We will discuss about Gyokko’s backstory in this blog post. Gyokko was the Upper Moon Rank Five Demon among the Twelve Kizukis. He was able to manipulate porcelain vases using his blood demon art. Those porcelain vases provided extraordinary abilities in fighting. His blood demon art is tightly tied to Gyokko’s backstory.

Going by personality, Gyokko is short-tempered, shallow, and full of himself, especially when it comes to his “art.” This was clear when Muichiro insulted Gyokko’s work, which made him angry. He has also shown that he is very selfish and jealous.

Gyokko vs Muichiro
Gyokko Backstory – Gyokko X Muichiro

Gyokko Backstory as a Human

Managi, the name Gyokko went by when he was a human. He was born in a fishing village perched on the coastline’s edge.

This is also where he spent his childhood and where he gained his name. When he was a small boy, his parents took him fishing. But they were never seen or heard from again after they drowned far out in the ocean.

Death of his Parents and Newfound Interest

He had almost no memory of his childhood. After a period of time had elapsed, their mangled bodies were found washed up on the shore of the settlement.

Managi’s profound interest in what happens to the human body after death was sparked by the discovery of the skeletal remains of his own parents.

People in the town would often see him fixating on the dead fish he had found. This prompted everyone to avoid him since they feared that Managi had lost his mind and was dangerous to be around.

Almost Dying

Managi was at last found out by a child, who mocked him for his peculiar behaviour when they first became acquainted with one another. As a direct result of this, Managi was pressured into killing the child and concealing the body in a fishing pot.

Upon discovering their dead bodies and coming to the conclusion that Managi was to blame for their deaths, the boy’s parents stabbed the youngster in the chest with a fishing spear and left him there to die.

Due to the wounds he received, Managi gradually lost consciousness over the course of a period of twelve hours, one instant at a time.

After that, Muzan Kibutsuji was able to track him down, and he was eventually turned into a demon by him.

Gyokko Backstory as a Demon – Hatred Towards the Living

Managi was given the name Gyokko by others of his new kind after he was resurrected as a demon.

Ever since he came to the brink of death, Gyokko has harboured a deep-seated hatred towards anything and everything that is still alive in the world. He had accepted his new life as a demon. He even prayed to Muzan in thanks for his newfound power.

Gyokko Backstory – Gyokko Fish Like Body by DevianArt

Gyokko New Blood Demon Art

In the vast majority of instances, he would ingest the flesh of young children and newborns. When he started transforming his body to seem like a fish and liked to abduct people through pots he constructed, his strange preoccupation with fish and dead bodies reached a new dark height.

He also liked to abduct people through pots he built. When he started transforming his physique to look like a fish, he had reached the pinnacle of his infatuation with the idea.

Gyokko Backstory - Gyokko Fish Like Body Demon by Wiki
Gyokko Backstory – Gyokko Fish Like Body Demon by Wiki

Gyokko would fashion live statues out of the bodies of the unfortunate persons he killed in a manner that was compatible with his horrific creative approach.

This “art” was created using the unfortunate victims Gyokko had killed. These people often made it through the ordeal, despite their bodies being so severely disfigured that it was impossible to recognise them.

Becoming the Upper Moon Rank Five

Over the course of time, Gyokko would finally work his way up. He would go through the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki to become one of the Upper Five.

Gyokko, who had been called to a meeting of the Upper Ranks, met Akaza. He asked him how he was doing after ninety years, scarcely concealing his dissatisfaction with the concept that his colleague had survived all these years. Doma was likewise met by Gyokko. They engaged in light conversation regarding the pot that he had presented to another Upper Rank as a gift. Soon after this, Gyokko sat there and listened as Muzan lectured. Muzan told other members of the group about how pointless they were and how Gyutaro had passed away.

Gyokko Backstory - Gyokko as an Upper Moon Rank Five Demon by Wiki
Gyokko Backstory – Gyokko as an Upper Moon Rank Five Demon by Wiki

At the village of swordsmiths, Gyokko ate a villager who didn’t know what was going on and then spit him out, saying that he wasn’t edible. He then said that destroying the village of swordsmiths would significantly hurt the Demon Slayers.

Final Thoughts – Gyokko Backstory

Gyokko never had a normal childhood. His parents died when he was young. Instead of crying over his parent’s death, he got interested in human death.

His mind worked differently, and he often saw everything as art.

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