We will discuss about Inosuke’s backstory from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in this blog post. He is one of the demon slayers belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps.

Inosuke is a young man with a very short fuse and a lot of pride. He always thinks he is the strongest fighter in a given situation and challenges most people he meets, wanting them to respect and praise him for his skill.

Inosuke Backstory - Inosuke from Wiki
Inosuke Backstory – Inosuke from Wiki

Here, we will see Inosuke’s backstory in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is one of the main characters in Demon Slayer, and it would be interesting to read his backstory in the story.

Inosuke Backstory – As a Child

Inosuke grew up in a family in which his father had a history of physical and verbal abuse. Her mother had to suffer through a lot, and one day, she decided to flee from his father. She ran away when Inosuke was just an infant.

Joining Doma’s Cult

After that, Doma inducted Inosuke’s mother and himself into the Paradise Faith cult, despite the fact that Inosuke was still an infant at the time. Kotoha took pleasure in serenading Inosuke with her voice, but it seems that every time she did so, she altered the lyrics of the song.

Inosuke Backstory - Inosuke with his mother from Wiki
Inosuke Backstory – Inosuke with his mother from Wiki

But Kotoha and her kid, Inosuke, escaped as soon as they learned that Doma had eaten the people who adored him after they discovered this information.

Running Away From Doma

After wandering around in a disorganised manner in search of a community of people, Kotoha found herself perched on the edge of a cliff. She realises that there is no way out, and she desperately attempts to save Inosuke by throwing him into the river below the cliff.

Inosuke Backstory - Inosuke with his mother from Wiki
Inosuke Backstory – with his mother from Wiki

After that, Doma devoured her like a snack. Inosuke was eventually discovered by some boars, who took care of him and reared him from a young age. He spent most of his childhood in between the boars.

Inosuke Backstory – When Inosuke Meets Doma in Infinity Castle Arc

Note: The following text contains spoilers for the last arc of Demon Slayer.

Doma calls Inosuke crazy and says he’s never met a kid like him before, even though he’s been alive for a long time. The Demon Slayer says that’s obvious since Inosuke is the greatest.

Inosuke yells at Doma to give back his mask while he is talking.

Doma Recognizing Inosuke

Doma jumps forward at an incredible speed and grabs his mask off his head. The Demon sees Inosuke’s face and says he knows him from somewhere. He then asks Inosuke if they’ve met before.

Inosuke says they haven’t because he would remember meeting someone like Doma, but the Upper Rank says they have and sticks his finger through Inosuke’s head and into his brain to try to make him remember.

Doma says he knew Inosuke’s mother because she joined his cult, but Inosuke says he doesn’t have a mother because he was raised by boars.

Doma laughs and says that since he is a human, he must have a human mother. Inosuke yells at him to stop telling lies and give him back his boar mask, then rushes in to attack the Demon again with Beast Breathing, Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite.

Inosuke Backstory - Inosuke shouting at Doma from Wiki
Inosuke Backstory – Inosuke shouting at Doma from Wiki

Doma Reminds Inosuke About Her Mother

Doma then tells the story of Inosuke’s mother, Kotoha, and how she joined Doma’s cult with her baby son but left when she found out that the Demon was eating his followers.

He says that Doma killed her because he still thinks he is saving her from her abusive family by eating her. Before the Demon’s attack, she threw her son off a cliff in the hopes that he would survive.

Inosuke starts to think about her again, and the song she used to sing to him comes to mind.

Doma calls Kotoha stupid and unhappy, saying she has never had a happy moment. An angry Inosuke thanks Doma for letting him remember this story and promises not only to kill him for what he did to Kotoha and Shinobu, but also to put him through hell before he does.

Inosuke by A2T-will-Draw
Inosuke by A2T-will-Draw

Doma smiles again and tells Inosuke that there is no heaven or hell in this world because heaven and hell are just stories that weak people make up to help them deal with their problems. Inosuke yells that he doesn’t care if there is no hell because he can make one himself, and he tells Doma to stop talking about his mother like she is sad.

Final Thoughts – Inosuke Backstory

Inosuke has a weird childhood where he thinks that he was raised by boars. His mother had to throw him off a cliff into a river to save him from the Upper Moon Rank Two.

After that, Inosuke developed his whole personality based on the surroundings and the boars.

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