Doma is the current upper moon two in the series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He holds the second position out of the Twelve Kizuki and is the third most powerful demon.

Doma once held the position of upper moon rank six. During that time, he turned Gyutaro and Daki into demons and made them part of the Twelve Kizuki.

He also runs a cult that worships him. It’s called Eternal Paradise Faith. He listened to his follower’s problems and gives them advice. It’s also a place where Doma catches and devours people.

Doma – Abilities

Doma is a demon with a lot of power. Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Hashira, is easy for him to beat with his combat skills and powerful Blood Demon Art. He is also known to have beaten Kanae Kocho, the late Flower Hashira, in the past. After that, Doma could fight Inosuke and Kanao, who were about as strong as the Hashira, at the same time without much trouble.

No other demon apart from Kokushibo and Muzan has any chance of defeating Doma in a fight. Doma was able to surpass Akaza, the upper rank moon three in much shorter time, showing that he is much more powerful than Akaza.

One major drawback of Doma is that he doesn’t fight seriously very often. Instead, he fights with a casual, carefree attitude, even when he’s up against the most powerful Demon Slayers. He only gets serious when his life is in danger.

Biological Absorption

Doma is capable of absorbing human bodies through physical contact. He did this when he killed Shinobu and absorbed her body in a few seconds. During battle, he mostly uses this ability as a faster way to eat humans.


Doma is clinically apathetic, which means he can’t feel any emotion at all. He puts on a friendly and carefree front to hide the fact that he doesn’t feel anything. All but the most observant people were fooled by this.

Doma’s inability to feel emotions has turned out to be a benefit, as it lets him calmly process, understand, and analyze any situation he faces, without letting his emotions get in the way. This makes it easy for him to come up with a solution for any opponent.

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Doma is very good at Tessenjutsu, which was clear when he fought against the Demon Slayers.

Doma showed off his skill by using two Japanese war fans at the same time to fight Kanao and Inosuke. He was able to easily beat both of them, showing that he could use his fans to both attack and defend in fast-paced battles, blocking attacks and delivering blows that overwhelmed the Demon Slayers.

Doma was so good at Tessenjutsu that he could use techniques that required him to do eight or nine fan attacks in the blink of an eye and make huge gusts of wind with them.

Doma’s Tessenjutsu also uses his cryokinetic Blood Demon Art, which extends its range and makes it more deadly. This makes his style of fighting a great mix of offence and defence.

Doma – Blood Demon Art: Cryokinesis

The Blood Demon Art that Doma has gives him very strong cryokinesis. He can make ice and frost out of his own blood and flesh, and he can make it appear anywhere around him. He can also control it at will, which lets him use very powerful ice techniques.

Also, the ice made by his Blood Demon Art is very dangerous to those who breathe it in. It kills the cells in the lungs very quickly, making the person unable to breathe.

Doma is very good at his Blood Demon Art. He can use the ice he creates to make things like frost lotuses, stalagmites, clouds of icy air, and even small copies of himself made of ice that can use the same techniques as him.

In battle, Doma usually uses his ability to control ice and frost with his Tessenjutsu to make his fan attacks stronger. Doma likes to use his Blood Demon Art to make ice shards that look like crystals and frost lotuses.

Doma Kimetsu No Yaiba
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Frozen Lotus

Doma does a forward fan slash that makes several ice lotuses and shards of ice that are very sharp.

Barren Hanging Garden

A series of eight to ten fan attacks that slice the enemy into pieces with ice shards.

Cold White Princesses

Doma makes the upper bodies of two human-like women out of ice and puts them on the ends of lotuses. He can then blow icy air at his target. The wind it made was cold enough to freeze the water and wood bridges around it right away. Kanao pointed out that this technique is very wide and has a long range.

Freezing Clouds

Doma makes a big wave of cold wind and spreads it out with his fans. This move almost made Kanao’s eyes freeze shut.

Scattering Lotuses

Doma swings his fans and makes a blizzard of long-range, razor-sharp ice shards in the shape of lotus petals.

Lotus Vines

Similar to his Frozen Lotus technique, Doma creates several ice lotuses and long frost vines that extend his reach and can catch or cut up his opponents.

Doma Demon Slayer
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Wintry Icicles

Doma makes a lot of icicles that he uses to stab his target.

