We will discuss about Daki and Gyutaro’s backstory in this blog post. Daki and Gyutaro were the Upper Moon Rank Six Demon among the Twelve Kizukis. They both were siblings and shared the Upper Rank Six position together.

Going by personality, Daki was very proud, uncaring, and cruel. She liked to play with her victims before killing them, and she didn’t feel guilty or remorse for killing people with no emotion. Daki also seemed to think a lot of herself because she didn’t care about anyone who wasn’t a Hashira Demon Slayer.

Daki and Gyutaro Backstory – Daki

Gyutaro showed himself to be cruel, ruthless, petty, and jealous of anyone who had a better life than he did. This was because he lived in almost constant poverty and went through many terrible things as a person. He got into the habit of making jokes about a person’s best qualities and then trying to kill them out of spite.

Daki and Gyutaro Backstory as a Human

Daki was born with the name “Ume” in the Kirimise/Rashomongasi (Lowest Caste) area of the Entertainment District. This is where sick prostitutes, geishas, and oirans who could no longer work in brothels were sent to die.

On the other hand, during Gyutaro childhood, the other people in the neighbourhood made fun of him for how he looked, how he spoke, and how dirty he was. Without money or food, he had to eat bugs and mice, which he killed with the forgotten sickle of a customer, which was his only toy. When his sister Ume was born, he felt proud.

daki child
Daki and Gyutaro Backstory – Daki from Wiki

Hatred From Their Own Mother

Daki’s birth mother was a prostitute in the Entertainment District. Her real father is never mentioned, but he probably worked for her mother.

Her brother said that their mother was very mentally unstable (probably because of how hard it was to live in the area) and had tried to kill herself and her son many times. She also beat him up because she didn’t have enough money to feed him and had to leave him to fend for himself.

Ume’s mother hated her because of the colour of her hair and eyes. She would try to kill her. One day, their mother tried to cut Ume’s hair off with a razor, but Gyutaro got angry and went on a rampage, which made their mother stop being close to her kids.

Ume was raised mainly by her older brother until she was in her early teens when her mother died of syphilis, the disease for which she was named.

Working in a Brothel

Gyutaro said that Ume’s face was so beautiful that even grown men and women would stop to look at it when she was a child. She was so pretty that people would give her things when she smiled.

This is how she got the name Shiraume. This gave him hope that she might be hired by a well-known brothel, which would help them get out of poverty and live a better life.

Ume’s dream came true when she was picked to work in a High Class Brothel in the Entertainment District when she was a teenager. To help her become an Oiran, she got a good education and was fed the best foods.

Even though Ume was still in training, she was already making a lot of money by bringing men and women to the brothel with just her looks. At the same time, her older brother started collecting money and debts owed to the brothel as her “Collector.”

The One Mistake / Daki’s Love for his Brother

All of this ended, though, when Ume stabbed a samurai customer in the eye for making fun of her brother.

As punishment, she was tied down, set on fire, and left to die in a ditch. Then, her brother found her as he was coming back from collecting debts. She was barely holding on to life. When he saw that she was almost dead, he went crazy and was found by the wounded samurai Ume and the Manager of the House where she worked.

They tried to kill the siblings, but Gyutaro killed them first. Gyutaro then picked up his sister’s burned body and walked around town looking for help. He eventually realised that no one would help them, no matter how hard he tried.

Meeting Doma

As Gyutaro passed out from exhaustion and pain from his wounds, Doma, who was Upper Rank Six at the time, was wandering the district looking for beautiful Geishas to eat when he saw the siblings.

Daki and Gyutaro Backstory - Doma
Daki and Gyutaro Backstory – Doma as Upper Moon Rank Two

He felt sorry for them and said it was because he was a “nice guy” that he would turn them into demons to help. He then told them to get strong enough to be picked by Muzan Kibutsuji and become one of the Twelve Kizuki with him.

Daki and Gyutaro Backstory as a Demon

As a demon, Daki kept working in Yoshiwara at least as early as the Edo period. She was known for both her beauty and her meanness. Older people remembered her bad temper and asked that the word “hime,” which means “princess,” be added to her name.

Daki and Gyutaro In order to hide the fact that she was a demon, she changed her name over the years to Yatamahime, and moved every ten years.

daki demon slayer
Daki and Gyutaro Backstory – Daki by onialgarra

But she was the same person no matter where she went, so her story became a legend as she moved around. People would talk about beautiful but mean Oirans whose names ended in “hime” and who turned their heads to the side when they were angry, but no one knew it was Daki.

During all these times, Daki fought, killed, and ate seven Hashira over the years. Gyutaro, on the other hand, killed and ate around 15 hashiras.

In her most recent disguise, she joined the Kyogoku House and took the name Warabihime. She became an Oiran, and everyone knew that she was the key to the success of the house.

Even so, her meanness became clear, and most of the staff feared her a lot. Several girls killed themselves because they thought she was violent. Some prostitutes got hurt because she was so annoying, and others even killed themselves because she was so mean.

Muzan tells Daki to hunt down and kill Nezuko.

Two days before Tanjiro Kamado and his group went into the Entertainment District, the manager of the Kyogoku House, Omitsu, talked to Daki about how badly she treated the staff.

daki with muzan
Daki with Muzan

They grabbed her when the hostess told the Upper Rank that she knew about Daki’s past and long life. Daki laughed at Omitsu’s stupidity, said she wasn’t good to eat, and dropped her from a high place above the district.

Daki was surprised to see Muzan Kibutsuji when she went back to her room. She bowed to her master and listened as he praised her for her newfound strength, warned her not to get careless, and told her that he had high hopes for her as a special demon. Daki and Gyutaro Probably at the same meeting, Muzan holds Daki while he tells her to find and kill Nezuko Kamado, another demon who has gotten away from him like Tamayo.

Daki and Gyutaro Backstory - Daki from Wiki
Daki and Gyutaro Backstory – Daki from Wiki

Final Thoughts – Daki and Gyutaro Backstory

Daki and Gyutaro faced one of the most tragic and brutal childhood of all the demons in Demon Slayer. Their mother hated them, they had no money, and Daki had to work in a brothel to earn money.

At such a small age, both siblings faced a lot of hardship, shaping them into one of the most powerful demons and the Upper Moon Rank Six.

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