In this post, we will go over who killed Daki in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We will go over the whole battle that took place in Entertainment District Arc. This battle happened between Nezuko, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke vs Daki and Gyutaro.

Daki was the Upper Moon Rank Six among Twelve Kizuki. She shared this rank with her brother, Gyutaro. Doma was the former Upper Moon Rank Six.


Who Killed Daki, the Upper Moon Rank Six and How?

Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu combine their effort to kill Daki, the Upper Moon Rank Six. This is the first time we see any Upper Moon Rank falling. Inosuke and Zenitsu combine their strength to deal the final blow to Daki.

Daki Under Oiran Disguise

Tengen Uzui was watching Daki as she walked with several helpers, but he overlooked her oiran disguise. Later, she asked Makio about the letters she had been sending with her sash. Daki’s sash ran away when it sensed Inosuke Hashibira was nearby.

Daki behind Zenitsu in disguise
Daki behind Zenitsu in disguise

Daki showed up behind Zenitsu Agatsuma as Warabihime and asked him what he was doing in someone else’s room. When he didn’t answer, she got angry quickly. She was mad at two girls who tried to help Zenitsu. When they did, she insulted the young Demon Slayer and beat up a crying girl for not cleaning a room fast enough. Zenitsu grabbed her wrist to stop her from being cruel, which made her angry.

Daki hit the boy through several walls and threatened to punish him more, but she stopped when the brothel owner begged her to. She told him she was sorry, and then she told Zenitsu’s wounds to be taken care of and the mess she made in her anger to be cleaned up. The Upper Rank then thought about who Zenitsu was and decided he could be a Demon Slayer. Later, in her room, she was proud that her plan had worked, and she said she would kill and eat all of her enemies.

Daki Get To Grips With Tanjiro

Then, Daki came out from behind Koinatsu and tried to eat her before she left to get married.

Then Tanjiro Kamado came up to her while she was holding back her fellow oiran. She asked him how much help he had and when the Hashira would arrive. Daki didn’t like the boy because he was weak, but when he asked her to let Koinatsu go, she got angry and attacked the Demon Slayer with her sashes. When he was still alive, she praised Tanjiro’s eyes and wanted to eat them. She briefly fought with him again. She noticed that he was smart enough to only cut the part of the sash that held Koinatsu, but she was sure that he was going to die anyway.

Daki ready to fight by Aramey .
Daki is ready to fight | by Aramey .

Then, she was angry that her enemies were getting in the way and asked Tanjiro again for his help. Even though he wouldn’t talk, she told him that she would let him live if he told her. She also pointed out that his sword had been chipped during their short fight. She also said that whoever made the blade was an evil blacksmith. When her opponent denied this, she got angry again and said she would kill him with her next attack.

When Daki launched that attack, she was shocked when Tanjiro used a Hinokami Kagura technique to cut through her sashes. She saw that he had changed how he used his sword, so she dodged his next attack and hit back with one of her own. The Upper Rank missed because of another Hinokami Kagura move, and as she turned to face her opponent, his blade hit her in the neck.

Daki Nearly Hitting Tanjiro

Before Tanjiro’s blade can hit Daki in the head, the Upper Rank deflects it and sends him flying, saying that she is bored by how slowly Tanjiro moves. Tanjiro tries to plan another attack, but he is too tired to do so. This leaves Daki free to attack him. She moves quickly toward him while Tanjiro gets back on his feet and just manages to avoid her attack. The fight between Daki and Tanjiro keeps going, and the Upper Rank says that Tanjiro’s stubbornness is making the battle fun. As fumes come out of Tanjiro’s mouth, the Demon Slayer charges forward. She says that disgusting things will always be disgusting, no matter how hard they try.

Daki overpowering Tanjiro in battle
Daki overpowers Tanjiro in battle

Daki Awakens Her 100% Power

Inosuke Hashibira and one of Daki’s sentient flesh Obi are fighting. Daki tells the Obi to catch Inosuke alive and tells the sash to eat as many humans as it wants (except for the ten prettiest ones) to get stronger so it can fight Inosuke. After a while of fighting, Tengen Uzui shows up and quickly puts down the sentient flesh Obi. It then goes back to Daki to help her fight Tanjiro. As Tanjiro tries to hit Daki, she suddenly vanishes and reappears on the roof of a nearby building, her hair turning white as she regains her full power. As a bystander yells at Tanjiro for making a fuss, Daki unleashes a wide-ranged sash attack that destroys the nearby buildings, kills several civilians, and makes a deep cut on Tanjiro’s left shoulder.

