Demon Slayer is getting more and more popular, and it could become one of the most popular animes ever. Since it came out, fans all over the world have been captivated by its sad story of humans versus demons. It has a lot of exciting sword fights, great special moves, and interesting animations. In this post, we’ll find out who killed Upper Moon Rank Two Doma.

Doma is the Upper Moon Rank Two among the Twelve Kizuki. Kanae Kocho says that Doma seems friendly and charismatic on the outside and that he talks and acts in a calm and carefree way. But it soon becomes clear that Doma has psychopathic tendencies.

Who Killed Doma?

Inosuko, one of the finest Demon Slayers and the Beast Breathing user, kills off Doma with major help from Shinobu and Kanao. The only reason Kanao is not able to kill Doma is that she doesn’t have the physical strength to do so.

Doma sees Shinobu at the door to his room as he is eating a group of his disciples in a room in the Infinity Castle. When another meal walks right into his room, he is happy and thanks Nakime (the owner of Infinity Castle). One of his disciples is still alive, and she begs Shinobu to save her. This makes Doma angry, so he tries to kill her, but Shinobu jumps in and saves her. She asks the young woman if she is okay, but before the young woman can answer, she breaks apart and dies right in front of Shinobu’s eyes.

Shinobu X Doma
Shinobu X Doma

Shinobu Confronts Doma About Kanae

Doma’s insistence that he saved the girl by killing her makes Shinobu angry. She notices that Doma’s primary weapon is a pair of sharp fans, and she asks him angrily if he remembers the haori that used to belong to her older sister.

Doma finally remembers her because she used to wear a haori with butterfly wings on it. He jokes about being sad that he can’t eat Kanae because the sun is coming up, which makes Shinobu even madder.

Shinobu vs Doma

Hashira quickly attacks him with her Insect Breathing, Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter, which sends a powerful stab right into Doma’s right eyeball. Doma is surprised because he can’t stop it.

Doma praises Shinobu for how fast she is and then uses Blood Demon Art: Frozen Lotus to push her back, which causes her to breathe in the cold air by accident. When he tells her that a demon can only be killed by cutting off its head, he suddenly hunches over and vomits blood. The poison she gave him is making him sick. Upper Moon Rank Two breaks down the poison and heals himself quickly after being stabbed. Shinobu tries to poison him four more times, but Doma is now completely immune to her usual attacks. He teases her the whole time for breathing in his frost and getting worse because of it.

Shinobu vs Doma
Shinobu vs Doma

No Effect of Poison (Yet)

Shinobu hits him with Insect Breathing, Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon, and hits him. She is now hedging her bets on giving him a large dose to kill him by using a six-stab attack. But as she attacked him, he attacked her at the same time, cutting her collarbone, ribs, and lung.

Shinobu then gets ready to attack Doma again, even though she is badly hurt and in a lot of pain. She uses Insect Breathing, Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag, to attack him and confuse him. She hits Doma right in the neck, which pierces him and sends him flying toward the ceiling. Shinobu thinks she has won when she sees Doma poisoned and dying from her attack, even though she is tired and hurt.

Shinobu’s Death: Doma Absorbs Her

But Doma gets better almost as soon as Shinobu hits her, which makes Shinobu even angrier. Shinobu is exhausted, badly hurt, and very close to dying when Doma grabs her as they fall from the ceiling. He gives her a bear hug and starts making fun of her. He tells her that her whole plan to beat him was a waste of time, tells her that she will live happily as a part of him, and asks her for her last words.

<a href=Shinobu vs Doma| Kimetsu no Yaiba by Korosenai39″ class=”wp-image-2831″/>
Shinobu vs Doma| Kimetsu no Yaiba
by Korosenai39

Doma breaks Shinobu’s body in his arms and starts to absorb her at the same time that her student Kanao Tsuyuri arrives.

Kanao vs Doma

Doma suddenly appears behind Kanao and tries to cut off her head with one of his fans. Kanao quickly moves out of the way and hits him in the stomach, making some of his organs fall out. He doesn’t seem to feel her blow, so he just sends some of his ice lotuses at her and notes that her reaction time has gotten faster as she learns to avoid his attacks. As he heals himself, he thinks that Kanao might be stronger than Shinobu, who is a Hashira.

Doma trying to cut Kanao's head
Doma trying to cut Kanao’s head

Doma notices that the main reason she can block and avoid his attacks is that she has very good eyesight. Kanao is able to easily guess and predict his every move because she watches how his shoulders, eyes, toes, elbows, and knees move. This lets her know what he’s going to do next and how to defend against it.

Inosuke Gets In

At that moment, Inosuke breaks through the room’s ceiling and uses his Beast Breathing, Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting, to protect Kanao from Doma’s attack.

He looks at Doma’s eyes and sees that he’s Upper Rank 2. He screams that he’ll become a Hashira if he beats the Demon and asks Kanao what his Hashira title should be. Inosuke sees that Kanao’s face is bruised and asks, “What happened?” He says that Shinobu will be angry if she sees her Tsuguko in that condition. Kanao stays quiet, so the Demon Slayer with a pig’s head figures out what’s going on and asks her if Shinobu is dead.

