We will discuss about Tengen Uzui’s backstory from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in this blog post. He is the current Sound Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. He is one of the most skilled Demon Slayers in the association.

Tengen is a strange and flashy person who always wants to be “flamboyant” and needs everything to be flashy and stand out. He has even said that he is the god of festivals and flashiness.

This is shown when he gets excited thinking about how “flamboyant” it would be if Tanjiro Kamado’s blood vessels exploded and when he tries to drag Aoi Kanzaki, who doesn’t want to help him with a dangerous mission, to the Entertainment District and spanks her.

Tengen Demon Slayer
Tengen Backstory by MaewenMitzuki

Here, we will see Tengen’s backstory in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Tengen Backstory as a Child

Tengen was born into a Shinobi clan. He was there along with eight other youngsters at the time. He was blessed to have eight other siblings along with his father in his clan. But things turned out differently than he had expected.

Because of the rigorous training they received, three of the nine children passed away before reaching the age of ten.

The Harsh Childhood

He and his six other siblings were required to kill one another to fulfil their father’s demands. Masks were placed over their heads and faces so they were unaware of who they were fighting against.

Tengen didn’t discover his father’s plan until after he’d already carried it out by murdering two of his brothers. He got furious over the clan and his father’s training program. He didn’t like how his father made him and his siblings fight each other.

When he was 15 years old, seven of his siblings had already passed away, leaving him and his brother, who was younger by two years, to care for themselves. When they were younger, his father put them through rigorous and strenuous training in order to protect the clan.

He also led them to feel that it was necessary for them to commit acts of violence against defenceless others for their own protection and that the only way for them to have children was to get married.

Parting Away From Everyone

Tengen’s last brother’s adoption of this way of thinking and his seeming lack of remorse for the deaths of their other siblings shocked Tengen beyond measure. He made the decision to part ways with the clan permanently.

Before he and his wife departed the hamlet, he avoided getting into an argument with his brother.

Because having more than one bride is a tradition in the Uzui family, the head of the clan required Tengen to select three potential wives when he was 15 years old.

Tengen Backstory | from Wiki

Tengen’s Thoughts of Ending His Own Clan

After he and his wife had left the hamlet, he instructed them to emphasise themselves more than the mission, which went against the traditional teachings of kunoichi. He would frequently declare that he was on his way to hell for a time, but he eventually stopped doing so after Makio became angry with him, Hinatsuru sobbed, and Suma bit him.

He thought about whether or not he ought to have slain everyone in the Uzui clan, but he just couldn’t bring himself to kill his father or brother.

Tengen Backstory – Becoming the Sound Hashira

Following the departure of his tribe, Tengen and his family searched for Kagaya Ubuyashiki in an effort to become Demon Slayers and help fight against evil.

They were successful in locating him, and he ultimately decided to join the organisation. Before Sanemi Shinazugawa became a Hashira and during the time that Kanae Kocho was a member, Tengen would work his way up through the ranks of the Corps and eventually become the Sound Hashira.

Tengen Backstory | by DinocoZero
Tengen Backstory | by DinocoZero

Final Thoughts – Tengen Backstory

Tengen’s childhood was particularly weird and filled with despair. Killing your own siblings without even knowing which one you are trying to kill is demanding for any child.

The training process of Tengen’s clan was harsh. It often puts too much pressure on Tengen. This is the reason he decided to run away from his clan.

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