Daki awakens (white hair)

She then jumps away, but an angry Tanjiro rips off her leg as she does so. Daki’s foot grows back quickly as she thinks about how Tanjiro’s words sound like those of a swordsman she has never met. She realises that the memories of her master are still in her cells and that she is living through them. When Tanjiro talks about Daki’s human life, she punches a hole in the roof and says that she doesn’t remember her human life and that being a demon in the present is all that matters. She keeps saying that demons don’t get sick or old, don’t need money to eat, don’t lose anything, and can do whatever they want.

Daki Stops herself from being cut off at the head.

As soon as Daki is done talking, Tanjiro charges forward, and Daki uses her Eight-Layered Obi Slash move. Daki says to herself that her Obi was spread all over the city so that Yoshiwara would be under her control. Now that the sashes have come back to her, she is much stronger. Daki says that since Tanjiro barely survived when Daki wasn’t at full strength, he couldn’t win. She says that she will cut him up along with his blade and head for the Hashira.

Daki dodging Tanjiro's attack
Daki dodging Tanjiro’s attack

Daki is shocked when Tanjiro uses Burning Bones, Summer Sun, to cut up her sashes instead of the way she thought he would. As Tanjiro keeps slashing him with his sword, Daki is confused about why he isn’t feeling the pain of his wounds but is instead getting faster. Tanjiro’s blade gets close to Daki’s neck, but the Upper Rank changes it into an Obi sash to make it less potent and stop him from killing Daki.

Daki overpowering Tanjiro in battle
Daki enraged (Eyes engraved with “Upper Moon Six”)

When Tanjiro realises this, he hops away while Daki uses thirteen sashes to try to attack him. Tanjiro deflects them all into the same place and stabs them all into the ground. Daki says in an arrogant way that she’ll just blast him away, but then she realises that Tanjiro has pulled the strings tight so they can’t stretch and bend. Suddenly, Tanjiro does a backflip into the air, cuts all of Daki’s sashes, and runs up to her, ready to cut her neck off in an instant. Just then, Tanjiro falls to the ground and starts coughing up blood in a very violent way. When Daki sees this, she says that humans are miserable and then says that she will cut off his head.

Daki slices up Nezuko.

Nezuko Kamado comes out of nowhere and kicks Daki in the head, which she doesn’t know about. Before Daki realises that Nezuko is the demon Muzan told her to kill, she jumps away while her head is being fixed. Nezuko rushes forward and gets ready to attack Daki, but the Upper Rank cuts off her leg and slices her body in half, sending her flying into a nearby building. She makes fun of her because she is weak and only half a demon because she hasn’t eaten a human yet. Daki keeps pushing her buttons and says in a cocky way that she won’t fight Nezuko anymore. Instead, she will absorb her and put her out in the sun to die.

Daki hitting Nezuko with her Obi
Daki hits Nezuko with her Obi

But before Daki can say anything else, Nezuko comes out from the rubble and heals her leg in an instant, leaving Daki speechless at her abilities. Nezuko then grows back her arm right away, making Daki nervous when she realises that her healing powers have reached the level of an Upper-Rank Demon.

When Nezuko breaks her bamboo muzzle, her body changes. A horn grows out of the right side of her forehead, and her body is covered with demon crests that look like ivy. Nezuko’s change in aura makes Daki feel more scared, so she tries to block one of her kicks with her obi and is thriving. Nezuko’s kick still knocks Daki to the ground before she can cut off Nezuko’s head. Daki is surprised when Nezuko’s leg goes right through her and pins her to the ground. She tries to figure out how Nezuko could have attacked her with the leg she had just cut off, but she recently realised that Nezuko grew her leg back in that instant, making her regenerative powers better than her own.

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art set Daki’s body on fire.

