Daki is the Upper Moon Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki. She shares this position with her brother, Gyutaro. Daki and her brother, Gyutaro are the main villains of the Entertainment Discrit Arc in the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Daki was turned into a demon by the current Upper Moon Rank Two, Doma. Doma was the former Upper Moon Rank Six, and at that time, he converted both Daki and Gyotaru into demons. Daki used to go by the name Ume when she was a human, and she was only a child when this happened.

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Daki – Abilities

Daki was a very powerful demon. She was the second person to hold Upper-Rank Six. People knew that Daki had killed and eaten seven Hashira in the past, which showed how strong she was. 

Her flesh broke off in the form of a sentient Obi sash that was strong enough to stop Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Makio, and Suma from attacking her. Agatsuma and Hashibira were experienced Demon Slayers, and Makio and Suma were kunoichis with shinobi training. Tanjiro Kamado, who had started to use the Hinokami Kagura in battle, had a hard time with even a weaker Daki.

daki white hair
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daki black hair
Daki Black Hair | by shadow cat

After Daki’s sentient flesh Obi, which she had spread across the whole city, came back to her, she got a lot stronger. Her speed in this form was so much faster than it had been before.

In this form, her sashes also get stronger, so they can easily cut Nezuko Kamado in half and tear down buildings. Also, when Gyutaro’s eye was implanted in her, Daki’s power increased again. This gave her better speed and reflexes that can beat Zenitsu’s Thunderclap and Flash techniques.  

This also let Daki coordinate her attacks with those of her brother, which greatly increased their offensive power and made it easy to beat Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and even Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, when they all worked together.

Hair Manipulation

Daki could change the way her hair looked, which may have been a part of her shapeshifting and flesh manipulation skills. 

She showed this briefly when she changed the color of her hair from white to black and when she tried to attack Inosuke by wrapping her hair around his arms after he successfully cut off her head and took it away from her body so she couldn’t put it back on.

Shared Biology

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Both Gyutaro and Daki had a strange trait that most demons don’t have. Even though the siblings are two different people, their bodies are almost the same. This is clear from the fact that Gyutaro usually stays hidden inside Daki without changing her size at all. 

Even though Gyutaro spent most of his time sleeping, he was still stronger than his sister, who was always hunting. This means that the people Daki eats also feed Gyutaro, allowing both of them to get stronger at the same time. Gyutaro also had power over his sister. When she was upset, he could reattach her head and heal her burned skin.

Immunity to Decapitation

Daki was immune to being beheaded by Nichirin Swords because she was connected to Gyutaro, whether he was “sleeping” inside her or his “core” was implanted in her body. This is shown by the fact that Daki’s body stayed together even after Tengen and Inosuke cut off his head over and over again. 

The Demon Slayers quickly realize that the only way to get around this immunity is for Gyutaro to be cut off at the same time as her.

Blood Demon Art

Manipulating an Obi Sash: Daki’s Blood Demon Art lets her make flower-patterned Obi sashes out of her own flesh and move them around in any way she wants.

Daki often made these sashes from her back, and when she didn’t need them, she would pull them back into her body. She has also shown that she is able to control her Obi from a very long way away. 

daki demon slayer
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People say that her sashes are as soft as silk but as sharp or even sharper than most Nichirin Swords. In battle, Daki used her Obi sashes like powerful, fast whips with tendril-like ends to attack from far away. If she needed to, she could also use them to make a shield around her body, which made her Blood Demon Art a very effective mix of offense and defense. 

Her sashes were so strong that they could block Tengen’s explosive attacks and easily cut through buildings. Also, because they are soft, they are hard to cut. They can also make it harder to cut them by bending and weaving, which makes slash attacks less effective.  

Her sashes have a special feature that lets her put things inside them, usually people she wants to eat. She gets them to stay inside the sashes by making the things she wants to store into flat versions of themselves. This made it possible for her to move quietly since she could go through any opening or path that a sash could fit through. 

To free someone who is stuck in a sash, you have to cut it apart without cutting the people inside. This will immediately free anyone who is stuck and change them back to their original form. Daki mostly used this power to store people she wanted to eat underground so she could eat them later. Lastly, Daki can turn her own neck into a sash so she doesn’t get her head cut off. 