Crystalline Divine Child

Doma makes small versions of himself out of ice to fight his enemies. He has shown that he can make up to six clones of himself at once. All of these clones are about as smart and skilled as Doma himself, and they can use any of his techniques, though not as well as him. Also, these clones can record any information they find out during battle and send it to Doma. This helps Doma fight his opponents better. One problem with this technique, though, is that the clones need concentration to keep working. This was shown when Shinobu’s poison started to hurt Doma and the clones disappeared.

Rime: Water Lily Bodhisattva

He makes a huge statue of Bodhisattva that is surrounded by ice lotuses. The most interesting thing about it is that it can blow huge gusts of Doma’s deadly ice out of its mouth and attack powerfully with its big arms. It can also use its hands to grab things.

Doma’s Blood Demon Art – Water Lily Bodhisattva

Doma’s Equipment

Japanese War Fans

Doma carries around a pair of Japanese war fans that were probably made from his flesh.

These fans are his primary offensive weapons and help him spread his Blood Demon Art. His fans are golden and have engravings on them that look like lotuses. They are very sharp and fit his style of the fighting because they can cut and slash like swords and make vast gusts of wind.

They have also been shown to be very strong, as they have survived many sword cuts and attacks without breaking.

Doma – Appearance

How doma looks
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Doma is a young man with a strong, toned body. He is tall. He has a pale face and nails that look like they are stained with a pale blue colour and are very long and pointed. His hair could look silver or a light golden colour.

People have said that Doma’s eyes are very rare and beautiful because they look like a rainbow of pastel colours that fade into each other as they circle his irises. Because of this, some people have thought that he is a god-blessed person who can talk to the gods.

Doma wore a blood-red turtleneck with a design that made it look like there was something black between his neck and upper chest.

He is usually seen holding a pair of sharp gold fans with a lotus design on them. These were his primary weapons.

[Spoiler For Anime] Doma Finally Feeling Emotions

Doma feeling emotions - Kimetsu no Yaiba
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In his final fight against the Insect Hashira, Shinobu, Doma doesn’t take her seriously. He has a carefree attitude throughout the fight which gave a chance to Shinobu to put poison.

Doma ignores the poison and gives attention to it only after it was spread through his body which was too late.

Doma thinks about how weak he must be to have lost to a poisoner like Shinobu, who couldn’t even kill a Demon by cutting off its head.

In his last moments, Doma says that he is not afraid of death or even upset that he lost. He thinks back to when he was a human and couldn’t feel any emotions.

Now that he is in the afterlife, Doma looks at Shinobu.

Doma then tells her how good she is at poisoning and how surprised he is that he didn’t realize it had gone through him before it was too late. She smiles and tells him that a demon named Tamayo helped her make it.

Shinobu asks Doma what’s wrong when he looks at her. The Demon tells her that he feels like his heart is beating and wonders if he loves Shinobu. He says out loud that he thinks that if love is real, then heaven and hell must be real too. He then asks Shinobu if he wants to go to hell with him.

Doma – Personality

by Sophie Usui

Kanae Kocho says that Doma seems friendly and charismatic on the outside and that he talks and acts in a calm and carefree way. But it soon becomes clear that Doma has psychopathic tendencies. He has sick beliefs and habits, like killing and eating the people in his cult with joy.

Doma seems carefree and unassuming, but he is actually a cold and calculating person with a very sharp mind. His high intelligence may be why he looks down on humans and thinks they are so sad and stupid that he cries because he feels sorry for them.

Later, Doma turns out to be clinically apathetic, which means that he has no feelings and can’t feel them properly.

Doma himself said that he had no idea what human emotions were, even in his early life. Doma knew this was strange, so he made up for his empty “heart” with his own charm. He learned to act carefree enough to fool all but the most observant people. Doma never once expressed any kind of emotions till his death.

Final Thoughts

Doma, similar to other demons, has a very sad story filled with despair and hurt. Some may even say it’s so sad for a person not to feel any emotion.

In his afterlife, Doma finally gets to experience the strongest of emotions, love.

What rank is doma demon slayer?

Doma is the third strongest demon and sits at Upper Moon Two rank. He is incredibly close to Muzan in accomplishing tasks.

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