Nezuko Demon Form stomps Daki
Nezuko Demon Form stomps Daki

Daki is still being held down by Nezuko, so she uses her Obi to try to break free. She cuts off several of Nezuko’s limbs, but Nezuko’s limbs still hold on to her Obi because her blood has become unusually solid. Some of the blood falls on Daki. The blood sets her on fire, which makes her scream in pain. Nezuko’s arms and legs wind back around to reattach to her body, and each cut seals itself. She then stomps hard on Daki’s head, causing it to burst into flames. Nezuko keeps stomping on her head more than once, and then she kicks Daki so hard that she goes through several buildings.

Daki Is Enraged By Getting Burnt By Nezuko

As Tanjiro tries to stop Nezuko from attacking, Daki bursts into the room, they are in with parts of her body burned off. As her burned body heals, she is seen to be very angry, and she storms over to the siblings in a fit of rage. Tanjiro doesn’t know what to do when he realises that he needs to protect nearby bystanders but also needs to stop Daki’s attack without letting Nezuko go. As Tanjiro decides how to protect the public, Tengen Uzui shows up and is surprised by Nezuko’s “flashy” demonization.

Burned Daki
Burned Daki

Tengen then makes fun of Tanjiro for praising Nezuko’s ability to control herself back at the Ubuyashiki estate, even though he is having trouble controlling her now. Daki sees Tengen and gets excited when Hashira shows up before him, but he tells her to shut up. Tengen tells her to run away and says that she is too weak to be an Upper Rank demon. As this is happening, Daki’s head falls into her lap. She is shocked and doesn’t know what just happened.

Daki Complaining to Gyutaro.

Daki yells at Tengen for cutting off her head, and he tells her to be quiet and die. The angry demon reminds him that he had denied her status as an Upper Rank. He confirms this, but she continues to insist on her status, which irritates him. Hashira is surprised when Daki starts to cry and throw a fit. He also points out that she has been talking for a long time when she should have shown signs of dying. Still having a fit, Daki screams for her older brother to come to save her, and a male demon starts to come out of her body.

Tengen sees that the two Demons are dangerous and tries to attack them right away, but his blades only hit the air as the Demons disappear from his sight. Gyutaro comforts Daki on the other side of the room, behind Tengen. He asks her to at least try to put her own head back on. Tengen wonders why Daki is still alive after having his head cut off. He also wonders about the new demon, who he says is very quick to act. Gyutaro tells Daki to heal her burn and tells her how pretty she is. When Tengen tries to attack them again, Gyutaro hurts him. Daki tells her brother that there are more people who kill demons. She asks him to kill Nezuko, who burned her, and says that she tried to do her best, but “everyone got in my way and made me feel bad.”

The To Demon Siblings Show That They Are The Same

After Tengen causes an explosion, Daki protects her brother by wrapping an Obi sash around both of them. Their bodies are unharmed, and they confidently say that they fight as one. In the present, Gyutaro sees that Tengen’s body is getting worse and is happy when he realises that his poison is starting to work. Tengen then says that he is still in perfect shape and charges forward to attack the siblings.

As they fight, Tengen manages to push Daki away from Gyutaro and let go of a bunch of dark beads, which set off a bunch of explosions. Both sides look at the situation again, Daki is left to whine as she pitifully puts her head back on her body. As Daki finishes putting her head back on, she loudly questions Tengen’s claim that the Demon Slayers will win. She says that they can’t win because Tengen has been poisoned, much to Tanjiro’s horror.

Gyutaro and Daki get angry and say that they’ve eaten 15 and 7 Hashira, respectively, and then start to attack the group. Now that they are on the roof, Daki finally realises that Zenitsu is from the Kyogoku House. He orders her to apologise to the girl who was crying when he found her earlier. She makes fun of his speech by saying that women in the district are treated like goods and that, as orian, she could do whatever she wanted with other people because she was the primary breadwinner of the house. When she looks up at Zenitsu, a third eye appears on Daki’s forehead, showing that Gyutaro can see them through her new eye.

