Tamayo is one of the demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. But she’s not like your regular demon who goes on a spree of killing and eating humans. Tamayo has self-control. Through her years of medical training, she is capable of surviving without eating any humans. She devised some medicine which can help her sustain without killing and eating any humans.

Tamayo also hates Muzan and helps the demon slayers as much as possible to accomplish their final goal of killing the Demon King.

Tamayo Blood Demon Art
Tamayo Blood Demon Art – Spell Casting | by Fluffysadgirlhours

What Did Tamayo Do To Muzan?

In the final battle against the demons, Tamayo tries to poison Muzan with an anti-demon drug. According to Tamayo, the drug would turn any demon into a normal human being. She decided that by doing so Muzan would be much easier to kill.

A demon can regenerate infinitely and also instantly. She wanted to stop his ability of Muzan so that the Demon Slayers and Hashira could kill him quickly.

What Is Tamayo To Muzan / What Is Tamayo And Muzan Relationship?

Muzan treats Tamayo as her personal assistant. After becoming a demon, Tamayo kills her whole family unknowingly and in a rage. When she realizes what she has done, she starts to hate Muzan for making her kill her own family. She tries to kill Muzan but fails.

The fact that she was not able to kill Muzan and became her slave shows that she lost all her hope after realizing Muzan’s power and abilities. She becomes Muzan’s slave and continues to wander around alongside him until she meets Yoriichi.


What Is Yushiro To Tamayo?

Yushiro helped Tamayo with her medical studies and learned under her. But he was sick and weak. Due to this, he would have died soon. Tamayo offers her to become a demon or die. Yushiro accepts turning into a demon and stays beside Tamayo to help the Demon Slayers.

Yushiro, just like Tamayo, doesn’t hurt or eat humans. He requires a little human flesh and blood to live, which he fulfils by eating already dead people.

Who Turned Tamayo Into A Demon?

Muzan Kibutsuji turned Tamayo into a demon. Before becoming a demon, Tamayo suffered from a terminal disease that would take her life. Muzan manipulates her into becoming a demon. He only tells her that turning into a demon would stop her from dying.

Tamayo thinks this is a miracle and accepts her offer. She thinks that no one will be there to nurture her children after passing away. But, to the irony, after becoming a demon, she goes into a rage and takes the life of her children.

Tamayo Demon Slayer
by Matumon

Does Tamayo Die?

Yes. Tamayo dies in the Infinity Castle Arc of Demon Slayer. She tries to poison Muzan with the anti-demon drug. Muzan grabs her head and tells her that her drug doesn’t work because Muzan is still a demon. He then crushed her head and eventually killed her.

No. Shinobu and Tamayo aren’t related. Tamayo is an expert in the medical field, and Shinobu also uses poison for her breathing style, which makes them able to help each other. Shinobu and Tamayo work together to develop several drugs to stop the Upper Rank Demons and Muzan.

Tamayo helps Shinobu fill up her body with Wisteria poison. Shinobu later uses it to defeat the Upper Rank Two, Doma.

Shinobu Kocho

No. Yushiro is in no way related to Tamayo. He was a human who helped Tamayo with her studies in the medical field. He also learned from her. But he was weak and sick. Due to this, Tamayo helps Yushiro live by turning him into a demon.

In Which Episode Does Tamayo Appear in Demon Slayer?

Tamayo appears in Episode 8 of the anime in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Tanjiro meets Tamayo in the Asakusa Arc.

What Manga Chapter Does Tamayo Appear In Demon Slayer?

Tamayo first appears in Chapter 14 of the Demon Slayer Manga. Tamayo first appears in the Asakusa arc. She comes forward to Tanjiro and tells him about Muzan and her honest intentions of killing Muzan.

How Strong was Tamayo?

Tamayo was particularly strong in the assistance role. She could do excellent area control with her unique blood demon art. Paired with a great fighter, Tamayo had the ability to turn the events of any battle.

Though we don’t see her in battles much, the fact that Muzan kept her beside him for so long shows us that she was much more powerful than any average demon.

Does Yushiro Have A Crush On Tamayo?

Yes. Yushiro had an intense crush on Tamayo. This is shown when Yushiro flies into a rage after Muzan kills Tamayo in the Infinity Castle Arc. Even after everything is settled, it is shown that Yushiro paints beautiful pictures of Tamayo.

Yoshiro and Tamayo Demon Slayer
Yoshiro and Tamayo by EC03091992

Can Tamayo Defeat Muzan?

No. Tamayo can’t defeat Muzan in a fight. Muzan had exceptional skills, and Tamayo was more suited for a support role in battle. We also see that she accepts her fate as Muzan’s servant even though she hated Muzan. This shows that she must have tried to attack Muzan in the past and failed.

Why Did Tamayo Betray Muzan?

Muzan turned Tamayo into a demon without providing complete information. He told her that he could cure Tamayo’s illness but didn’t tell her the after-effects of becoming a demon. Tamayo agreed to become a demon to take care of her children, but she became the reason for their deaths.

Tamayo hated Muzan after this incident and made it her life’s purpose to kill him. She was alongside Muzan as she didn’t have anywhere to go.

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