This blog post will focus on who killed Mitsuri Kanroji in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will also see how Mitsuri dies and answer other questions.

Mitsuri was one of the Hashira belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps. She was the current Love Hashira and had an immensely profound sword and battle skills.

Mitsuri knew two breathing styles – Love Breathing and Flame Breathing.

She developed Love breathing style on her own based on Flame Breathing that she learned from the Flame Hashira, Rengoku. Love Breathing Style was particularly great for Mitsuri, considering her flexible body and fighting style.

Mitsuri also carried a twisted Nichrin sword to complement her fighting style. It was extremely thin and flexible. You can easily think that it is a whip instead of a sword.

First of all, if we are answering the question of who kills Mitsuri Kanroji, then we have somewhat already answered this question –

Does Mitsuri Kanroji die in Demon Slayer?

Yes, Mitsuri Kanroji dies in the series Demon Slayer. She dies in the Final Battle Arc of the series, and it is one of the saddest deaths of all time. Mitsuri was cute, funny and always seemed enthusiastic, which fans could easily attach to.

Who Killed Mitsuri/How Did Mitsuri Die?

Mitsuri Kanroji dies in the final battle against Muzan. While fighting Muzan, the Demon King, she is severely exhausted and injured. Mitsuri loses both her arms and eventually dies in the aftermath of the battle. She died while fighting Muzan, so eventually, Muzan killed her.

The Fight Leading To Mitsuri’s Death

Now we will see the fight leading to Mitsuri’s death.

Love Hashira, Mitsuri Joining the Fight in Final Battle Arc

The Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji suddenly falls through the ceiling and uses Love Breathing, Sixth Form: Cat-Legged Winds of Love to stop Muzan’s attack.

Mitsuri thinks that her attack damaged Muzan, but she is shocked to see that the Demon King is entirely unharmed. Obanai shows up and helps Tanjiro get back up. He tells him that he should quit the fight if he keeps getting knocked down.

Tanjiro is glad to see that Obanai and Mitsuri are still alive, but Muzan is confused and angry that the two Hashira that Nakime was supposed to have killed are still alive.

Infinity Castle Breaking Apart

The whole Infinity Castle starts falling apart, but Yushiro knows he can still get everyone out of the castle because not all of Nakime’s cells have broken down yet.

Because of this, no one can stand on solid ground, while Mitsuri tries to use another Love Breathing technique on Muzan, but Muzan avoids it.

Mitsuri attacking Muzan from Wiki
Mitsuri attacking Muzan from Wiki

Muzan swings his whips all over the place and cuts Tanjiro in the middle of his body. He almost kills Mitsuri by stabbing her in the face, but Obanai moves her out of the way and only cuts a small piece of her haori.

Mitsuri taking Immense Damage

Back on the battlefield, where Tanjiro is getting closer to dying, Muzan’s attacks cut and slash the Hashira. Mitsuri took the most damage from Muzan’s attack, and just as one of Muzan’s arm tentacles was about to stab her, a sudden impact broke it, saving Mitsuri.

It soon turns out to be Gyomei Himejima, which surprises everyone, but the Demon King the most.

Muzan Overwhelming the Demon Slayers

The Hashira is under more pressure because Muzan’s attacks are getting stronger and stronger. Gyomei even says that because he can’t get to the “Transparent World,” it’s almost a gamble that he can avoid getting hurt by the Demon King’s attacks.

Mitsuri, on the other hand, is getting the worst of it from the Hashira. She can only avoid them by instinct and luck.

Muzan attacking the Hashiras

Obanai x Mitsuri

Mitsuri, on the other hand, keeps trying to get up and convince Obanai to let her keep fighting by saying that she won’t hold back this time and won’t be a burden to anyone. Obanai quickly says no and tells her that she has helped the Demon Slayer Corps fight the Demon race enough.

Mitsuri’s Demon Slayer Mark

Obanai quickly runs back to the battlefield, but Mitsuri starts crying and begs Obanai and everyone else not to die. As Mitsuri cries, Obanai tells himself that he “must die” by beating Muzan so that his blood can be cleansed and he can come back as an innocent being with Mitsuri’s reincarnation by his side. When the bandages fall off, slits that look like snakes run across his whole face. Obanai wants Mitsuri to know that he comes from a lousy family whose members have killed people and used others for their own gain.

Mitsuri Finally Dies

After the battle ends, Mitsuri is seen dead on the ground. She died of exhaustion and all her previous injuries fighting the Demon King.

Conclusion – Who Killed Mitsuri?

To conclude, Mitsuri dies because of her severe injuries taken by Muzan, the Demon King. She was not able to understand the strength of Muzan and took an immense deal of damage during the fight.

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