Gyotaro and Daki
Gyotaro and Daki

Working Together To Kill The Demon Slayers

As the battle goes on, Daki and Gyutaro work together to attack the Demon Slayers from different angles. As Tanjiro was about to jump off the roof of a building to help Tengen, a voice told them to be careful because Inosuke and Zenitsu were about to crash onto the roof while fighting the Obi. Inosuke and Zenitsu ask Tanjiro for help to beat Daki. Tanjiro agrees, but he wants them to finish quickly so they can help Tengen. Hinatsuru tells the boys that she will quickly hide so they can focus on the battle.

As they face Daki, she disappears. She is happy when Tanjiro joins the fight and tells his friends they need a quick attack to cut her neck. Inosuke sees that she has slowed down and decides to attack first, while Zenitsu and Tanjiro agree that Zenitsu will protect Tanjiro from behind. He uses Beast Breathing, Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush to dash forward. while Zenitsu and Tanjiro protect him from the Obi with Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Eightfold and Water Breathing, Third Form: Flowing Dance, respectively.

Inosuke Tries to Decapitate Daki.

As Inosuke gets closer to Daki, she starts to crack under pressure. He is able to get both of his blades on either side of her neck before she breaks. Inosuke digs his heels into the ground as he uses Beast Breathing, Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite, to kill Daki. When Tanjiro sees Inosuke jump and catches Daki’s head in the air, he smiles with happiness. Inosuke is happy that he was able to cut off Daki’s head. He says they need to move quickly and keep her head and body apart. Inosuke can be seen running away with Daki’s head to keep her from putting it back on her body after he successfully cuts it off.

He tells the other boys not to worry about him and to help Tengen instead. But before he can get to safety, Daki uses her hair to try to stop him, which Inosuke easily stops. Before he can get away, Gyutaro comes up from behind and stabs him in the chest. Gyutaro grabs Daki’s head while Inosuke collapses on the roof, and Tanjiro watches in horror.

As Tanjiro tries to cut off Gyutaro’s head after sneaking up on him, Daki jumps to her feet to help her brother. But before she can get close, Zenitsu frees himself from the rubble. He attacks her by using Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash to get her attention. Then using his Godspeed extension to quickly attack her neck. Zenitsu begs his sword to cut through her neck and attack her while Gyutaro is being held down.

Daki defending herself from Inosuke
Daki defending herself from Inosuke

Inosuke Decapitates Daki

While Tanjiro and Tengen fight Gyutaro and try to cut off his head, Zenitsu tries to cut off Daki’s head, but she fights back. She tries to use her obi to kill Zenitsu from close range, but Inosuke rushes up and says that he moved his organs to protect his heart from being stabbed. He also says that poison has no effect on him because he grew up in the mountains. He then helps Zenitsu cut off Daki’s head.

The three boys let out a roar as they worked up the strength to cut through the Demons’ necks. After a long fight, Zenitsu and Inosuke manage to cut off Daki’s head from the roof, while Tanjiro cuts off Gyutaro’s head from the ground.

The Argument Between The Two Siblings

Her head then fell to the ground with Gyutaro’s head facing it. As their heads started to fall apart, Daki screamed at her brother, blaming him for their loss and saying that “an ugly thing like [him] could never be her sibling.” Gyutaro replied that Daki was weak and didn’t do anything to help.

Saddened by how much his siblings were fighting, Tanjiro stepped in. He put his hand over Gyutaro’s mouth to stop him from yelling at his sister, and he begged them to try to get along because they were the only ones left. Daki started to cry and scream that she didn’t want to die, but her head eventually fell apart, leaving Gyutaro alone.

As Gyutaro started to remember what they were like before they were turned into demons, Daki came to him in her old form as Ume and asked him where they were going and if he would take her with him. At first, he told her in a harsh voice not to follow him. But all of a sudden, Ume wrapped her arms around him tight and apologised for what she had said. She told him they were siblings and she would never let him go. The two then went to the afterlife, with Gyutaro carrying Daki on his back as he always had.

Final Thoughts – Who Killed Daki in Demon Slayer

The battle between Daki fighting the Demon Slayers is the first time we see any Upper Moon Rank Demon falling. Before that, we see that Akaza, the Upper Moon Rank Three ran away after fighting with Rengoku.

To answer the question of who killed Daki, the final blow was given by Zenitsu and Inosuke. But, Nezuko and Tanjiro had equal contributions.

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