Today we will see all Nezuko Demon Form in Demon Slayer.

Nezuko Demon Form
Nezuko Demon Forms | by B.c.N.y. (Han-Yuan, Yu)

Nezuko is Tanjiro’s younger sister and one of the most significant characters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. During the whole series, Nezuko constantly grows. Nezuko’s Demon Forms, along with her, grow and becomes more powerful with time.

She is especially unique because of her powers and strong will to not be like other demons. Using this will, she restrains herself from eating any human and restoring her power from other methods. She spends most of her time hidden in a specially designed box.

Only when Tanjiro is in danger and needs help, does she get out of it and shows her incredible power.

Nezuko is surely an interesting character and plays an immense role in the character development of our protagonist, Tanjiro.

Here we will discuss every form Nezuko has taken in the anime till the end of the manga, from being a cute and cheerful human to one of the most savage demons. We will see it all.

Nezuko – Human Form

Before we talk about any of Nezuko’s demon forms, let’s see how she was back when she was a human.

Fan Art by Quiss

Nezuko Before She Was a Demon

Nezuko was a kind, selfless, and caring person. She often sacrificed her own wants to feed her family. And even in this, she would feel content with just helping her family. She didn’t care if she didn’t get new clothes or fancy things to wear.

As the eldest daughter in the Kamado family, Nezuko most probably took care of everyone, consisting of her parents, her elder brother, and younger siblings.

She grew up in the mountains with her family (including her elder brother, Tanjiro). To support the family’s needs, Tanjiro used to sell firewood in the nearby cities.

Nezuko – Demon Form

Nezuko Demon Form
by mikanchii

Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king, comes to the mountains one day and kills her whole family. He turns Nezuko into a demon after that. This is the start of Nezuko’s Demon Forms.

Tanjiro was out at the time so he was not killed or turned into a demon.

Nezuko doesn’t seem to remember much about her human life, other than her family, which is different from most demons. This means that she doesn’t have the same personality she did before she became a demon.

As soon as she comes to her sense, Nezuko becomes very wild and even attacks her one remaining brother, Tajiro who was carrying her on her back at that time.

But, she quickly comes to her senses and starts crying proving that she recognized her brother. Even when Giyu Tomioka tries to hurt her brother, she jumps in to protect him from the Hashira.

Nezuko Demon Form protecting Tanjiro
Nezuko Demon Form protecting Tanjiro | from Wiki

Soon after, Giyu, the Water Hashira comes into the scene. Giyu saw that Nezuko was different, so instead of killing her, he sent her and Tanjiro to his old teacher, Tsukonji Urukudaki.

As the chosen demon, Nezuko has a few special demon qualities that make her stand out from all the other demons. Most importantly, Nezuko can always get her power back without eating humans, which is what other demons have to do. Instead, she gets her power back through sleep alone. Even though she would have to sleep a lot to recover and get her strength back.

Nezuko in a box
Nezuko as a child in a box | by Matias Merino

When Nezuko became a demon, she showed that she had the basic ability to change her body’s size and height. She could make herself the size of a small child so that she could fit in a small box or basket. so that they could hide from the sun. If her brother needed her help at night, she would often change into a much bigger version of herself so she could fight demons.

Nezuko – Demon Combat Form

As a demon, Nezuko has stronger muscles than most people.

Even when she first turned into a demon at the beginning of the series, she was strong enough to kill another demon with a single kick. Her fast growth rate is probably the most noticeable thing about her. This could be because she got a lot of blood from Muzan and doesn’t need to eat humans to stay alive.

Nezuko Demon Form
by Fadingz(ふわチーズ)

Nezuko punched the swamp demon so hard that it coughed up blood. She also kicked and punched the demon so hard that it couldn’t fight back. Since she has never been in a fight before, Nezuku relies on her strength and uses her legs as her main weapon to kick quickly and hard. This was shown in many battles throughout the show, where she would beat her enemies even though they were stronger than her at first.

