Gyomei is the current strongest Demon Slayer in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is stronger than all the other Hashira in the current era.

Gyomei is the perfect example of the gentle giant archetype because, despite his intimidating looks, he is surprisingly soft-spoken and sensitive.

He is also shown to be very religious, as he always has his prayer beads with him and prays in hard times.

What Gyomei Thinks Of The Hashira

Gyomei thinks of the other Hashira in the following ways –

“He’s able to say things that need to be said. His mentality is mature.” – Mist Hashira

“He tends to boastfully speak, but remains cool-headed. He assesses his own capabilities correctly, and isn’t overconfident.”Sound Hashira

“She’s a good natured girl. She seems to like Iguro.”Love Hashira

“He’s naturally inarticulate and gloomy. He seems happy talking with Kocho.”Water Hashira

“She’s delicate. She tends to work too hard. She seems to enjoy talking with Tomioka” – Insect Hashira

“He’s positive, and never lies. He’s honest.”Flame Hashira

“A very earnest child. He’s sensitive. He seems to be in love with Kanroji.”Serpent Hashira

“He possesses a strong will and is honest at heart. He’s a bashful person. He seems to like Kanae.”Wind Hashira

Gyomei killing the demon from Wiki
Gyomei killing the demon from Wiki

What Episode Does Gyomei Appear In Demon Slayer?

Gyomei appears in Episode 21 of the anime in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Tanjiro sees Gyomei and all the other hashira standing in front of him when he wakes up in the garden.

What Manga Chapter Does Gyomei Appear In Demon Slayer?

Gyomei first appears in Chapter 44 of the Demon Slayer Manga. After fighting the spider demon, Tanjiro passes out. He is rescued by Kakushi. When he opens his eyes, he is in front of all the Hashiras. Gyomei is also standing there.

What Is Gyomei’s Weapon?

Nichirin Chained Spiked Axe and Flail

Instead of a Nichirin sword, Gyomei uses a weapon that looks like a Kusarigama and is made up of an axe (Ono) and a flail (Chigiriki) connected by a long chain. Still, the weapon was made from the same things that Nichirin swords are made of.

It is primarily known for its high-quality craftsmanship, which is even better than the swords made during the Sengoku period, which was when swordsmithing was at its most advanced. Even Upper Rank One Kokushibo couldn’t break through the chain, so he had to fight from a distance.

What Breathing Style Did Gyomei Use?

Stone Breathing Style

Gyomei uses a spiked flail and an axe to make its moves. He does this by using his superhuman hearing and strength. He showed how good he was at Stone Breathing when he fought Kokushibo. Gyomei was able to use attacks that were just as powerful as the demon’s Moon Breathing.

Who Is Stronger Gyomei or Kokushibo?

Kokushibo is definitely stronger than Gyomei. In a one-on-one fight, Gyomei would struggle to match up with Kokushibo’s strength, regenerative capabilities and super blood demon art. During the fight with Kokushib, he had to take help from several other hashira to finally defeat Kokushibo.

Gyomei from Wiki

Who Is Stronger Gyomei or Akaza?

Gyomei can defeat Akaza. Gyomei’s primary weapon is a spiked axe and flail, which are incredible in close-range fights. Akaza, at the same time, likes to fight in close-distance battles. He doesn’t have any long-range attacks like Kokushibo. So, Akaza would be at a disadvantage.

Kokushibo distanced himself from Gyomei to dodge his deadly attacks and resorted to long-range attacks. This gave him the upper hand.

Is Gyomei The Strongest Hashira

Gyomei is the strongest hashira in the current era. Yoriichi, on the other hand, is much stronger than Gyomei. But since Yoriichi is not there, Gyomei can be called the strongest hashira. He uses stone breathing style.

 by aflied
Gyomei by aflied

Who Taught Gyomei Stone Breathing

It is still unknown who taught Gyomei stone breathing style. But it is not a unique style. It is said that Gyomei may have learned it himself or picked it up from some other cultivator. Even though he is highly skilled in the stone breathing style and can outclass any other hashira.

How Tall Is Gyomei

Gyomei Height – 220 cm (7’2½”)

Gyomei is 7 feet and 2½ inches tall. He is the tallest of all the hashira in Demon Slayer. His tall body gives him a competitive advantage while using his stone breathing style and while using his primary weapon – Nichirin Axe.

How Did Gyomei Went Blind?

Before Gyomei became a Demon Slayer and Hashira, he lived in a temple with nine orphaned children and raised them. Once, he had a severe fever and couldn’t find any medicine to cure it. This harmed his eyes and eventually blinded him.

Gyomei | by Nihalwakode
Gyomei | by Nihalwakode

Will Gyomei Die?


Gyomei dies in the final battle arc of Demon Slayer. He awakens his demon slayer mark to assist the hashira and our protagonist, Tanjiro, in the final battle against Muzan, the Demon King.

How Did Gyomei Himejima Die in Demon Slayer?

After defeating Kokushibo in the Infinity Castle Arc, Gyomei and most of the hashiras are exhausted. But in those intense battles, they knew they wouldn’t have time to rest. Gyomei soon starts fighting Muzan, the demon king. While making an opening for Tanjiro to attack Muzan, Gyomei gives up his life.

When Will Gyomei Fight?

Manga Chapters: 165

Gyomei fights for the first time against Kokushibo starting in Chapter 165. He fights Kokushibo along with three other Demon Slayers – Muichiro Tokito(Mist Hashira), Genya Shinazugawa, Sanemi Shinazugawa (Wind Hashira).

Gyomei Backstory | by IntrovertedMochi
Gyomei | by IntrovertedMochi

Why Is Gyomei Always Crying

Gyomei is a soft-hearted person. He is incredibly sensitive in nature. This could be because of his religious upbringing, which taught him to care about all living things, and because he felt so bad about beating up a demon that he knew he would never forget that feeling for the rest of his life.

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