Inosuke by xtwrxedits
Inosuke by xtwrxedits

Doma tells Kanao that Shinobu isn’t dead and that she will live inside of him forever because he “saved” her from her pain and suffering. Inosuke thinks about how kind Shinobu was to him and promises Doma that he will kill him as he rushes toward the Upper Rank with his Beast Breathing, Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice.

Reminding of Inosuke’s Past

Doma calls Inosuke crazy and says he’s never met a kid like him before, even though he’s been alive for a long time. The Demon Slayer says that’s obvious since Inosuke is the greatest. As Doma is talking, he jumps forward and grabs his mask from his head.

Inosuke yells at him to give it back, which makes Doma even madder. The Demon sees Inosuke’s face and says he knows him from somewhere. He then asks Inosuke if they’ve met before.

Doma says he knew Inosuke’s mother because she joined his cult, but Inosuke says he doesn’t have a mother because he was raised by boars. Doma laughs and says that since he is a human, he must have a human mother.

Inosuke yells at him to stop telling lies and give him back his boar mask, then rushes in to attack the Demon again with Beast Breathing, Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite. Two of Doma’s fans cut him twice in the chest. Doma smiles and tells him not to talk before sending him flying back to Kanao with his ice.

Doma then tells the story of Inosuke’s mother, Kotoha, and how she joined Doma’s cult with her baby son but left when she found out that the Demon was eating his followers. He says that Doma killed her because he still thinks he is saving her from her abusive family by eating her. Before the Demon’s attack, she threw her son off a cliff in the hopes that he would survive. Inosuke starts to think about her again, and the song she used to sing to him comes to mind.

Furious Inosuke

Doma calls Kotoha stupid and unhappy, saying she has never had a happy moment. An angry Inosuke thanks Doma for letting him remember this story and promises not only to kill him for what he did to Kotoha and Shinobu but also to put him through hell before he does.

Doma decides to make three clones and let them loose around the castle to kill the rest of the Demon Slayers there. He hears Kanao shouting to Inosuke that they have to keep fighting the crystal clones for a bit longer. He thinks about what this might mean, but then he brushes it off and starts to reach for the door handle.

Poison Takes Effect

Doma suddenly falls to the floor, and as he does, one of his arms breaks off, and his crystal clones start to crack and fall apart. He doesn’t know what’s going on. Inosuke asks if it’s a trap, but Kanao, who knew about Shinobu’s plan to kill Doma before the battle, tells him it’s not and that the poison Shinobu had in her body when he ate her is melting the Demon. She tells Inosuke to go for his neck to kill him, and Doma plays his last and most powerful card, Blood Demon Art, Water Lily Bodhisattva is a rhyme.

Doma’s Final Attempt

Doma's Blood Demon Art: Water Lily Bodhisattva
Doma’s Blood Demon Art: Water Lily Bodhisattva

The ice Bodhisattva statue that Doma made slams its hand on the floor of the room, causing a small earthquake that throws Inosuke and Kanao into the air. Kanao notices that his technique isn’t very accurate and that it seems to be the Demon’s last attempt to protect himself with the little energy he still had. She decides to try to break through him with her final form, Flower Breathing, Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye.

Inosuke Cutting Off Doma’s Head and Killing Him

Inosuke is grabbed by one of the statue’s hands as Kanao jumps to the Upper Rank and hits his neck with her sword. Kanao can’t cut it, so Inosuke comes up with Beast Breathing, Sudden Throwing Strike on the spot and uses it to throw his blades at Kanao to give it the extra strength it needs to cut Doma’s neck. They are able to cut off his head, and Upper Rank 2 and his statue start to fall apart.

Doma’s Final Moments

As his head hits the floor, Doma thinks about how weak he must be to have lost to a poisoner like Shinobu, who wasn’t even strong enough to kill a Demon by cutting off its head. He thinks to himself that he shouldn’t give up and that he should try to grow a new head like Muzan can, and Akaza almost did. But he soon realises that this would be useless and that he is going to die. In his last moments, Doma says that he is not afraid of death or even upset that he lost. He thinks back to when he was a human and couldn’t feel any emotions.

The Afterlife

Doma opens his eyes in the afterlife and sees Shinobu holding his severed head in one hand. She asks if he is finally dead and says that she can now rest in peace.

Insosuke and Shinobu by by EsmeraldaGio
Insosuke and Shinobu by by EsmeraldaGio

He doesn’t care about this and instead tells her how good she is at poisoning and how surprised he is that he didn’t realise it had gone through him before it was too late.

She smiles and says that a Demon named Tamayo helped her make it. Shinobu says she is upset that she couldn’t kill him herself that but she is still happy with how things turned out. Shinobu asks Doma what’s wrong when he looks at her. The Demon tells her that he feels like his heart is beating and wonders if he loves Shinobu.

He says out loud that he thinks that if love is real, then heaven and hell must be real too. He then asks Shinobu if he wants to go to hell with him.

Final Thoughts – Who Killed Doma, the Upper Moon Rank Two?

The battle to kill Doma was fascinating, with so much thrill and anticipation. The vengeance of the two sisters, Kanao and Shinobu, finally comes to an end when they kill Doma. They were able to avenge their sister, Kanae.

In the end, to answer the question, who killed Doma? It was the combined efforts of Shinobu, Kanae, and Inosuke.

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