Sentient Flesh Obi

sentient obi sashes
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Daki had also shown that she could make sentient Obi sashes, which she does to guard and protect her “storehouse” where she kept her food. The sentient sashes also have a second job, which is to catch women in the brothels of the Entertainment District and find out information about them, like when it questioned Makio. 

She also made another living obi sash to keep an eye on Hinatsuru because she thought she was a spy for the Demon Slayers. If anything went wrong, it would kill Hinatsuru.  Daki can also talk to her sentient sashes through telepathy, which was shown when she was able to give it orders and watch Inosuke fight. 

Eight-Layered Obi Slash

Daki makes 8 long-ranged Obi sashes to cut down her opponents from a distance. She pointed out that this attack doesn’t leave any blind spots, which makes it very hard to avoid or counterattack.

Daki – Appearance

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She was tall, curvy, thin, and had pale skin. Her eyes were lime green, and her eyelashes were long. Her hair was white in the middle and turned lime green at the ends. 

It was pulled back into a full, long ponytail and held up by kanzashi hairpins, three on each side. In Daki’s left eye, the kanji for “Upper Rank” was written, and in the other eye, the kanji for “Six” was written. When she wasn’t pretending to be an Oiran, she had two pink flower-like demon crests on her face and wore a two-piece kimono made of pink pants with long black bows on the sides and two pink pieces of fabric that covered her chest. 

She wore tall sanmaiba, koma-geta, or mitsu-ashi shoes with three legs and magenta stockings with black flower patterns that went up to her thighs. After her Obi sashes come back to her, black cracks appear on different parts of her body, and Daki’s hair changes from black to pale white with lime green tips, which is the color it was when she was human. When her older brother Gyutaro wakes up, he puts his left eye on Daki’s forehead the back way around. He also makes black markings around the eye that look like the ones on Gyutaro’s body. 

In her human form, Daki was a young girl with long, messy white hair, pale lipstick, and deep blue eyes with long lashes before she turned into a demon. She wore a pale pink kimono that was torn and had a mix of squares and horizontal lines. She was said to be so beautiful that it can make grown-ups weak in the knees.

Daki – Personality


Daki was very proud, uncaring, and cruel. She liked to play with her victims before killing them, and she didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt or remorse for killing people with no emotion. 13 Daki also seemed to think very highly of herself. She didn’t care about anyone who wasn’t a Hashira Demon Slayer, and she got angry when Tanjiro Kamado talked to her, probably because she thought he was beneath her. 

This is also shown by the fact that Daki said she might let Tanjiro go if he told her how many Demon Slayers are in the Entertainment District, and by the fact that Daki openly talks about how slow the Demon Slayer’s techniques are and how bored she is, which is another example of how arrogant and dismissive she is.

As a courtesan, she seemed to have a seductive side, which could be seen in the way she talked to her male customers. Even though she was hundreds of years old, she acted like a child. She would throw fits, cry hysterically when things didn’t go her way, and lash out at anyone to get rid of her anger. Daki was openly violent and verbally and physically mean to anyone who made her unhappy in any way.

As was clear when she fought Nezuko, Daki also had a certain amount of fear of fire. Daki has a deep psychological fear of fire because she was burned to death when she was 13 years old in her human life. When she was set on fire by Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art, she was shown to scream hysterically because it reminded her of a painful memory. 

Final Thoughts

Daki is one of the main antagonists in the entertainment arc and, along with her brother, is a very powerful foe. It took all three, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and zenitsu, to fight Daki. Even then, she was overwhelming for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Daki stab the samurai?

Daki stabbed the samurai because the samurai was making fun of her brother. As a punishment, Daki was set on fire and left to die.

Why Daki was burned?

Daki was burned as a punishment for stabbing a samurai. She stabbed him because the samurai were making fun of his brother.

Is Daki weak?

Daki, as compared to upper-rank moon is weak. But, she stands in the sixth position among the twelve kizukis. In the entertainment district arc, she was overwhelming for the trio, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

Does Daki have white or black hair?

Daki’s hair changes as a part of her flesh manipulation techniques. She had black hair when she was a human. She also changes it from white to black briefly when fighting with Inosuke.

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