holding his uchiwa fan and the leg in her chest.

Sekido asked Karaku what he was doing, so Nezuko waved the torn arm and fan in Karaku’s direction and blew him away. She tried to do the same thing to Sekido, but he stopped her by stabbing her with the blunt end of his staff and shocking her.

Other Battles With Different Clones

Elsewhere, the tengu-Hantengu kept fighting Tanjiro. He landed a blow and dodged one from his opponent, then turned around for another try. Aizetsu kept talking to Genya, who was once again praying and wondering why he was still alive and what he was. The Demon Slayer introduced himself and gave Aizetsu’s name as the name of the person who would kill him instead.

As the tengu-Hantengu flew in for his next attack, Tanjiro stabbed him in the mouth, sending him and Tanjiro into the building where Nezuko and Genya were fighting. Sekido was still shocking Nezuko when he asked what Karaku and Urogi, the tengu-Hantengu, were doing. He pulled a khakkhara staff from his palm to show what he meant. He threw the weapon at Tanjiro, but Urogi’s foot stopped it.

Sekido praised Tanjiro’s instincts because he can’t pass electricity through his own cells and his tongue has been cut in half. As his Demon Slayer opponent freed Nezuko from the other khakkhara, Sekido attacked the young man from behind and pinned him to the ground. Nezuko’s blood technique set Sekido on fire, which stopped his attack from doing any more damage. Just then, Karaku came back and used his fan to knock down part of the building where his enemies were fighting, which knocked them both out. Then, he, Sekido, and Urogi got ready to kill the two of them.

Tanjiro Injures Three Clones At Once

But the people they were trying to kill got up quickly, only to be knocked down again by a blast of electricity from Sekido. Urogi came in from above to attack them, but his move was blocked. As the two ran away, Sekido yelled at Karaku for being slow and told him to destroy the whole building. The fan Demon did this quickly. Then he said that the two of them could no longer hide. Urogi wasn’t scared when he saw Tanjiro’s sword was on fire. He charged at the swordsman while Sekido and Karaku watched. But Sekido saw that the young man’s blade was the same as the swordsman’s from Muzan’s memories. In fact, their faces seemed to blend together.

Tanjiro hurting three clones at once.
Tanjiro hurting three clones at once.

Then, Tanjiro did the Hinokami Kagura: Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance, which hurt all three emotions Demons very badly. A short distance away, Genya had severely hurt Aizetsu by pinning him to a tree with his own yari and ripping his head off.

When Tanjiro’s attack hit the Demons, they all reacted differently. Urogi just screamed in pain, Karaku panicked because he didn’t seem to be regenerating, and Sekido yelled at Karaku and said that he and the other Demons were still regenerating, but at a much slower rate.

Sekido was the first to wake up, and he used his electricity blast to shoot at Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya, who were looking for Hantengu’s fifth body.

Fifth Clone

This fifth thing cowered somewhere else, sure that the other emotion demons would beat all the “bad guys.” Tanjiro led Genya to where the fifth Hantengu was, while Nezuko and himself hid their scarred friend. Karaku attacked right away, forcing the young man to hold onto a nearby tree while Sekido got ready to attack again. Nezuko attacked him, but Aizetsu came back and pierced him right away. Sekido also tried to attack Aizetsu, but Tanjiro cut off his khakkhara hand.

Sekido saw that the young man was getting better as the battle went on, just as he had been told and as he had seen so far, noting that he grew quickly in tough situations.

Tanjiro Dealing Alone With The Clones

Tanjiro then cut off the right wing of Urogi, and Nezuko grabbed Aizetsu with both her hands and feet and set it on fire. When Sekido saw this, he tried very hard to find out what Karaku was up to. Urogi used his uchiwa fan to smash Tanjiro into the ground. He then turned to attack one of the other youths, but the youth’s fiery attack broke his fan arm and fan in two. He was so angry that he stomped on the boy, who kept telling Genya how to find the Upper Rank’s fifth body. In the end, they were successful, and the fifth Hantengu ran away when he saw Genya. The young man with scars shot at the minor emotion demon, but it didn’t hurt, and the small Hantengu ran away from him anyway. Genya was after him, and when he swung his sword at the Fear Demon’s neck, it broke. The same thing happened when another shot was fired: Sekido attacked Genya from behind almost right away.

Just as Sekido was about to land the fatal blow, Tanjiro cut off his arm, so he could only do a small amount of damage. As the attack sent Sekido reeling, Aizetsu tried to attack Tanjiro from behind with a series of air slashes. Genya stopped his attack by taking the brunt of it. This gave Tanjiro a chance to hit the tiny Hantengu with his fiery blade, which made it scream in pain.

The Sixth Form

As the Fear Demon kept screaming, a sixth Hantengu came out from behind Tanjiro and joined the fight, which he kept going after. But the boost he got from Nezuko’s blood ran out, and the thick neck of the little Hantengu stopped the blade. Genya shot at the sixth Hantengu. It hit one of the drums on its body, calling forth a creature that was both a tree and a dragon.

This creature attacked Tanjiro and threw him into the air. Nezuko came and caught Tanjiro. She put him down gently and fought the hatred clone while he slept. The hatred clone covered his small copy with branches to keep it safe.

Sekido Absorbed Other Clones

Sekido absorbs all the clones
Sekido absorbs all the clones

In the other part, Sekido absorbed Karaku, Urogi, and Aizetsu, which led to this new form. Aizetsu gave Tanjiro an intense look when he told him to stop protecting his Fear counterpart. He asked him if he had a problem with what he was doing, calling the two Demon Slayers evil, as the little Hantengu cowered and shook in his wooden protection.

When Tanjiro asked why he had called them evil, he said that they had attacked his smaller version, which was “pure injustice” and something “only a savage would do.” He just stood there without moving as Tanjiro told him about his mistakes and said he would cut the Hatred Demon’s head off.

Tanjiro Kills Hantengu

In the end, Tanjiro used Hinokami Kagura: Flame Dance to cut off his head. But the head Tanjiro cut off was not the head of the real Hantengu. This is shown by the fact that the body of Hantengu, without its head, keeps running away.

Tanjiro finally decides to keep going after Nezuko’s sacrifice, just as the sun is about to rise. In the end, Tanjiro finds Hatengu’s real body in the heart of the headless Hantengu. But finally, Tanjiro kills Hantengu by slashing his torso in the middle.

Final Thoughts – Who Killed Hantengu, the Upper Moon Rank Four?

Hantengu was a particularly formidable opponent to beat. With his clones, it was tough to find the real body and finish him off. Every time the Demon Slayers gained some advantage, Hantengu was able to pull off something more significant. But, in the end, Tanjiro and our favourite Demon Slayers were able to kill him.

In the end, to answer the question of who killed Hantengu, it was Tanjiro who dealt the final blow. But during the battle, he got help from Nezuko and Genya.

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