Akaza is the Upper Moon Rank Three in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is one the main characters and villains in Infinity Castle Arc in Demon Slayer Series.

Akaza is a Social Darwinist who is strong, stubborn, and loves to fight, especially against strong Demon Slayers.

He intentionally dragged out fights so he could enjoy every second of them. He also praised his opponents when they used strong moves or hit him, usually saying that their moves and swordsmanship were beautiful and exciting.

Who’s Akaza’s Wife / What is Akaza’s Wife’s Name?

Koyuki. Akaza’s wife’s name was Koyuki. She was ill when Akaza met her and started taking care of her. In the process, they both got to know each other better. Eventually, Koyuki’s father and Akaza’s master decided that they should get married.

But due to rivalry with the neighbouring dojo, they killed Akaza’s master and Koyuki before Akaza could marry her.

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Akaza's wife: Koyuki Demon Slayer
Akaza’s wife: Koyuki Demon Slayer

Who is Akaza in love with?


Akaza started loving Koyuki while taking care of her. Even after becoming a demon, he never ate a single woman due to the fact that she loved Koyuki. Later, when he dies, he remembers his master’s words and Koyuki.

What’s Akaza’s Demon Art?

Destructive Death

Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is Destructive Death. The core of Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is martial arts.

He uses destructive shockwaves and the Soryu Style martial arts he learned when he was a human. Akaza can control blue shockwaves that can look like almost invisible air pressure, circular energy-like shockwaves, or spikes that look like cannons.

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What Moon Rank Is Akaza?

Akaza is the Upper Moon Rank Three. He takes this position after becoming a demon and eating a lot of humans. Even as a human, Akaza was highly skilled in martial arts. He killed 67 martial art fighters alone in the rival dojo after they killed his master and wife.

What Episode Does Akaza Appear In Demon Slayer?

Akaza appears in Episode 32 of the anime in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He comes in the Mugen Train Arc. He appears out of nowhere after Tanjiro and Rengoku kill Enmu on the Mugen Train.

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What Manga Chapter Does Akaza Appear In Demon Slayer?

Akaza first appears in Chapter 63 of the Demon Slayer Manga. He appears in the Mugen Train Arc and comes out of nowhere in front of Tanjiro. He immediately tries to kill Tanjiro. But Rengoku stops him by cutting off his hand.

Which Chapter Does Akaza Die?

Chapters 154-156

Akaza takes his final breath in through chapters 154 to 156 in the manga: Demon Slayer. He fights Giyu and Tanjiro till the end. Even in the end, he had enough strength to get up, but he remembers his master’s words and kills himself.

In Which Arc Does Akaza Die?

Akaza dies in the Infinity Castle Arc. He fights Tanjro and Giyu and eventually takes his own life in the end.

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Who Turned Akaza into a Demon?

Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, turned Akaza into a Demon. When he heard that a human killed 67 martial artists, he got interested and sad at the same time. He wanted a demon to achieve such a feat. But, later, he was successful in convincing Akaza to turn into a demon.

Who Is Stronger, Akaza or Doma?

Doma is stronger than Akaza.

In multiple events, Doma mocked Akaza for not eating women. Doma was Upper Rank Two while Akaza was Upper Rank Three, even though Doma became a demon after Akaza and was younger than him. Doma never took fights seriously and was in a jolly mood, making him seem weak.

Who Is Stronger Akaza or Kokushibo?

Kokushibo is stronger than Akaza.

Kokushibo is stronger than any of the Upper Moon Demons. He may even match with Muzan in a fight. In one instance, just by a glare from Kokushibo, fear crept up in all the Upper Rank Demons. He seems calm and mysterious, which makes him even scarier.

Why did Akaza turn into a demon?

After the rival dojo killed Akaza’s master and his future wife, Koyuki, Akaza lost his mind. He killed all the 67 members of the rivalling dojo alone. He lost all the will to live after that. When Muzan asked him to become a demon to serve him, he didn’t deny it and became one.

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Is Akaza an Upper Rank?

Akaza was already superbly skilled as a human. He knew martial arts to an extreme extent. When he became a demon, he could climb ranks quickly and easily by using his skills. He became Upper Moon Rank Three and stayed there.

What’s Akaza’s Real Name?


Akaza’s real name was Hakuji. He was born in the slums and raised there by a sick father he loved very much. Hakuji stole from people in town to get money for medicine, but he was caught three times.

The judge beat him and put tattoos on him. He called him a “Demon Child” and said he would cut off his arms the next time he was caught.

How Old is Akaza?

Looks – 18 years old

Chronologically- More than 130 years old

Akaza looks like an 18-year-old boy, but he has been around for a long time serving Muzan.

Who is Akaza to Rengoku?

Akaza and Rengoku are not related in any way. He meets Rengoku in the Mugen Train Arc after they kill Enmu in the Mugen Train.

Akaza immediately thinks highly of Rengoku because of his swordsmanship. He thinks Rengoku is very strong and wastes his time and skills acting as a demon slayer. He should become a demon and put those magnificent skills to use.

Akaza Rengoku
Akaza vs Rengoku | by Vinh Tran

Will Akaza Die?


Akaza will die later in the Demon Slayer series in the Infinity Castle Arc. He fights Giyu and Tanjiro in Infinity Castle in the final battle.

Can Akaza Regenerate His Head?

Yes. Akaza can regenerate his head after someone cuts it off. But in the final battle against Giyu and Tanjiro he decided against it. He remembers his master’s words and thinks that there is no point left in fighting. Thus, he doesn’t regenerate his head and kills himself.

What Chapter/Episode does Akaza fight Rengoku?

Manga Chapters: 62-65

Anime Episodes: 32-33

Akaza fights Rengoku throughout chapters 62 to 65. The fight goes on for three chapters and features a ton of action and climaxes. They fight in the Mugen Train Arc, and it is still one of the most intense battles in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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