In this post, we will go over who killed Gyutaro and How in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Gyutaro was the Upper Moon Rank Six among Twelve Kizuki. He shared this position with her sister, Daki.

Gyutaro showed himself to be cruel, ruthless, petty, and jealous of anyone who had a better life than he did. This was because he lived in almost constant poverty and went through many terrible things as a person.

Gyutaro and Daki
Daki and Gyutaro

Who Killed Gyutaro, the Upper Moon Rank Six and How?

Tanjiro Kamado killed Gyutaro in the Entertainment Arc District. He was able to kill Gyutaro by unknowingly awakening his Demon Slayer Mark to gain the strength to decapitate Gyutaro. He also got help from the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.

Gyutaro Comes Out Of Daki

Daki yells at Tengen for chopping off her head, and Tengen begs her to remain silent and die. The enraged demon reminds him that he had denied her Upper Rank status. He acknowledges this, but she insists on her marital status, which frustrates him. Hashira is taken aback as Daki begins to weep and throw a tantrum.

He also notes that she had been talking for a long time when she should have been dying. Still having a fit, Daki screams for her older brother to come and save her, and a male demon starts to come out of her body.

Tengen recognises the two Demons as deadly and attempts to strike them immediately, but his blades merely hit the air as the Demons vanish from his sight. On the other side of the room, behind Tengen, Gyutaro consoles Daki.

Gyutaro coming out of Daki
Gyutaro coming out of Daki

He requests that she at least attempt to put her own head back on. Tengen is perplexed as to why Daki is still alive after having his head severed. He also has concerns about the new demon, whom he describes as being very quick to act. Gyutaro tells Daki to heal her burn and compliments her on her beauty. Tengen is injured when he tries to attack them again. Daki informs her brother that more humans are killing demons. She begs him to kill Nezuko, the one who burned her, and says she tried her best, but “everyone stepped in my way and made me feel awful.”

The Demon Siblings Prove They Are the Same

Daki defends her brother by wrapping an Obi sash around both of them when Tengen produces an explosion. Their bodies are undamaged, and they proclaim confidently that they fight as one. In the present, Gyutaro notices Tengen’s health deteriorating and is relieved when he realises his poison is starting to work. Tengen then declares that he is still in the top physical condition and marches forward to assault the siblings.

Tengen manages to force Daki away from Gyutaro and lets loose a slew of dark beads, causing a series of explosions. Both parties reassess the situation, and Daki is left to moan as she pitifully rests her head on her body. Daki vehemently challenges Tengen’s declaration that the Demon Slayers will win as she puts her head back on. To Tanjiro’s dismay, she claims that they can’t win because Tengen has been poisoned.

Gyutaro and Daki become enraged and declare that they have eaten 15 and 7 Hashira, respectively, before attacking the party. Daki realises Zenitsu is from the Kyogoku House now that they’re on the roof. He directs her to apologise to the girl who was crying when he discovered her earlier. She mocks his speech by claiming that women in the district are viewed as commodities and that, as the principal income of the household, she could do anything she pleased with other people. A third eye forms on Daki’s forehead when she stares up at Zenitsu, indicating that Gyutaro can see them through her new eye.

Working Together to Assassinate Demon Slayers

As the conflict progresses, Daki and Gyutaro collaborate to assault the Demon Slayers from various sides. Tanjiro was going to jump off a building’s roof to rescue Tengen when a voice warned them to be careful since Inosuke and Zenitsu were about to crash onto the roof while fighting the Obi. Inosuke and Zenitsu seek Tanjiro’s assistance in defeating Daki. Tanjiro agrees, but he wants them to finish as soon as possible so they can help Tengen. Hinatsuru informs the boys that she will swiftly conceal so that they can concentrate on the combat.

She vanishes as they approach Daki. Tanjiro joins the fight and informs his friends that they need a swift attack to slit her neck. Inosuke notices her slowing down and resolves to go first, while Zenitsu and Tanjiro agree that Zenitsu will guard Tanjiro against behind. He dashes forward using Beast Breathing and Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush. while Zenitsu and Tanjiro use Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Eightfold and Water Breathing, and Third Form: Flowing Dance to defend him from the Obi.

Gyutaro Teasing Tanjiro

Gyutaro stood in front of him and laughed at how weak and pathetic Tanjiro and his friends were. As Tanjiro keeps insulting him, the demon breaks his index and middle finger. Then Gyutaro said he would make Tanjiro into a demon.

Gyutaro by Wiki
Gyutaro by Wiki

Tanjiro looked up at the sky without saying a word, which surprised Gyutaro when he brought it back down with a strong headbutt. As Gyutaro tried to get back up on his feet, he noticed something was wrong. When Gyutaro saw that the kunai was stuck in his leg, he thought that Tanjiro had used the courtesan’s sachets to hide the smell of the kunai that Hinatsuru had given him. Tanjiro sees the demon on the ground, he puts his sword on Gyutaro’s neck.

When Daki saw what was going on, she started using her sashes to help her brother. Zenitsu used his God Speed to get out of the rubble and block her attacks with his sashes.

Tengen and Gyutaro Fighting In God Speed

Tanjiro kept trying to push his sword down Gyutaro’s neck, but his blood slices stopped him in the end. When the demon woke up again, he got angry and started to attack Tanjiro. Uzui, who finally finished Gyutaro’s Musical Score, saved Tanjiro just as the flesh sickle was about to hit him in the face. Gyutaro was surprised to see that Uzui was still alive because he thought his heart had stopped beating. He then realised that the Hashira must have stopped his heart from beating, which also stopped the poison from moving through his veins for a while.

Gyutaro vs Tengen
Gyutaro vs Tengen

The fight then went on. Uzui was able to fight Gyutaro evenly because he had finished his music score, but the poison in his body kept him from really killing him. Gyutaro cuts out Uzui’s left eye while the Hashira stabs the demon in the stomach to make space for Tanjiro.

Tanjiro Kills Gyutaro

Tanjiro brings his sword down again on the Upper Rank. Gyutaro got back at Tanjiro by stabbing him in the jaw, mocking him inside because he thought Tanjiro was still a loser. Tanjiro thought he wasn’t strong enough to cut Gyutaro’s neck in his current state, so he put all of his strength into his sword, which turned on his Demon Slayer Mark without him knowing.

Even though it was the opposite at first, Gyutaro panicked when he saw that his sister was in the same situation as him. Tanjiro cut Gyotaro’s neck, and at the same time, Zenitsu and Inosuku decapitated Daki.

Daki and Gyutaro's Head
Daki and Gyutaro’s Head

Final Thoughts – Who Killed Gyutaro, the Upper Moon Rank Six

Gyutaro and Daki were the Upper Moon Rank Six among the twelve Kizuki. The biggest difficulty in killing them was that any Demon Slayer had to decapitate off both of them to actually kill them. Depacitating one of them wasn’t enough.

In the end, to answer the question of who killed Gyutaro, it was Tanjiro Kamado. He did this with the help of the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.

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