Gyokko is the Upper Moon Rank Five among the Twelve Kizuki and appears in the Swordsmith Village Arc.

He has a very strange body. It looks like a pale white, abstracted, grotesque humanoid with a muscular upper torso and no arms. It looks like a statue with no arms growing out of a porcelain vase, which is similar to a djinn.

Gyokko is portrayed as having a short temper, being shallow, and being proud, especially when it comes to his “art.” He was easily angered by Muichiro when he started to insult and make fun of the quality of his art. In his conversation with the Hashira, he kept calling himself and his work “beautiful,” which made him seem even more cocky and self-centred.

Gyokko Backstory

Managi, as he was known when he was human, was born and grew up in a fishing village on the edge of a coastline. When he was a child, his parents went fishing and never came back because they drowned far out at sea.

After a while, their broken bodies washed up on the shore of the village. Managi became very interested in dead bodies after seeing the bodies of his parents.

Turning Into a Demon

People in the village would often see him obsessing over the dead fish he found, which made everyone avoid him because they thought Managi had gone crazy. Managi was finally found by a child, who teased him about his strange behaviour.

This made Managi kill the child and put the body in a fishing pot. When the child’s parents found their dead bodies and figured out that Managi was to blame, they stabbed him with a fishing spear and left him there to die.

For 12 hours, Managi barely stayed alive as his wounds slowly killed him. Then Muzan Kibutsuji found him and turned him into a demon.

Ranking Up to Upper Moon Rank Five

Gyokko by davidlineart
Gyokko Demon Slayer by davidlineart

Managi became a demon and got the demon name Gyokko. Since he almost died, Gyokko has grown to hate all living things. He has accepted his new life as a demon and worships Muzan. Most of the time, he would eat the flesh of children. When he started to change his body to look like a fish and liked to kidnap people through pots he made, his strange obsession with fish and dead bodies reached a new dark peak.

Gyokko would turn his unfortunate victims into “art” by using their bodies to make living statues that fit his grotesque art style. Even though their bodies were horribly mangled, these people often stayed alive.

After taking so many lives of children and humans, Gyokko quickly became powerful and ranked up to Upper Moon Rank, Five.

Gyokko Abilities

Gyokko is a demon with a lot of power and tricks up his sleeves. His unique Blood Demon Art and techniques give him a significant advantage over most demons. He can easily beat even the Hashira, the most skilled and powerful swordsman in the Demon Slayer Corps, and kill him.

As an Upper Rank Five, Gyokko is stronger than both Gyutaro and Daki. Gyutaro has killed 15 Hashira, while Daki has only killed 7.

Gyokko has done a lot of impressive things with his strength. Most notably, in his fight with Muichiro Tokito, Gyokko was able to beat the Hashira and hold him back for most of the fight. He even got him close to dying. If Gyokko wasn’t so full of himself and Muichiro hadn’t activated his Demon Slayer Mark, then he would have been able to kill him.

Molting Transformation

In an emergency, Gyokko can moult into his true form, which gives him more power and frees him from his vase so he can move around without having to teleport.

The Upper Rank said that the scales on Gyokko’s body are harder than diamonds, which shows that his true body is also very strong. Also, everything Gyokko touches turn into fish, which makes him very dangerous to fight up close.

Talented Artist

He is very good at painting and making pots because he is obsessed with them. In fact, Muzan is so interested in them that he buys them and sells them for a lot of money, which shows that they were made with great skill and craftsmanship.

Flesh Manipulation

Like all demons, Gyokko has a certain amount of control over his own flesh. He probably uses this power to change the way his face looks and take on the body of a djinn. Gyokko was also able to grow many short arms on his head and body, even after his head was cut off.

Tremendous Durability

As an Upper Rank, Gyokko has a much tougher body than Gyutaro, whose neck was almost impossible for Tanjiro Kamado to cut. In his moulted form, Gyokko’s skin was covered in thick, hard scales that were said to be harder than diamond. This made his body even stronger and more durable.

Incredible Regeneration

Since Gyokko is an Upper Rank demon, his ability to heal is quite advanced. This was shown when Muzan Kibutsuji cut off his head, and then he healed the wound and put his head back on. He also healed injuries caused by Nichirin Swords quickly and without much trouble.

Extreme Speed and Reflexes

Gyokko is so fast that he easily avoids Muichiro’s attacks and uses techniques that the Mist Hashira could barely avoid.

Also, Gyokko was able to respond to Muichiro’s surprise attack after he had activated his Demon Slayer Mark, which would have made him move much faster. Even so, Gyokko was able to hold off Hashira for a long time. He was even able to move so fast that he seemed to teleport and briefly beat Muichiro with just speed.

Infinite Endurance and Stamina

Like all demons, Gyokko has an unlimited amount of stamina and endurance. He did this for the first time when Muzan cut off his head. The Upper Rank didn’t show any signs of pain and even said how nice it was. Also, Gyokko said that having a sword cut through his neck was beautiful.

Upper Moon Rank Five, Gyokko
Upper Moon Rank Five, Gyokko

Gyokko Blood Demon Art: Porcelain Vases

Gyokko can probably make porcelain vases appear anywhere near him and make more than one pot of different sizes at once. He first showed that he could teleport from one pot to another instantly. This made up for the fact that he didn’t have legs and let him travel long distances with little effort and easily avoid attacks.

Gyokko can also trap things in his pots, like people. If the object he wants to seal is too big, he can just squeeze it into the pot. Gyokko also seems to have free reign over whatever is inside the pots, which he uses to make impossible combinations of swordsmiths and to make whatever he wants inside them.

Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art is known for its focus on the sea and aquatic life. His techniques are based on calling fish-like creatures that don’t have felt out of his pots. These fish monsters are similar in that they all have different skills and personalities. Some of them can shoot poisonous needles at their targets or leave dangerous acid behind when they die. He also called up monsters that looked like goldfish and had scythe-like arms to scare Hotaru Haganezuka.

Gyokko can also use his vases to call up giant octopus tentacles to hold his enemies down or destroy the area around him. Lastly, Gyokko can control and make water out of his porcelain vases. He uses this ability to suffocate his enemies by trapping them in solidified water.

Army of Fish Looking Demons

At the start of the Swordsmith Village Arc, Gyokko makes a lot of huge creatures that look like fish and terrorise the village and kill its people. They can’t be killed in the usual way. The only way to kill them is to break the pots on their backs. All of these creatures are different in their own ways. Some of them have sharp claws, while others have more than two human-like legs or even monster teeth.

They also seem to have enough power to kill the Demon Slayers who were supposed to protect the village. But they are still not as strong as the Hashira, as Mitsuri and Muichiro quickly and easily put an end to these spawns.

Thousand Needle Fish Kill

Gyokko uses his pots to call up fish demons that float in the air and spit poisonous needles. The poison has properties that make the target unable to move.

Water Prison Pot

Gyokko uses water to make a vase shape that traps the target. The water drowns the target and makes it impossible for them to breathe, making it hard for them to break free and get away.

Octopus Vase Hell

Gyokko made huge tentacles come out of his pots to hold his targets down. People say that these tentacles are so strong that they can break down a shed.

Ten Thousand Gliding Slime-Fish

Gyokko calls up a total of 10,000 slime-fish from different pots to attack and eat his target, leaving behind only bones. When these fish are cut, a poisonous liquid will leak out of their bodies before they turn to dust. The poison can also be absorbed through the skin, which is called percutaneous. Once the poison is taken in, it is likely that the target will die.

Killer Fish Scales

In his true form, Gyokko uses his incredible speed to launch a wide range of physical attacks. This technique was strong enough to kill all of the trees in the area.

Gyokko vs Muichiro Tokito

Gyokko vs Muichiro by dt501061

In the swordsmith village arc, one of the significant battles takes place between the Mist Hashira, Muichiro and the Upper Moon Rank Five, Gyokko.

While being in the swordsmith village and saving an average hum, Muichiro knows that Upper Rank 5 Gyokko is nearby. He attacks him, but Gyokko moves to different pots to avoid his slashes. He calls up more fish demons, which shoot needles at Kozo and Kotetsu. Muichiro protects them and tells them to get out of the way. Gyokko tells Muichiro that the needles are poisonous and yells at him.

Trapped In Gyokko’s Pots

He tries to attack Gyokko, but his Blood Demon Art traps him. He tried to get out of Water Prison Pot by breathing mist. Low Clouds, Distant Haze, the first form of the Mist breathing style, wasn’t enough to break through.

As he thinks about dying, he hears his father’s voice coming from Tanjiro’s body. Kotetsu comes quickly to give him a breath of fresh air, and he is able to use Mist Breathing, Second Form: Eight-Layered Mist, to escape.

Awakening the Demon Slayer Mark

After Muichiro gets out of the water prison, he remembers everything from his past. His anger over the death of his brother shows up in his Demon Slayer Mark. When he goes into the shed and attacks Gyokko, who comments on how calm he looks, his speed and abilities increase dramatically. Gyokko fights back with his Blood Demon Art: Octopus Vase Hell. When Muichiro tries to cut it, his blade breaks, so Kozo gives him his new one quickly. Muichiro cuts through the attack of the Demon swiftly.

The Real Battle

Muichiro and Gyokko start insulting each other. When Muichiro insults Gyokko’s pot, Gyokko gets very angry. He uses another Blood Demon Art called “Ten Thousand Gliding Slime-Fish,” but Muichiro quickly counters it with “Mist Breathing, Sixth Form: Lunar Dispersing Mist” and “Mist Breathing, Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash,” cutting off the demon’s head as he runs up a tree.

When Gyokko tries to show off his new form, Muichiro’s lack of interest angers him again, so he attacks. Muichiro dodges the attack, smiles, and says that his attack won’t do any good.

Gyokko’s Death

When they start fighting again, Gyokko uses his Blood Demon Art: Killer Fish Scales and Muichiro uses the form he made himself, Mist Breathing, Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds. When Gyokko looks for him in a sea of fog, Muichiro cuts off his head with ease. The blow from Muichiro’s seventh form was enough to take Gyokko’s life.

Final Thoughts

Gyokko being the Upper Moon Rank Five among Twelve Kizuki, is extremely powerful. He had a unique blood demon art which appropriately depicts his despaired past and tragedies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who killed Gyokko?

Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, kills Gyokko after awakening his Demon Slayer Mark. He finds Gyokko in Swordsmith Village Arc and fights him toe to toe.

Is Gyokko stronger than Gyotaro and Daki?

Yes, Gyokko is much stronger than Gyotaro and Daki. Thanks to his unique blood demon art, he is proficient in a wide range of abilities. This consists of making an army of demons or teleporting. Even among the Twelve Kizuki, Gyokko has a higher position than Gyotaro.

What rank is Gyokko?

Gyokko was the Upper Moon Rank Five before Muichiro Takito killed him in the Swordsmith Village.

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