Nezuko often uses her “extraordinary growth” technique in the middle of a fight to get huge power boosts. This was best shown when she fought Susumaru. The demon’s ball attack blew off her foot, but after she healed, she was able to fight her on an even playing field, kicking the ball and eventually beating her.

In dangerous situations, she has shown that she can beat her enemies by getting stronger, regenerating faster, or making up her own blood demon art.

The name for the blood demon art she made herself is “pyrokinesis.” It lets her use her blood to make special demon flames that she can control.

Nezuko- Blood Demon Art
Nezuko using Blood Demon Art | by einlee

Nezuko can do this by setting fire to her blood or making it appear out of thin air. Her flames have a special property that makes them only hurt demons and things made by demons. They don’t hurt humans or other things at all.

This was shown by the fact that her fire could burn Rui’s threads, Moo’s dream spell, and Genya’s demon form, but not Tanjiro in the Mugen train. Demons can’t fully heal after being burned by her flames, which is shown by the fact that Daki couldn’t heal for a while after being burned by her flames.

Nezuko burning rui's threads | blood demon art
Burning Rui’s threads | by Wiki

Nezuko is very good at using her blood demon art. She has shown this by setting demons on fire to make her attacks stronger, burning off Gyeo Taro’s poison to save Inosuke and Tenjin, and turning Tanjaro’s Nichirin sword bright red to give him an advantage against Tantangu’s clones.

Nezuko – Awakened Demon Form

Nezuko’s awakened form is her most powerful fighting form. She can go into a berserk state where she looks more demonic, changing into an adult version of herself with vine-like tattoos that circle her body and a horn sticking out of her right forehead.

This awakened form greatly improves Nezuko’s physical abilities and makes her regeneration level equal to that of the higher-ranked demons.

However, she needs to eat human blood in order to stay in this form. The first time Nezuko uses her awakened form is against upper rank six Daki. When she was in this form, Daki was afraid for her life because of the pressure coming off of the Nezuko Demon Form.

Without hesitating, Nezuko dashed In response, Daki cuts off Nezuko’s leg and tries to behead her. However, Nezuko’s leg still lands a solid blow on Doki’s back, knocking her to the ground. This surprises Daki, who wonders how a disembodied leg could still land a kick. She finds out that as she cut Nezuko’s leg, it regenerated quickly enough for her to still attack, forcing her to admit that Nezuko’s regeneration has far surpassed her senses.

When Tengen arrives, he tells Tanjiro that his sister is becoming a real demon and losing her humanity in the process. It’s important to note that Nezuko has all this power without ever eating a single human, which makes us wonder how powerful she could become if she started eating human blood. Could she become one of the strongest upper ranks if she started eating human blood? what do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Nezuko – Chosen Demon Form

Even though Nezuko is a young demon, he has shown a lot of skill in battle and has beaten many strong demons.

Chosen Demon | Nezuko Chosen Demon Form
by Kagura

Nezuko’s fast growth seems to be similar to Tanjiro’s. She could fight strong demons and upper-ranked demons in a matter of months.

However, what makes her different from other demons is that she is not afraid of the sun, which is why the demon king called her the “chosen demon.”

During the battle against Upper Rank 4 Hontengu, she became immune to sunlight, which is something that not even the demon king could do. He plans to devour Nezuko’s chosen demon form and gain the power to be immune to the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

Nezuko is no doubt one of the kindest and most powerful demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. Nezuko’s demon forms grew drastically over the years giving them a lot of strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Nezuko?

Nezuko is 12 years old physically. But, if you see the timeline, she is 14 years old. She is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado.

What is Nezuko’s last name?

Kamado. Nezuko is from the kamado family. But, her whole family was killed by the demon king leaving only her and her elder brother.

Is Nezuko the most powerful demon?

No. Nezuko is immune to sunlight. A power that no other demon has. While this is an incredible ability, in terms of fighting skills and blood demon arts, there are other stronger demons like Kokushibo and Akaza.

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