In this post, we will go over who killed Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will go over the whole battle that took place in Infinity Castle Arc. This battle happened between the Upper Moon Rank One, Kokushibo and the Three Hashira – Mist, Wind and Stone.

Muichiro was the former Mist Hashira and one of the most dominant Demon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. He became a Hashira just after two months after training which was a near impossible feat for any demon slayer.

Who Killed Muichiro, the Mist Hashira and How?

Kokushibo, the Upper Moon Rank One kills Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira. He kills him during the Infinity Castle Arc. Kokushibo is impressed by Muichiro’s skills and offers him to become a demon. But after Muichiro declines the offer, Kokushibo kills him.

Kokushibo cover
Kokushibo Demon Slayer

During the Infinity Castle Arc, when the Upper Moon Rank, One asks the Hashira his name, he says it out loud in a stuttering way. The name “Tsugikuni” is no longer used, which Kokushibo finds out. Muichiro doesn’t know who Tsugikuni is, so this confuses him.

The Upper Rank is asked what Tsugikuni is. Kokushibo knew that because so much time had passed, his family name, which he says out loud is “Michikatsu Tsugikuni,” would soon be forgotten.

Muichiro Demon Slayer Mist Breathing Style by Chawin Choosrirat
Muichiro Mist Breathing Style by Chawin Choosrirat

He also says he has a relationship with one of his children, which would make that child his biological child. Muichiro is very scared by the fact that he is related by blood to an Upper Rank, so he wants to know if Kokushibo uses Sun Breathing, which is the first Breathing Style. Muichiro, on the other hand, tries to calm down by changing the way he breathes, which makes Kokushibo praise his mind. When Muichiro runs quickly toward the Upper Rank, the battle begins.

Muichiro x Kokushibo

Muichiro tries to cut off Kokushibo’s head with his Mist Breathing, Second Form: Eight-Layed Mist. On the other hand, the Upper Rank avoids it with grace and praises Muichiro’s sword skills. He also knows that one of his descendants can breathe in mist. Muichiro doesn’t want to talk to his “ancestor,” so he uses his Mist Breathing.

Mist Breathing Fifth Form: Sea of Cloud and Mist
Mist Breathing Fifth Form: Sea of Cloud and Mist

The Sea of Clouds and Mist attack the Upper Rank, but it is easy for the Upper Rank to dodge the attack again. Kokushibo calls Muichiro’s name, and even though he is only 14, he has such refined and beautiful sword skills.

Muichiro Disgusted by the Truth of His Blood

Muichiro says that even though he is his descendant, they no longer share a single drop of blood because so much time has passed. As he tells Kokushibo what he wants to say, the Upper Rank is surprised to see his Demon Slayer Mark again. Muichiro finally uses his original Mist Breathing, Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds, on the Upper Rank, which he has never seen in the hundreds of years he has been fighting other Mist Breathers. The attack is again missed by the Upper Rank, which is terrible. Kokushibo finally pulls out his sword, which is against the samurai code of honour, and uses Moon Breathing, First Form: Dark Moon, Evening Palace on Mist Hashira.

Kokushibo cutting off Muichiro's Arm
Kokushibo cutting off Muichiro’s Arm

The attack cuts off Muichiro’s left hand, and he realises that Upper Rank 1 is using Moon Breathing, which he has never seen before. He also says that Kokushibo is so fast that he can’t even defend himself against his attack.

Kokushibo Tells Muichiro to Turn Into a Demon

Muichiro screams in pain, and Kokushibo tells him to turn into a demon so he can join the Twelve Kizuki and maybe even start climbing to an Upper Rank.

The Upper Rank is moved by the fact that, after so many years, he has seen a descendant of his own cells. He tells Muichiro that he won’t have to worry about anything once he turns into a demon. His arm would grow back quickly, and he is sure that Muzan Kibutsuji would find a way to use a Demon Slayer who turned into a Demon since Kokushibo is the only other Upper Rank left to fight right now.

He wants Muichiro to just accept that he’s going to die if he doesn’t.

Muichiro Is About to Die and Giving it All

Muichiro turning his Nichirin sword bright red
Muichiro turned his Nichirin sword to bright red.

He finally gets free from where Kokushibo stabbed him and pulls his Nichirin Sword from his shoulder. He knows he only has a few hours left to live before he drops dead from his wounds, but there is no one to help him.

Knowing this, he decides that if he has to die, he will give it his all and make it easier for the other Hashira who are fighting the Upper Rank. He puts on his missing hand the bandages that Kokushibo put on his body when he asked him to turn into a demon.

The Upper Moon Rank One gets angry and yells when he thinks about his past after fighting with other Hashiras. As he roars, dozens of slashes come out of his body in a chaotic way. Muichiro is killed by having the bottom half of his body cut off, and Genya is cut in half vertically. Muichiro can’t believe that his body got so many cuts even though he didn’t swing.

The Last Time Muichiro Tried to Kill Kokushibo

Muichiro tells himself to do something or use a trick to help save Sanemi and Gyomei. When he squeezes the Nichirin Sword as hard as he can, the whole blade turns bright red and burns the skin where he stabbed Kokushibo. He gives this attack all of his strength and life force. Kokushibo says that the place where he was stabbed is getting stiff and that his organs are burning like fire.

Kokushibo Kills Muichiro

Muichiro’s hand is still inside Kokushibo when he dies of exhaustion and fatal injuries. His last remaining limb, his hand, is cut off by Kokushibo. Then his body falls to the ground, and the Upper Rank pulls his Nichirin Sword out of his body.

Kokushibo stabbed right through Muichiro's torso
Kokushibo stabbed right through Muichiro’s torso

Gyomei tells Muichiro’s body, which has been cut up four times, that they wouldn’t have been able to kill the Upper Rank without his and Genya’s help. Then, as Muichiro cries, Gyomei closes his eyes and says they will finish their mission to beat Muzan.

Final Thoughts – Who Killed Muichiro in Demon Slayer

Muichiro was one of the most powerful and skilled Hashira in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. His Mist breathing style was particularly significant in battle. But, Kokushibo being the Upper Moon Rank One and fighting battles for more than 500 years, had more experience and skills.

Eventually, he was able to overpower Muichiro.

In the end, to answer the question of who killed Muichiro, it was Kokushibo, the Upper Moon Rank One.

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